Get Ready for Back 2 School with The Children’s Place! #B2S $50 Gift Card #Giveaway!


I love buying clothing for my boys as I always like them looking their best. It’s easy to get caught up in the world of cute children’s clothing but it can get expensive. I love when great clothing is not just fashionable but affordable too. The Children’s Place is definitely that brand that allows you to make sure your kids always look their best and be affordable and durable at the same time.

Sawyer in The Children's Place clothing

All three of my boys have worn The Children’s Place and when Johnny outgrew it we were sad as I loved all the coordinating I could do between all three of them. As you can see I can get Sawyer & Gavin outfits that coordinate and look great! These Monster Graphic Tees were great additions to their wardrobes and added the bit of personality to my own silly monsters. This is actually Gavin’s current favorite outfit and we celebrated the big SEVEN in The Children’s Place clothing!

Gavin in The Children's Place clothing

Gavin is super picky about what clothing makes the cut. We’ve reached this stage where everything has to be tagless and even then only certain items pass the “comfort” test for him so I get frustrated often buying him nice clothing just to watch it never get worn. Lucky for me The Children’s Place clothing pieces ALWAYS make the cut!

Children's Place tagless kids clothing

They are the only clothing brand I can buy online with confidence too when it comes to Gavin. Speaking of online do you get their emails? If you do you’ll know when all their great sales are! I often find great deal and combine them with coupons they share and get phenomenal deals! Just the other day when I went to pull this post together I hit up their $4.99 sale combined with a 20% off coupon and free shipping! I snagged some great items for great prices! I always scope the sales items and get big sizes too for Sawyer which is why you see so many different sizes. Their stretchie jammies are one of my favorites for Sawyer too! I can’t wait until their fleece ones are out!


Even better is that right now they are doing their Place Cash where you earn $20 in Place Cash for every $40 you spend. For more details on Place Cash click the link.


Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win a Tiny Love On the Go My Nature Pals Stroll Toy Bar. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. You can also head over to Must Have Mom and enter her $50 Children’s Place gift card giveaway giving you double the chances to win! Good Luck!

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Contest ends 9.2.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.


  1. says

    I like the Cool in Cargo set for boys! Cute cute!

  2. http://Christina says

    I’d love to get the floral girl or the just rosy outfits

  3. http://Jeanna says

    I like the Skirt Savvy, love leopard outfit!

  4. http://Rebecca%20Xavier says

    I love the Skirt Savvy outfit.

  5. http://nancy says

    just jeanius


  6. http://Megan%20Stietz says

    I love all of TCP clothing and is usually the only place I shop besides Target and JCP for clothing. For this I picked this outfit because I have always loved jean jackets on boys and girls!!|72469|952525_boy|outfits|cool%20in%20cargo_boy

  7. http://June%20S. says

    I really like that Sport Zone outfit for baby boy’s, my grandson would look so cute in that.

  8. http://Janet%20W. says

    I like the rock in red outfit for my grandson!

  9. http://Stephanie%20Phelps says

    I would love to get the moto outfit for girls!

  10. http://Julie%20Lynn%20Bickham says

    I like the all about active outfit.

  11. says

    the little boy sports outfit is cute.

  12. says

    I’d like to purchase the Gray Day outfit for my middle son.

  13. http://James says

    Animal Pizazz outfits would go over great here. Our lo loves wearing animal prints to the zoo.

  14. http://Heather%20Robinson says

    Love the just jeanius outfit

  15. http://Carrie%20Phelps says

    My favorite outfit is the rock in red. My grandson is six and recently saw a teen in red jeans so now he really wants a pair.

  16. http://melissa%20teears says

    Sports zone and their jeans and t-shirts for boys

  17. http://Jessica%20B. says

    t-rex terrific outfit for little boys

    My son would look adorable in this!

  18. http://Linda%20Kish says

    I like the boho babe outfit.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  19. http://Audra%20Weathers says

    I like the new blue maxi outfit with the denim jacket and the ruffle maxi dress.

  20. says

    I like the jean team outfit! That jean jacket is perfect for fall!

