aden + anais now has certified organic cotton muslin!

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I talk about aden + anais often. If I had a list of favorite products they would make the top 5. They have been my go to baby sleeping bags since the day I brought Sawyer home and chances are 99% of the time it’s their blanket you see with us. I have been loving their products since I first started blogging and Gavin was little. Now I’m super excited to announce they are carrying a certified organic cotton muslin line of products! I was super excited when two of them arrived for us to try.

organic crib sheets & Changing pad covers

Now, surprisingly enough, these were also two products from aden + anais I’ve never tried before. The starstruck organic pad cover is so nice and thick. If you are familiar with their cozy sleeping bags they have that same layered thickness. This is great because if you have an accident like we already have, it’s thick enough to absorb it. They wash well and hold up well after many washings. It was easily to wrap around my contoured changing pad and even had reinforced slits on the sides for the safety straps to be pulled through.

 aden + anais organic changing pad cover

We also got to try the starstruck organic crib sheet. This sheet actually fit my mattress better then the sheets I was currently using. It doesn’t ride up in the middle of the sides and I don’t feel like it’s shrinking ever. It stays snug without having to feel like you’re forcing it to fit. The sheet is a lot thinner then the changing pad and has only one layer. I wish they had a thicker version as I can see the what’s on my mattress. If you have a printed mattress it would definitely show through.

 aden + anais organic crib sheets

Sawyer just loves his aden + anais products. They get softer after each wash and never really show wear. I love that they share their prints between products so we can match everything up. Of course we don’t always match since we like to mix and match often.

aden + anais #momspotted sawyers bedding

If you haven’t tried aden + anais yet or have and just know you need to get your hands on the new line now you can purchase directly from their website or you can also try their line exclusively available at You can buy the all new organic changing pad covers and organic crib sheet also from our Amazon affiliate. I promise, you won’t regret it.


  1. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love this and want to get some. I see so many sites recommend them so it sounds like a winner to me.

  2. Stacey Roberson says

    I definitely love the thickness of their products. I’ve had very thin changing pad covers in the past, and when there’s an accident, the covers don’t absorb much at all and they only hold up for a few washes.

  3. I love the aden + anais swaddle blankets that we have. I can imagine the organic cotton would make the all the more irresistible. Starstruck is my favorite print too!

  4. I got the changing pad cover and I LOVEEEEEEE it!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I feel like you can just SEE the softness! I love the pattern too.

  6. I love how a lot more companies, children and infant companies included, are adopting more organic and sustainable products and practices! It’s amazing to know this ‘going green’ is NOT just a phase 🙂

  7. julie says

    I have seen these at the baby store, they are so cute. I love that there are now so many organic products out there

  8. We LOVE aden + anais but I haven’t tried the changing pad cover yet, definitely on my list! I love that it’s so thick!

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