New Care for Stunning Hair with TRESemmé®, Dove® & Suave® #TryandTell

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. It’s crazy thick and grows crazy fast. You think I’m kidding? My hair dresser double books my time when I get it cut because it takes forever. As a result I hardly ever get it cut. With every child I’ve had my hair has gotten a tad bit darker and just a little bit curlier. Of course it’s also become a million times more unmanageable.

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I’ve come to learn that if I want to get out of my boring old pony tail routine I need to invest in a few key products to help my hair behave and look its best with as little required work possible. I recently was given the chance to review some products from TRESemmé®, Dove® & Suave® and each one definitely helps in its own each way for the different ways we like to style our hair.


Out of all these products my favorite was the TRESemmé® Keratin Smooth.Get salon-gorgeous hair every day with TRESemmé® Keratin Smooth. With the new 7 Day Smooth line extension, you’ll have ultimate frizz resistance that lasts through washes. It just gave the smoothest, softest hair when I was done styling it. It lasts three washes so you don’t always have to use it.

The new line of Suave® Natural Infusions is salon proven to moisturize, smooth and restore your hair’s natural shine. These is great for those special occasions where you just want a little boost in your everyday shine. I love this for when my hair is flat ironed best. It gives it such a nice polished look.

 Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oils are made from first-pressed organic oils which are absorbed in an instant to nourish and pamper hair and leave it looking smoother, shinier and softer from the first use. This is meant for fine, flat hair and mine is anything but so I didn’t use this one but I can’t wait to share it with someone who can!

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Wanna stock up your hair care drawer? Well right now from March 1st with your rewards card at Walgreens you can:

  • Get 25% off these product innovations
  • Buy two participating TRESemmé®, Dove® or Suave® products, and get 2,000 Walgreens Balance Rewards points. That’s a $2 reward!

Want to hear what others are saying about these new products? Get the inside scoop by searching #TryAndTell on Twitter. Plus, you can win new product packages and Walgreens gift cards during one of our live Twitter chats, and hear what people are saying in real time about their favorite brands.


Make sure to follow TRESemmé®, Dove® & Suave® all on Twitter so you can catch the latest up to date news for all these great hair care products. Don’t forget to stop into your local Walgreen’s and take full advantage of this amazing sale.



  1. joanna garcia says

    OMG i love stuff with moroccan oil and keratin! will def have to try these out! I am also guilty of always having a ponytail lol

  2. vickie couturier says

    I love these product,,the suave is a bit more afforable to me,but when I have some coupons I stock up on the others,they are really good products

  3. Tina T says

    It’s nice to see a well know commercial hair care brand using fine pressed organic oils! I always look for quality ingredients when choosing my hair care products. And I like you have unmanageable hair as well, with 4 babies back to back, my hair has grown like a weed and had definitely changed texture. I’d love to see if these work to my advantage! Thanks for the review!

  4. Teresa Honores says

    I am going to be buying these items at walgreens on march 1st! Wow did not know they had moroccan oil and keratin in some of these brands too! very nice! I am also going to stock up on coupons and try to attend one of these twitter parties!

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