  21. says

    I would get the newborn Drive On outfit for boys – tiny jean jackets are so adorable.

  22. http://Becky%20Richied says

    I love the love leopard outfit with the boots πŸ™‚

  23. http://Julie says

    I like the ombre heart dress

  24. says

    I like the girls to do list graphic tee

  25. http://Colleen%20Maurina says

    I like their Boy’s Sport Zone outfit.

  26. http://Sue%20Ellison says

    I like the cardi party outfit for girls.

  27. http://Jessie%20C. says

    I like uniform hooded twill jacket

  28. http://Tara says

    boys color jean scene – rock in red

  29. http://Karen%20R says

    I love the snow queen outfit!

  30. says

    I like the “Just Rosy” baby girl outfit. So cute!

  31. says
  32. http://Michelle%20Lee says

    I like the “Skirt Savvy” outfit for my daughter.

  33. http://susan%20h says

    I like the leopard tight outfit.

  34. http://Christina%20p says

    I lime the jean team outfit for boys

  35. http://Michelle%20C says

    I love the cardi party outfit for my youngest daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  36. http://Veronica%20L says

    I would love to have their cool in cargo outfit for my oldest son πŸ™‚

  37. http://Christine%20Mayfield says

    I love the t-rex terrific

  38. http://C.j. says

    I love the polo player outfit for boys

  39. says

    My daughter loves the Jegging Joy hearts and stripes

  40. http://Jennifer says

    gray day for boys

  41. http://nannypanpan says

    I like heart my outfit

  42. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    I love the new blue maxi outfit!

  43. says

    I would love the My Moto set for my daughter

  44. http://Meghan%20Finley says

    leopard lady would be my choice

  45. http://sandra%20davis says

    i like the bike on outfit for little girl

  46. http://heather says

    i would get my moto for a little girl

  47. says

    I like Boho Beauty and the blue maxi dress.

  48. says

    my daughter would like the Love Leopard outfit from the skirt savvy section

  49. http://Jessica%20Snow says
  50. http://Kristi%20C says

    I would get the Gear Up for boys outfit.

  51. http://tammy%20shelton says

    I like the Boys Set: COOL CARGO for my 6 yr old grandson.

  52. http://Kelly%20D says

    I like the Jegging Joy Outfit with the pink jeggings and cat graphic tee.

  53. http://BeckyM says

    I like the “color jean scene”

  54. http://Sandy%20VanHoey says

    hearts and stripes jegging joy I like

  55. says

    My favorite is the Love Leopard outfit.

  56. http://Andrea%20H says

    I love the New Blue Maxi outfit!

  57. http://sandra says

    I like the color jean scene outfit

  58. http://jennifer says

    I love the girls boho beautiful outfit!

  59. http://Nicole%20Larsen says

    I love the Boho Beauty for girls–would look cute on my daughter

  60. http://Amanda%20Sakovitz says

    A pair of jeggings with the girls rock tshirt

  61. http://Thomas%20Murphy says

    I want the polo player outfit.

  62. http://Rebecca%20Orr says

    I like the mixed print tiered dress with a pair of leggings underneath!

  63. http://Courtnie says

    The skirt savvy outfit is cute.

  64. says

    My favorite outfit is the Cute Kitty for baby girl!

  65. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    I love the leopard lady whole outfit!

  66. http://Michelle%20Frame says

    I would love to get the perfect in paisley outfit

  67. says

    I love t-rex terrific hehe.

  68. http://Theresa%20J says

    I like the jean team

  69. says

    I like the cool in cargo outfit.

  70. http://Laura says

    I like the jean team outfit. It’s cute, casual, and comfy looking!

  71. http://Charlene%20S says

    I like animal attraction.

  72. http://courtney%20hennagir says

    i so want the leopard legs outfit for my baby girl!

  73. http://Cara%20Daymude says

    Don’t know My sister just had a a baby boy & wanna win this for her

  74. http://Melissa says

    I love the preppy pirate outfit

  75. http://Jennie%20Sanderson%20(@jenpsht) says
  76. says

    I like the rosette paisley dress the most

  77. http://Sarah says

    I love their “Bike On” out fit for my twin daughters, so adorable!

