Our Christmas 2013

Talk about a late post! Things have been super crazy around here but I really wanted to make sure to share our Christmas. I love looking back through the years at special moments with my children and I would be sad to have no memory of our Christmas together on my blog.

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 frame

We received MANY Christmas cards. Three times this much. Next year I need to find a new system or at least another one because I love seeing all the cards everyone sends.

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Holiday Cards

We did lots of baking. We discovered Sawyer really loves our snickerdoodles. (and so does Charlie)

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Baking Snickerdoodle Cookies

Elfie our Magic Elf stopped by for another visit this year and Gavin was thrilled.

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Gavin Magic Elf Elfie

Charlie got really festive this year too.

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Charlie dressed up PetSmart

Johnny helped me with all the lights and Gavin did all the finishing touches.

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Gavin Decorating the Tree

Gavin also picked out the tree this year too. In the end it was a perfect tree!

2013 MomSpotted Christmas Tree

Santa brought lots of great presents for everyone!

MomSpotted Christmas 2013 Santa Came Tree

Sawyer definitely got involved this year.

2013 Christmas Sawyer

He loved his big gift from mom & dad. A Joovy 4×4! I cannot wait for him to give it a real try outside!

2013 Christmas Sawyer Joovy 4x4 ride

The boys were pretty darn excited about their big gifts too! Gavin has been waiting a long time for his xBox and he wanted it more than anything. After a long, long time of hoping he finally has one!

Johnny Gavin Xbox Christmas 2013

Wh then spent the afternoon at my dads, stopped by Hubby’s aunts house, and then ended our night with chinese food at home!




  1. I love all of the photos, but especially Gavin’s face in the last one!

    • Jennifer says

      He has been wanting an xbox for so long. He was so so excited!

  2. Looks like a great time. Busy, just like our house is. It is hard to post after Christmas. So many pictures to go through, toys to find homes for and things to do. I love Gavin’s face in the last one as well!

  3. I loved the look on Gavin’s!!

  4. Beautiful tree, girlfriend! And look at all those cutie pies under it being inquisitive. LOL Little elves for sure bet they were helping Mommy as Christmas got closer. LOL Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments. Love the car bet he can’t stay off of it. 🙂

  5. Vickie Couturier says

    how beautiful yours was,,love the way you displayed the Cards

  6. Love the look on Gavin’s face! Glad you had a great Christmas.

  7. Isn’t it great to see how happy the kids get when they receive a gift they’ve been pining for? 🙂 Great pics; it looks as tho’ you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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