I Finally Tried Shelf Safe Milk! #MilkUnleashed


Shelf Safe Milk. All my life I’ve thought those words shouldn’t go together. The idea of leaving milk out of the fridge is gross to me. The idea of buying it off the shelf is just unheard of. Have you tried shelf safe milk before? I recently went looking for it in my local grocery store and was rather surprised at just how many brands and flavors there were! In the end I went with Horizon because I have really been trying to push better choices and organic choices when possible and this was a great way to try two new milks!


What Is Shelf Safe Milk?
It’s the same milk we all know and drink already; it’s just packaged and processed differently. It’s pasteurized at a much high temperature for a less time and then stored in a special carton we call the Tetra Pak. Together they eliminate bacterias and keep milk and contaminants out.

  • Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened
  • Same nutritional profile as refrigerated milk
  • An easy and nutritious way for moms to provide real milk safely to their children – anytime, anywhere – without the restrictions of refrigeration
  • Packaging is 70% paper; aluminum foil is used to keep out oxygen and prevent spoiling; thin layer of plastic is BPA-free

Horizon Organic Milk


As you know I keep a stockpile in my basement of emergency items and a stash of safe foods. Another thing I didn’t know about was how long shelf safe milk was good for! See that exp. date of 5/2014? Milk that is shelf stable typically lasts on average 6-9 months! You can bet a case of these will find themselves in my stash now so we know we have more then just water available should we be forced into our basement for a long period of time.

Horizon Organic Milk

I was eager to try the new milks and sipped them just before handing them over to the ultimate testers. I found the vanilla to be sweeter then regular milk and the chocolate milk pretty similar to regular chocolate milk. Both were huge successes with Sawyer. This was also his first chocolate milk and you can definitely say he’s a big fan.


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  1. Stephanie Hodges says

    Starbucks also used to sell these. They switched brands locally here just recently, but I have been to a few starbucks who haven’t switched yet. I been using these self servings, rather than pouring a glass, for awhile now for daughter.

  2. I’m a big fan of traveling with shelf safe milk especially pre-making my smoothies for boot camp and bringing with me. They are perfect for emergency stashes:)

  3. I love this idea better then other brands that you can just taste all the extra sugar in there chocolate milk. I also like the organic option makes me feel I’m doing something better for my kids

  4. Christina says

    I haven’t tried self safe milk before… l just could never imagine buying milk off the shelf (I blame my dad for that lol). I can think of a lot of great reasons to buy it though, so I need to get over my thoughts of buying milk off the shelf and give them a try!

    BTW that picture of Sawyer is so cute!!

  5. Courtney says

    I remember drinking YooHoo a lot when I was a kid, but it has been quite a while now since I have tried any kind of shelf safe milk. I might have to try Horizon Organic 🙂

  6. Jenny Lloyd says

    We have taken Horizon shelf safe milk on many trips and I always send them in my boys school lunches

  7. I tried these awhile back on a whim and they really are tasty. I’m a big fan of the chocolate, and it helps with my calcium deficiency.

  8. June S. says

    I have never tried ant of these milks before. I imagine they would be good for children whom suffer with food allergies.

  9. beth says

    I used to drink the shelf-safe milk as a kid and hated how it tasted. Maybe I’ll give it another shot

  10. JoBeth says

    I have though about buying this but never have. Did your son like this? I worry my kids wouldn’t mine are 3 and 4.

  11. MaryAnn says

    I am the same way I cannot get over milk that isn’t refrigerated. I don’t know if I could be daring enough to try it.

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