  78. http://Rochel%20S. says

    I like the Skirt Savvy look best!

  79. http://Romi%20Hamilton says

    jean team
    he’s ready to win in this casual look! our 2-in-1 henley bodysuit with the race car graphics is adorable paired with some faded jeans and a plaid shirt on top

  80. http://Jenny%20Lloyd says

    i would purchase the beary cute outfit|72471_baby%20boy|outfits_babyboy

  81. http://Lisa%20R says

    I like the baby girl…tutu cool outfit

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  82. says

    I really like the boys Gear Up outfit! Would be perfect for my son for back to school time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. http://Robyn says

    I like the baby boys cool in cargo outfit!

  84. http://Cassie%20Smith says

    I love the just jeanius outfit!

  85. http://Ashley says

    I like the cool in cargo

  86. http://Melanie%20Montgomery says

    2-in-1 lion bodysuit

  87. http://Danielle%20Papsis says

    The West Dressed Outfit.

  88. says

    I’d like to get the just rosy outfit

  89. http://pinky%20sade says

    i like the jegging joy outfit

  90. http://Claire says

    I like the Cool in Cargo outfit.

  91. says

    I would love to get my son the cool in cargo outfit.

  92. http://vickie%20couturier says

    color jean scene

  93. http://Sam%20Stamp says

    I would love the Ready to Ruffle Outfit!

  94. http://Brooke%20Adametz says
  95. http://Jennifer%20T. says

    I like the girls’ Boho Beauty outfit.

  96. http://Katy%20P says

    I like the girls skirt savvy outfit

  97. http://Tabitha%20P. says

    I love the skirt savvy girl outfit.
    My dd would die for those boots!

  98. http://Jessica%20Cox says

    I love the snow queen outfit

  99. http://Liz says

    My daughter actually needs some of the uniform sweaters and a coat. She loves the uniform sweater coats.

  100. http://daisy says

    jean team outfit

  101. http://Heather%20K says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Jegging Joy!

  102. says

    I like the Dreamy Dresses

  103. says

    Ahhh, I love the t-rex terrific outfit from cool in cargo! Everything about it – the dino, the blue plaid, the red shorts!! Too cute!

  104. http://Cynthia%20R says

    I would purchase the ruffle drop waist dress

  105. http://Heidi%20Daily says
  106. http://darci says

    Dreamy Dresses

  107. http://JLin says

    all about active

  108. http://Devon%20F says

    Love this dress! dressy leopard tutu dress

  109. says

    Love the cool in cargo gear up outfit for boys!

  110. says
  111. http://Amylynn%20H says
  112. http://Kristin%20Sawatzke says

    Love the T-Rex Terrific outfit!

  113. http://Barbara%20Montag says

    Love the girls’ Who Looks Cute? outfit – thank you.

  114. http://polly says

    Like the Boys Color Jean Scene Outfit

  115. http://June%20S. says

    I also like that cool in cargo outfit for little boy’s.

  116. http://Wild%20Orchid says

    I would love to get this outfit for my son–

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  117. http://Jennifer%20Aldridge says

    my daughter loves twirly dresses, so she’d adore the Tiered chiffon leopard dress

  118. http://Beth says

    I love the Jegging Joy My Moto outfit

  119. http://Rhonda%20Tenderholt says

    I like the ribbon pom pom dress but I’m not sure what my great-niece would like. She has her own style.

  120. http://Racquel%20S says

    I like Heart My Outft!

  121. http://Melissa%20S says

    I like the gray day outfit from the big boys color jean scene line.

  122. http://Emily%20Morelli says

    My daughter would like cardi party.

  123. http://Shilo%20Beedy says

    I like the boys zip-up sherpa hoodie and the tux graphic tee

  124. http://Shayna says

    I like the layer player outfit for baby boys πŸ™‚

  125. http://Stephanie%20G says

    I like the pretty in paisley jegging outfit|72470_baby%20girl|outfits_babygirl

  126. http://Renae says

    I like the tutu cool outfit.

