Baby Bjorn High Chair {Review & #Giveaway}


Halli has been hitting milestones and having some really fun “firsts.”  Crawling, pulling herself to stand, first airplane ride, first time going to grandma’s house, and some first foods.  Trying to find a great high chair is tough!  While I have been looking for a high chair I didn’t want one that was too big or bulky, but also not too small.  It had to be nice to look at, but easy to put away and store.  Those were just a few of the things on my high chair check list.

Baby Bjorn has an amazing high chair that met all of our needs.  The Baby Bjorn high chair is perfect for babies 5 months to 3 years.  Putting the high chair together took only 3 steps!  No tools are required to set it up; you pop the 4 legs in, pull them apart, and push the tray down.  Done.  It took minutes to put together.

Halli is really comfortable in her new high chair and I love knowing she is safe and secure.  The back curves around her, while the tray curves in front of her.  There is an adjustable buckle helping to keep her nice and safe, but will also grow with her.

The tray folds all the way down with a one hand safety lock.  Just push the red button and twist, and it folds all the way down.  It is SO easy getting her in, and I only need one hand to lock and unlock it!

With Hayden’s high chair making sure his legs bent so he could slide in and not get stuck or scratched was sometimes an issue.  This is never a problem with the Baby Bjorn high chair.

The table adjusts to be snug around Halli’s tummy so there is no way food can sneak down onto her lap or clothes.  There are 3 different table adjustments so it can grow with her growing belly.

The entire chair wipes down easily for those extra messy meals.  The white tray is also detachable and dishwasher safe!

When we don’t want her high chair out and need to store it away it easily folds up.  It measures only 10 inches wide when folded.  This makes it perfect to store and travel with.

The high chair measures 29 inches tall and fits perfectly next to our dining room table.  Some highchairs are gigantic and take up so much room.  The Baby Bjorn high chair is lightweight and would be perfect for a small apartment or kitchen.  We have been visiting grandma and it has been a great high chair for grandma’s house.

I will also be taking it to our Thanksgiving dinner so Halli can have her own chair to eat in.  No more worrying about holding Halli while I eat and deflecting her from grabbing my mash potatoes.

Baby Bjorn High Chair

Halli loves being in her high chair.  She loves sitting in it just to play while I make dinner and being up closer to everyone else.  I can’t say enough good things about this high chair.  It is easy to use, store, and clean.

You can purchase the BABYBJÖRN High Chair for $244 from our affiliate Amazon!

Baby Bjorn High Chair

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  1. http://Vera%20S says

    I really like the Potty Chair. We will be needing one soon. 🙂

  2. http://Donna%20O'Neil says

    I love the Baby Carrier One.

  3. http://Sara%20Swauger says

    I would love this high chair- looks so easy to wipe down!!! We also will be needing a potty chair soon!

  4. http://Kelly%20J says

    I love the potty chair, too! I think we are just about ready to take the big step in really getting serious about it. 😉 This high chair looks way more easy to use and less of a space-hog than my current one, too!

  5. http://Alexia says

    Another babybjorn product I would like to try is the Baby Carrier Miracle.

  6. http://Alexia says

    An item that I love on your holiday gift guide is the Talking George Giraffe Rocking Animal. It’s so colorful and interactive! It would be a toddler’s dream. =)

  7. http://courtney%20b says

    i like the baby plate and spoon

  8. http://Heidi%20Daily says

    I like the bouncer balance soft

  9. http://Becca%20F says

    The Baby Bouncer Babysitter Balance is great

  10. says

    Travel Crib Light 2 looks pretty amazing!!!

  11. http://Amber says

    I’d want that high chair! I’m in the market for a high chair. This is our fourth baby, but I got so tired of cleaning all the crevices in our original high chair that I got rid of it!

  12. http://Nannypanpan says

    I like their cradle

  13. http://Elizabeth says

    The babysitter balance

  14. http://Rebecca%20Orr says

    I love the babysitter balance! Modern yet practical. Thanks for the chance!

  15. http://Miranda%20Welle says

    The new Baby Carrier One looks great!

  16. http://Claire%20Rheinheimer says

    I’d love get a baby carrier- active.

  17. http://Stacey%20Roberson says

    I’d love to own their Bouncer Balance Soft.

  18. http://Claire%20Rheinheimer says

    My favorite item on your gift guide is the Talking George Giraffe Rocking Animal. My 2 year old son saw it and thought it was pretty cool too. lol

  19. http://TawndaM says

    …I’ve got until summer to get EVERYTHING! lol
    I DO like the Travel Crib Light 2, too…

  20. http://LIsa%20S says

    Baby bouncer is very cool. My soon to be nephew would love it

  21. http://Katie%20S says

    I’d LOVE the Travel Crib Light 2!!

