Minnie & Mickey Mouse Oreo Surprise Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party}

Can you believe it’s May and I still haven’t shared Sawyer’s birthday party with you? I’ve been so incredibly busy the past six weeks and I’m just now finally starting to come up for air! I have several posts that will show different things I did and these were one of my favorites! The whole party was a success and like always, what I was doing for the cake part was left undecided until the very last minute. Even though Sawyer had a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party he was so in love with Mickey Mouse we thought it was only fitting that we do it again.

Last year I made the Wilton’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake and a few months prior to his party I found a vintage mickey cake pan off of eBay and actually bought it. As the day approached my schedule was really starting to get really busy and I decided I need to pick something that I could still make but not be up the entire night before finishing and be too tired to enjoy the actual day. These simple Minnie & Mickey Mouse Cupcakes were perfect.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted

I was so pleased with how they turned out in the end! Sawyer’s birthday was all red, white, & black themed and these matched perfectly!

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted

I made enough for everyone who was there to have one, plus a few extras in case someone dropped one or wanted another one.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted #momspotted on Wilton Cupcake stand

I used the Wilton Cupcake Stand to display the Minnie & Mickey Mouse Cupcakes and elevate them on the party table and then lined the rest across the table to easy grabbing. I loved not having to cut the cake this year!

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted

Sawyer found them yummy but isn’t a fan of blowing out candles as we learned this year.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted Blowing out candle

To make these Mickey Mouse Cupcakes extra special I decided to make the cupcakes themselves Oreo flavored too. I dropped a full-size Oreo on the bottom of every cupcake liner before adding in the batter. I just used boxed French Vanilla cake mix and then crushed up several regular sized Oreos into the batter too. I didn’t chop them up small I made sure to leave them pretty chunky and then when you bite in and get a bite you know it. Bake as directed but make sure you can pull a toothpick out dry before removing.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for Birthday Party #momspotted

I baked them the afternoon before the party and then left them on a cooling rack until after I put the kids to bed. By this time, I knew they were completely cooled and ready for decorating.

At this stage, you can store your cupcakes in a large plastic container. I use several of these. They are great if you need to take them to travel too. I also love my big cupcake holder if they are going to school.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted

To make these you will need:

If you are traveling I would fill the decorating bag and take it with you and decorate there. To get the swirl hold the bag tightly and start on the outside edge of the cupcake and work your way in. Then add the two Oreos at the same time to center and press down evenly.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for Birthday Party #momspotted

To add the ribbon bows I added a little frosting under the knot to help it stick to the cupcake.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for Birthday Party #momspotted

Don’t those Mickey Mouse Cupcakes look delicious? They were! I can’t wait to make these cupcakes again! I might just have to make an Oreo frosting to go with it next time! Stay tuned for other posts about Sawyer’s DIY Black, White & Red Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.

Black White & Red Mickey & Minnie Mouse DIY Birthday Party {Sawyers 2nd Birthday Party} #momspotted


  1. Those turned out so cute! I love how you tied everything together!

  2. Rebecca Orr says

    How adorable! You did a wonderful job. 🙂

  3. SO CUTE! My husband would be in heaven, he LOVES oreos, so I’ll have to try that recipe as a treat for him! I’ve done cookies and cream cupcakes, but never with the oreo on the bottom! Love it!

  4. Chelsey says

    I love cupcakes and there is a variety of things you can do with them. These are adorable! Great job making these.

  5. Nannypanpan says

    Love the cupcakes and the whole tablescape

  6. saminder gumer says

    these turned out amazing for the party. i would love to make these for the kids one day. seems like they would stare at them and may even not eat them.

  7. Vickie Couturier says

    I love the mickey cupcakes,from the mix to the finished product,,you did a awesome job on those

  8. Holly says

    Those look super easy. I can see me using them in the next few weeks for our daughter’s Minnie party.

  9. Oh they are too cute! I love the idea of crushed Oreos in the batter – cookie & cake – PERFECT combination 🙂

  10. Those look DELICIOUS! I am going to have to make ’em for my family! What kind of frosting did you use?

  11. These are adorable and they look delicious. I like the idea of putting an oreo at the bottom of them, that’s clever.

  12. Lisa says

    Those cupcakes are adorable! Great job!

  13. Gosh those look SO DANG GOOD!!!!

  14. Those are the cutest cupcakes ever. And they look so de-lish! That frosting looks creamy as heck.

  15. Oh goodness, how adorable are those?! They look super easy to make, too.

  16. Absolutely ADORABLE! I love the effort and detail you put into everything… always. They came out fabulously.

  17. Wow, 2 years old already?! My daughter will be turning 2 in a couple of months, and it’s almost hard for me to believe how much time has flown by. But anyways, that is such an adorable theme! I’m not that creative when it comes to baking. 🙂

  18. Cara says

    These are ADORABLE! I love Mickey and Minnie, what a great party theme!

  19. Tammy S says

    It looks lie you hit it out of the park! The cupcakes are adorable! I love how you used mini Oreo’s for the ears. Plus a full Oreo in the bottom of each cupcake, Yum! I am going to have to make these cupcakes. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. These are adorable! I love the decorations that you used throughout the party too. Thanks for this idea. My boys love Oreos and would really enjoy these.

  21. These are adorable and I love the hidden cookie at the bottom of the cupcake!

  22. Those are so cute! I know my son and nephew would love those. I might have to make them.

  23. How cute- and so simple to decorate! I can bake just fine but I’m the worst at decorating but I might be able to handle these. Happy {very} belated birthday to him!

  24. Jennifer we also did mickey on Ps 2nd birthday….i love your version! We did ours in little melted chocolates, which was surprisingly easy. I really love oreos so this is fantastic!

  25. Super cute idea, Jen! Perfect for any age really! Love it!

  26. Kristine says

    These are so cute!!

  27. These are so cute, I love how you put the minnie bows too!

  28. Kelly says

    I have to say, I am very jealous of your frosting. It is so pretty!!!

  29. Sarah Hayes says

    these are so stinkin cute! my daughter would love them. i think they would be perfect for us to make at the beach this summer. Ive never had them with oreos but i bet its so good

  30. Kimberly M. says

    How cute!! I love the whole party theme. The cupcakes are adorable. My grandson is 4 and still loves Mickie Mouse. I love Oreo cookies so these would be delicious for Nanna too. LOL

  31. What a darling theme! I especially like the bow embellishments for the Minnie Mouse cupcakes. I have that same Wilton cupcake stand.

  32. huma says

    What Kind Of Frosting did you use?

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