  127. http://asimina%20kaminis says

    i would love to buy there cargo pants and long sleeve graphic pants, basic everyday wear is the best for growing boys.

  128. http://Sharon%20C says

    I like the snow queen outfit for girls

  129. http://Jean says

    Skirt Savvy, definitely.

  130. http://Cynthia%20C says

    I like the Baby Dots outfit.

    • http://Cynthia%20C says

      Oops, I meant the jegging joy outfit.

  131. http://Kim%20Ripley says

    I love Leopard Lady!

  132. http://gen says

    the star wars pajama set is cute for grandson

  133. http://Sharon%20Kaminski says

    would like to purchase the who looks cute? outfit

  134. says

    shining star outfit for girls

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  135. http://brandy%20g. says

    I love the leopard lady girls outfit.

  136. http://Robert says

    The skirt savvy is perfect for my daughter

  137. http://Denise%20B. says

    For our son, I would get a layering tee, active half-zip top, and straight jeans.

  138. http://Margaret%20Smith says

    I love the girls Skirt Savy set. What a cute dress and boot set. Adorable!

  139. http://Vanessa%20Coker says

    The “fashion animal” dress outfit for little girls.

  140. http://Tiffany%20W says

    the animal pizazz outfit for girls.

  141. http://Debra%20s says

    I THINK I know a girl would love Hearts and Stripes jeggings outfit! And another who would love “who looks cute”.

  142. http://Mary%20lacombe says

    Great value for the money you spend

  143. http://Kimberly%20M. says

    I love the jean team outfit for boys.

  144. http://casey%20everidge says

    i like the beary cute outfit!

  145. http://Amelia%20Perkins says

    the tutu dress

  146. http://Adrienne%20Gordon says

    jegging joy outfit

  147. http://K.Pugh says

    I like the Boys Color Jean Scene outfit.
    Thanks for the chance.

  148. http://melissa%20call says

    I also like the boys color Jean Scene

  149. http://Tamar says

    I like the polo shirts from their uniform shop. I need to get some dress code for my son.

  150. http://Lesley%20F says

    I like the tutu cool outfit!

  151. http://Christy says

    I want to get the girls cardi party outfit

  152. http://Audrey%20T says

    I think the all about active is absolutely adorable. Sporty yet very girly!

  153. http://Colleen%20W says

    I love the bearey cute outfit. So adorable.

  154. http://Dawn%20Monroe says

    I like the snow queen outfit from the animal pazazz collection.

  155. http://Sabrina says

    I love the girls cardi party outfit!

  156. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    I really like the jegging joy outfit

  157. http://tina%20reynolds says

    I really like the skirt savvy for m daughter

  158. http://Emily says

    I like the skirt savvy outfit.

  159. says

    I love the Floral Print Skort.

  160. http://Katie%20K says

    i like the skirt savvy baby girl outfit

  161. http://Cheryl says

    I, too, like the skirt savvy outfit. but there are lots of cute ones–love the animal pazazz ones, too.

  162. http://shelly%20peterson says

    I like the boys comfy camo outfit

  163. says

    The Jeggings Joy outfit πŸ™‚

  164. http://Crystal%20F says

    I like the all about active outfit. Thank you!!

  165. http://c.%20anderson says

    My wife spends a fortune at Children’s Place but always uses her 20% coupon!!

  166. http://Samantha%20D says

    Love the just jeanius dress/outfit–so cute!

  167. http://latanya says

    cool in cargo outfit

  168. http://Aimee%20Buck says

    The cupcake cutie look.

  169. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    The skirt savvy outfit.
    Thanks for the chance.

  170. http://ET%20Pruitt says

    The Boho Baby outfit

  171. http://Danielle%20Samuels says

    The Animal Pizazz outfit

  172. http://jessica says

    I like the jean team outfit!!!

  173. http://Sara%20Wood says

    Monkey cop graphic

  174. http://Rachel says

    I just love the Tutu Cool outfit for baby girls that they have. So thinking about buying my baby that this weekend.

  175. http://Lisa%20E says

    i like the “Rock in Red” outfit but i think i would choose gray pants instead of the red pants for a boy

  176. http://Rachel says

    I just love the Tutu Cool outfit for baby girls that they have. So thinking about buying my baby that this weekend. I also love their owl shirt they have.