  22. http://Andrea says

    I would love the Bouncer Balance Soft!

  23. http://nancy says

    travel crib

  24. http://Whittany%20Harding says

    The original baby carrier and the high chair!

  25. http://joanna%20garcia says

    travel crib light 2

  26. says

    I would love to own the cradle- but it’s so expensive 🙁

  27. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I like the Travel Crib Light 2. Thanks.

  28. http://Carrie%20Phelps says

    I’m in love with everything at Baby Bjorn. I really really love the Bouncer Balance Soft sling seat.

  29. http://Judy says

    I have the Baby Bjorn travel crib and it is the BEST. My two year old has been sleeping in it for over a year now as his every day bed. It’s comfy and he can’t climb out. I would love to try the cradle for my next little one.

  30. http://Katie%20Moyle says

    I would seriously love to purchase the high chair. My 4mo will be starting on some solid foods soon and this would come in very handy 🙂

  31. http://kim%20burnett says

    love the Wooden Toy for Babysitter

  32. http://Amanda%20Starr says

    BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Seat – Black Silver

  33. http://Taylor%20Closet says

    I would love to own the Travel Crib Light 2, great for travel, which we do alot.

  34. http://Kimberly%20Schotz says

    I like the Baby Bjorn Safe Step

  35. http://Darlene%20Owen says

    I also like the Babysitter Balance bouncer

  36. http://Rochel%20S says

    Love the Travel Crib Light 2

  37. http://susan%20h says

    My granddaughter could use the safe step.

  38. http://Laurel%20O. says

    I’d love to own the Babysitter Balance bouncer.

  39. says

    I’d love to own the Travel Crib Light 2.

  40. says

    I love the Travel Crib Light 2 as well as the BabyBjorn bABY carrier ONE!

  41. says

    the babysitter balance <3

  42. http://kat says

    I like the cradle.

  43. http://maria%20c says

    I like the Travel Crib Light 2. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. http://Nicole%20Larsen says

    I’d also really like the Baby Carrier Miracle

  45. http://lANA says

    Travel Crib Light 2

  46. http://nici%20r says

    I love the Bouncer Balance Soft

  47. http://BeckyM says

    I like the Baby Carrier Original

  48. http://Angela says

    Baby Carrier One

  49. http://Teresa says

    Love the Baby Bjorn products for our son!

  50. says

    Love the Travel Crib!

  51. says

    I want the smart potty.

  52. says

    I’d love to own this high chair! Also love the booster seat.

  53. http://brooke%20t says

    Bouncer Balance Soft

  54. says

    I’d love the Baby Carrier One.

  55. http://Lesley%20F says

    I like the Fabric Seat for Babysitter Balance

  56. http://Alycia says

    I would really like to own their Travel Light Crib!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  57. http://Katie says

    I would actually really like the high chair. I am also looking for something that does not take up a bunch of room and feels so bulky.

  58. says

    I’d like their carrier.

  59. http://clarissa says

    the baby carrier one looks great

  60. http://Angela%20Y says

    I like the Babysitter Balance bouncer.

  61. http://Elayna%20Spruill says

    I like the travel crib.

  62. http://Liza says

    I love their baby carriers and bibs.

  63. says

    I love the Bouncer Balance soft

  64. http://Amy%20W says

    I really like the soft balance bouncy seat.

  65. http://Mariaelena%20Dominguez says

    I’d like the one carrier also

  66. http://angela%20cunningham says

    I like the bouncer babysitter balance

  67. http://Adrienne%20Gordon says

    the carrier miracle

  68. http://Shannon%20Baas says

    bouncer balance soft.

  69. http://Robyn says

    I like the travel crib light 2!

  70. says

    I like the Baby Carrier Miracle!

  71. http://katherine%20d says

    i would love the Bouncer Balance Soft

  72. http://Carey%20Miller says

    I want the Bouncer Balance Soft!

  73. http://Stacy%20F. says

    Obviously….the high chair is what I’d love to have. But the toilet trainer looks nice along with the step.

  74. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    I like the travel crib.
    Thanks for the chance.

  75. http://nickie says

    I like the travel crib light

  76. says

    Fabric Seat for Babysitter Balance

  77. http://Shayna says

    This high chair looks awesome! Thank you!

  78. http://Debra%20S says

    I like their potty chairs!! AND the kids’ bowl and utensils.

