Have You Checked Out Your Local OshKosh Store Recently? 25% Off Coupon! #OshKoshBgosh

“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.”


I love shopping for kids clothes. Clearly. Sawyer is always decked out in the latest fashions. Most would think I’m driving my family in debt from it all but quite honestly it comes down to being smart and knowing when there is a good deal to be had.

For instance, I love OshKosh. They have great quality clothing and they always have good deals going on in store and online. Plus, they always have coupons out there that you can stack on top of all the deals you find! Have you visited your local store recently? I have.

oshkosh store lee ma

Many moms start the OshKosh addiction with their Overalls. They really are the World’s Best Overall! They have so many cute styles and prints you won’t be able to walk away without a few styles! I have had the cute conductor stripe version for all my boys and the fleece lined twill ones are too cute to pass on!

OshKosh Best Overalls

Most places leave the entire line online and then you show up to the store to see them, touch them, (even smell them) and you get there and they only have a style or two in a few sizes. Not OshKosh! They have all their styles in store!

oshkosh Overalls

From Holiday clothing to pajamas you can find it at OshKosh. My personal favorites are their warm activewear clothing pieces. Both Gavin and Sawyer are both in their sizes and I trust them to keep both my boys warm here in the frigid New England winters.

oshkosh Boys Clothing

I often drool over all the cute pieces available in the girls department. They have a lot of the same staple favorites you can find in the boys section but of course a bit cuter and a bit pinker.

oshkosh Girls Section

Before you head on over to the registers make sure to take a peek at all the awesome accessories they have. From socks & underwear to hats and mittens.

oshkosh accessories

Right now they are also asking for people to buy and donate a pair of pajamas. I had originally picked out a cute pair of pink ones since I never get to buy pink but the cashier let me know that they had a strong need for big boy sizes so I picked these out instead. I’m glad together we can help a child stay warm at night this winter. Make sure to buy a pair and give them to the cashier before leaving.

oshkosh Donate Pajamas

I got some really great deals! Many things were as much as 60% off! On top of that I was able to stack this coupon Mom Central gave me for an additional 25% off all non-clearance items. Click on the photo and you can print it out or show it to the cashier on your phone if you’re not shopping online.

Osh Kosh Online Instore Coupon

For $105 I was able to get ALL this. I also got those pajamas we donated too! What a great deal! Gavin has lots of warm clothes for this winter and I was able to stock up on some clearance shorts for Sawyer for the next couple of summers.

OshKosh Clothing

Definitely head on over to your local OshKosh clothing store and see all the great sales going on. If you need any help the friendly staff will definitely be able to give you a hand. The two employees in my local store went above and beyond for me and I was more then impressed. They didn’t follow me around the store but if I had a question or needed anything they didn’t have a problem helping. They even offered to keep some of my stuff waiting for me at the register since my arms were getting full pushing Sawyer around.

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  1. I stopped in the store again yesterday because the deals are just too good to pass up! I love that they have coordinating styles for every size and for boys and girls <3

  2. Wow! You did great on your trip! We love Osh Kosh!! I didn’t know about them collecting pajamas for those in need, what a wonderful thing to do! I love that you did that as part of your post, too! It inspires others to do the same!

  3. Neat that you can donate pajamas! They didn’t tell me that when I visited 😉 love your haul!

  4. love all the items available right now!

  5. You got a lot of stuff, somehow I missed hearing about the donate pj option I will have to go do that, not like I need an excuse to go to OshKosh!

  6. Love that you donated pj’s, that’s awesome. You scored and got a ton of great stuff!

  7. Teresa Honores says

    did not know about the donating pjs thats a great idea! you got some great stuff! i need to hit my local one soon!

  8. Alexia says

    I love Oshkosh! They make such comfy clothes that hold up well. The nearest store is quite a ways away but I always buy them at affiliate stores. This looks like a really great deal, might have to check it out online! Thanks for the share!

  9. Miranda Welle says

    I don’t know if we have one near us but I LOVE their overalls! Dressed my boys in them when they were young.

  10. Dianna Thomas says

    luck girl on getting the gift card— I love there stuff– I can get two kids through them — they are a quality clothing– I love the Pj program– that was so kind of you– thanks for and up date on oshkosh

  11. Katie says

    I love OshKosh! Their clothing line is always adorable and their clothing is of very good quality!

  12. Kathy Lane says

    OshKosh has such cute clothes for boy’s and girls.I think they last a lot longer than some of the other brands.Looks like you got some great deals,and I love the PJ’s that you donated.I didn’t know they had this campaign going.

  13. Lesley F says

    Love their overalls on the kids. Super cute

  14. Miss Mandi says

    their overalls are classics! love putting them on my littles in the summer without shirts.

  15. gina says

    I’ve actually never been to one of these stores before. My kids aren’t big enough yet.

  16. paula s says

    wow you did great! I love thier stuff

  17. Lori Thomas says

    Love their Overalls!!! I had not heard of the pj donation until now.

  18. Cynthia R says

    osh kosh has some great stuff, i love the PJ’s you found and I liked all the winter hats and gloves

  19. Devon F says

    Love OshKosh! They have such cute clothes!!

  20. Kenyha says

    I love OshKosh, they have have the best winter clothes and jeans, I now want buy him those stylish over alls.

  21. Edna says

    Oshkosh clothjng is so adorable I love their overalls

  22. maria c says

    I love Oshkosh clothes but I am in love with their overalls. Their clothes are great quality and price. Thank you for your review.

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