  177. http://melissa%20Resnick says

    the boys comfy camo outfit

  178. http://Laurel%20O. says

    I love the Layer Player outfit.

  179. http://Mindy%20B says

    Boy’s T-Rex outfit

  180. http://Nicole%20L. says

    I like the color jean scene outfit for the big boys.

  181. http://Sarah says

    I like the crochet cutie outfit for our soon-to-arrive daughter!

  182. http://Maria%20Iemma says

    I like the boys camo for my grandson.

  183. http://Sara says

    I’d like to get the Cool in Cargo outfit

  184. http://Eileen%20Burke says

    I love the Cool in Cargo outfit for boys.

  185. http://kim%20burnett says

    Monster Graphic Tee

  186. says

    I love the Shining Star outfit they made!

  187. http://Paol%20Trenny says

    I like the jegging joy outfit

  188. http://Courtney says

    cool cargo!

  189. http://Angela%20McKinney says

    The uniform polo dress

  190. http://Lisa%20L says

    I like the cool in cargo outfit!

  191. http://jeanette%20sheets says
  192. http://Diana%20B says

    Children’s Place is my go to store. I really like the Skirt Savvy outfits.

  193. http://jeannine%20s says

    I love the jegging joy

  194. says

    I love the denim jacket and oiled canvas colored jeans!

  195. http://linda%20lightner says

    Well saw the cupcake mini backpack ,so cute. then i saw the cupcake cotton pjs, could i be hungry for cupcakes,LOL.

  196. http://Edee%20Vermillion says

    Thanks wish me luck….could use it

  197. http://brittney says

    the jegging joy outfit for girls.

  198. http://Jill%20Myrick says

    I would pair the Red Active Shorts with the Red Striped Applique Active Tee.


  199. http://Kyl%20Neusch says

    Shining Star outfit

  200. http://Heather%20Manu says

    I would get the my moto outfit for my daughter.

  201. http://Rebecca%20Peters says

    LOVE the uniform twill ruffle jacket, I like that entire uniform set.

  202. http://ReggieMann says

    girl – outfits – jegging joy – west dressed

  203. http://Tara%20Liebing says

    I would get the boys’ Gear Up outfit

  204. http://Kelly%20H. says

    I like the Just Rosy outfit

  205. http://Brittney%20House says

    The Cool in Cargo outfit is cute.

  206. http://Carolsue says

    The pink and leopard print Amore outfit and accessories are cute!

  207. http://jessica%20edwards says

    skirt savy outfit

  208. http://Ciara%20B. says
  209. http://Rhonda%20G says

    Animal Pazzaz is adorable!! Perfect for my granddaughter πŸ™‚

  210. http://Rachel%20HIggs says

    Cool in Cargo

  211. http://yana%20ryjova says

    I like the skirt savy outfit

  212. http://Carmen says

    pretty in paisley

  213. http://Sarah%20Cool says

    i love the The T-Rex Terrific Outfit

  214. http://kelley%20wood says

    I love the plaid shorts with the mustang tee shirt for boys

  215. http://Mary%20Cloud says

    My daughter would like true blue tiers
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  216. http://krystal%20wethington says

    skirt savy outfit is cute.

  217. http://trixx says

    I’d get the all about active outfit

  218. http://Deb%20S says

    I would like the T-Rex Terrific outfit.

  219. http://Linda%20W. says

    Jegging joy

  220. http://kathy%20pease says
  221. http://Ellie%20W says

    I like the hi five fantastic outfit

  222. http://Sandy%20Y says

    I’d get the baby girl “Skirt Savvy” outfit…too cute!

  223. http://gina says

    rock in red for my son

  224. http://Jenny says

    I like the thermal mesh dress

  225. http://Karen%20M says

    I would like to purchase the Baby Boy’s outfit beary cute. Thanks

  226. http://Ang%20Mkenna says

    I would like to purchase the dreamy dresses . I love just jeanius, fashion animal, heart my outfit for a baby girl. So cute. The Children Place is the place to shop for cut clothing.