  79. http://Tiffany says

    I love the eco friendly Baby Bjorn products 🙂

  80. http://April%20Brenay says

    Bouncer Balance Soft

  81. http://Courtney says

    I would love to own the Baby Bjorn Cradle.

  82. http://emily says

    I would also love the cradle!

  83. http://Nikki%20Elkinsn says

    the babysitter balance

  84. http://Pamela%20Wilson says

    The cradle is adorable. Just what we need

  85. http://Mary%20Anderson says

    I like the Babysitter Bounce.

  86. http://Keri%20Alexander says

    I would love to have the Baby Bjorn High Chair!

  87. http://Jessica%20c says

    I would want the baby carrier one

  88. http://Katie%20Roch says

    I would love to own the Bouncer Balance Soft.

  89. says

    I love the soft balance bouncer because it is simple and easy to use

  90. http://Jennifer%20Dunaway says

    I’d also love to have Babysitter Balance Bouncer.

  91. http://ML%20rosendale says

    Pretty and practical

  92. http://sara says

    I would also love the the safe step bathroom stool

  93. says

    I also really like the Bouncer Balance.

  94. http://Carl%20Todasco says

    Bouncer bvalance

  95. http://Brenda%20Phillips says

    I really love this high chair would love it for my first GreaGrand Child.

  96. http://stacey%20sanchez says

    I’d love to win the high chair! We love our carriers!

  97. http://kathy says

    I would love their travel crib light

  98. http://Sandy says

    Their bouncers are so sleek and the cradle is adorable!

  99. http://Jessica%20Snow says

    I love their Travel Crib Light 2.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  100. http://Lisa%20D. says

    I also like the Baby Carrier One.

  101. http://Jennifer says

    Love the cradle!!

  102. http://Jayna%20E says

    I would love to win a Travel crib Light 2!

  103. says

    I would love to have the cradle or the bouncer balance.

  104. http://Joi%20Bottino says

    I would love to own the Baby Bjorn High Chair because my son is growing too big for his Bumbo and the security features on the high chair seem great!

  105. http://Edna says

    I love this high chair its gorgeous

  106. http://Jessica says

    I’d love to have the original baby carrier

  107. http://Beth%20W says

    I’d love their Travel Light Crib 2.

  108. http://Elizabeth%20Newsome says

    I’d love to get the Baby Carrier Active!

  109. http://Emmie%20Fox says

    This highchair would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  110. http://Katie says

    I think the babysitter balance would be wonderful

  111. http://Tracyg says

    An awesome, nice quality high chair!

  112. http://liz says

    I like the Cradle

  113. http://naomi%20c says

    i like the travel crip

  114. http://melikegarfield says

    I would like the Bouncer Balance Soft bouncy seat.

  115. http://Brittney%20House says

    I’d love their Travel Light Crib 2.

  116. http://Tamar says

    I like the bouncer balance soft…but i see melikegarfield said the same thing and I didn’t copy, so I’ll say the item next to it as well: the babysitter bounce.

  117. http://Alexa%20B. says

    i’ve always wanted a travel crib.

  118. http://Paula%20Tavernie says

    I like The Babysitter Bouncer!

  119. http://Karen%20Matlock says

    They have a lot of cute stuff but this highchair is an idea that should have happened long ago. Why would you want fabric of any kind on a highchair where your baby eats 3 times a day!

  120. http://Toneria%20M says

    The Travel Crib Light 2 would be perfect for me as I do travel a lot

  121. says

    I like the travel light crib 2

  122. http://Denise%20Donaldson says

    I like the Travel Crib Light 2

  123. http://trenda%20t says

    Love the travel crib and the baby carrier one!

  124. http://Candie%20L says

    I like the safe step thank you

  125. http://denise says

    I like the travel crib light 2.

  126. http://Sarah%20Cool says

    i would love to have the babysitter balance bouncer

  127. http://natalie%20yeoman says

    i like the bouncer balance soft

  128. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i would love to get the travel crib light 2

  129. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i would like to get the travel crib light 2

  130. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I also like the
    Bouncer Balance Soft
    Natural rocking and fun

  131. http://Candace says

    I also like the Bouncer Balance Soft.

  132. http://Lisa%20L says

    I’d like to check out their Baby Plate and Spoon

  133. http://Rebecca%20Parsons says

    I would love to own the Safe Step.

  134. http://Breanne says

    I like the babysitter balance

  135. says

    I would love to own the Cradle!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  136. http://trixx says

    I like the Travel Crib Light 2

  137. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    I want their babysitter balance

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