  227. http://K%20Anne says

    I like the Cool in Cargo- Polo Player

  228. http://Candice%20Hull says

    My son would love the cool in cargo jean team outfit–he loves camo

  229. http://Julie%20Goetz says

    I like the true blue tiers outfit.

  230. says

    I would get the Cool in Cargo “Beary Cute” outfit for my son!

  231. http://HollyO says

    Love leopard would be our outfit of choice!

  232. http://Terri%20Moore says

    I like the girls floral active skort with the fleece flower cardigan all in pink.

  233. http://Brenda%20Elsner says

    I like the cool in cargo jean team look for my son.

  234. http://Jackie says

    I like the ride on outfit from the jegging joy (baby girls) collection

  235. http://Vera%20P. says

    I like the rock in red outfit for boys.

  236. http://melina%20r says

    I like the girls my moto

  237. http://Robin says

    I like the polo player outfit.

  238. http://Robby%20Rob says

    the boys cool in cargo outfit

  239. http://Karl%20kuhlken says

    I like getting our children’s clothes from the Children’s Place

  240. http://Lisa%20Garner says

    I like the boys cool dude outfit!

  241. http://crystal%20smith says

    I like the “gear up” outfit for boys- my son would look great in it, perfect for back to school πŸ™‚

  242. http://danielle%20johnson says

    I like the bulldog baby outfit

  243. http://Sky%20Kory says

    I love the Skirt Savvy! So cute!

  244. http://melikegarfield says

    Probably some graphic t-shirts with a jean jacket. The boys would love them!

  245. says

    cool in cargo is adorable for carter πŸ™‚

  246. http://amy%20deeter says
  247. says

    I want to purchase the color jean scene (gray day) with my gift card.

  248. http://Jessica%20Lodge says

    I like the Gear Up outfit for boys. I wish the shirt said Harlem instead of Brooklyn as that’s where we live but hey we love Brooklyn too πŸ™‚

  249. http://kolpin says

    i’d give my niece the leopard woven dress!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  250. http://Lisa%20Neutel says

    I would love to buy the colour jean scene ….

  251. http://Michelle%20S says

    Hearts & stripes

  252. http://Valerie%20Peace says

    My daughter loves leopard print right now so I would have to say snow queen πŸ™‚

  253. http://Rosey says

    I like the Cool in Cargo outfit for boys.

  254. http://Jillian says

    I like the jegging joy outfit called Bike On.

  255. says

    the robot and monster stretchie to be used for my twins due early next year

  256. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I like the jegging joy outfit.

  257. http://carey%20p says

    color cord pants-red and
    white solid woven bodysuit

  258. http://Shannon says

    Love the “Sweet on Spots”!

  259. says

    I love the heart my outfit for my baby girls.

  260. http://stephanie says

    So many to choose from! I love they have a birthday department so I can get my kids a couple of shirts for their birthdays to celebrate!

  261. http://heather%20young says

    I love the skirt savvy πŸ™‚

  262. http://liz says

    The heart outfit is super cute for my niece

  263. http://Allison says

    I really like jegging joy!

  264. http://Nikki%20Heinz says

    It be nice to win

  265. http://Purvi says

    My little one would look great in the True Blue Tiers!

  266. http://Cristi says

    embroidered peasant dress is what my daughter likes.

  267. http://Amanda%20stauffer says

    I like the pretty in paisley outfit.

  268. http://Christian%20Alejandro says

    I really loved the heart my outfit for my niece.

  269. http://Elizabeth%20Miller says

    beary cute in the baby boy section.

  270. http://Michelle%20Tucker says

    I like the cool in cargo outfit.

  271. http://simone%20t says

    I like the ruffle drop waist dress. Thanks!

  272. http://Kristin says

    I’d get the leopard sash skinny jeans and the leopard cardigan sweater!

  273. http://meme says

    I love the Animal Pizazz Snow Queen

  274. http://Edit%20Churchill says

    My 2 older girls are loving dresses right now, so I’d probably buy something from dreamy dresses. But I also love the Jegging Joy collection!

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