Name the Baby Goat & Win a $75 Zutano Gift Card & Vermont Creamery Goat Cheeses!


Have you ever visited New England? It’s beautiful here. While many don’t realize it, we have some amazing companies based here. Being a New Englander myself I love supporting these companies and sharing these companies with all of you. The two companies I want to share with you are Zutano & Vermont Creamery tucked away in the mountains of Vermont.


If you were to search my blog for Zutano you’d find a lot of posts. You’d also find a lot of photos on my social networking pages like Facebook and Instagram. I fell in love with this clothing company and have been dressing Sawyer in it from the start.

Sawyer Loves Zutano Clothing #momspotted

As you can see we love their clothing. It is so well made that no matter how many times he wears the pieces they never start looking worn. It’s clothing like Zutano’s that I wish I was having another child to pass them onto because they always look brand new still. Their colors never fade and their materials are thick and don’t wash out or stretch out in anyway. I do feel like they fit size (Sawyer currently wears 12m clothing but fits Zutano 18m at this time) but they are flawless otherwise. I cant even begin to tell you what product is my favorite because I really do love them all. Their booties are the only shoes that would stay on his feet all winter long and their reversible sweatshirts are thick and great for cool evenings or brisk days. I could go on and on but I think you get it. We love Zutano! One of these days I’m dying to take the drive up and check out the home store!


Our latest outfit was all set around Scruffy Baby Polo Shirt. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted it for Sawyer and immediately started thinking about all the possible pieces to pair with it! In the end I picked the Dog Walk Baby Sun Hat, Dog Walk Reversible Toddler Hoodie, and Navy Terry Shorts.

Zutano Collage

 Adorable, right? I just adore him in the polo and shorts but the sunhat and sweatshirt will all be perfect grab alongs for the diaper bag for any summer day. See, our weekends become jam packed and we bounce from event to event or we’re some place for the entire day but need to have clothing that goes with the weather! The hat will keep his beautiful face safe from the sun and the sweatshirt is the perfect one for the ride home under his life jacket on the boat. We even got the Dog Walk Baby Bib so he will even be fashionable while eating.

Dog Walk Baby Bib

So, when they asked if I wanted to try out another amazing company from Vermont how could I say no. At first the idea of Goat Cheese did not sound good. I’m not a huge fancy cheese lover and it sounded weird. My husband on the other hand loves cheese. He tries all different kinds and just loves them. When Vermont Creamery Goat Cheeses arrived I stuck them in the fridge immediately and then when hubby came home showed him and he immediately ripped into them. He even got me to try them and let me tell you they are delicious! The Creamy Roasted Red Pepper was by far my favorite. I need to find out who around me sells it because it will definitely be a purchase again in the future.

Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese me

How would winning a years supply of Goat Cheeses and Clothing from Zutano sound? Well, if you enter their ‘Name the Goat’ Coloring Contest for a chance! Click the picture to get the coloring page but visit THIS PAGE for more information on how to enter.

Name the Goat Coloring Contest from Vermont Creamery & Zutano

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted reader has the opportunity to win a $75 Gift Card to Zutano and a sampling of Goat Cheeses from Vermont Creamery! To enter use the Rafflecopter form below.

Be sure to head over to Must Have Mom and enter her Zutano giveaway too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends 7.8.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.



  1. Conor S. says

    I would pick an up up and away classic blanket in white if I won. I really like that one!

  2. Kristin Sawatzke says
  3. Samantha says

    What a great prize! Good luck to everyone.

  4. Kristin Sawatzke says
  5. nici r says

    I really like the Pagoda Toddler Button Shirt and the Pagoda Toddle Boardwalk pants

  6. Courtney says

    I like the hooded towel and washcloth set in the “splish splash” print!

  7. Lena N. says

    I like the organic snuggle bug swaddle, organic muslin collection.

  8. Christy I says

    I’d pick the fishies bodysuit.

  9. Jess says

    I want this: CAP SLEEVE NEWBORN BODYSUIT and this: DRIVE NEWBORN FOOTIE and this PUFF POCKET DRESS and…oh wait nevermind

  10. courtney b says

    I like the elephant onesie at zutano..

  11. Jennifer says

    I just discovered Zutano and am IN LOVE! If you ever make the trip to their home store, take me with you 🙂 Baby #2, due in July, already has booties for the winter… in a few colors!

  12. Elaine Lund says

    I love the Sugar Bramble Toddler Flounce Skirt

  13. Miranda Welle says

    The T-Rex Short Sleeve Baby Onesie! SUPER cute!

  14. Veronica L. says

    I would love to get their T-Rex Toddler Screen Tee for my little guy

  15. Christina says

    I love the Sugar Bramble Toddler Flounce Skirt and the Peacock Toddler Flounce Skirt! So cute.

    And ahhh, I miss Vermont!

  16. I like the Penny Lane baby dress.

  17. Rebecca Xavier says

    I love the Owls Puff Pocket Dress.

  18. Kelly D says

    I would build an outfit around the Kitty Screen Terry Toddler Jumper

  19. Paol Trenny says
  20. Amanda stauffer says

    I like the Fishies Puff Pocket Dress.

  21. Janet W. says

    I’d build an outfit around the T-Rex Toddler Screen Tee for my grandson!

  22. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I would start with the Terry Toddler Jumper!

  23. Kimberly Schotz says

    I like the First Pony Screen Swing Top

  24. Linda Kish says

    I’d build it around the Dreamy Baby Screen Swing Tee

  25. nancy says

    Redwood Toddler Terry Bodice Jacket


  26. Devon F says

    I’d get the Dizzy Daisy Puff Pocket Dress

  27. Jenny L says

    I love the My Pony Long Sleeve Body Wrap, the pattern is adorable!

  28. jennifer says

    I love the moto toddler screen tee!

  29. rebeka deleon says

    i would get the owls baby hat

  30. sandra davis says

    i would build around the Le Cirque Baby Pants

  31. Jenny Lloyd says

    i would build an outfit around the super hero long sleeve t-shirt – LOVE IT!

  32. sandra says

    around the Sunday Drive Baby T-Shirt

  33. Sharon Rooney says

    Pagoda Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket

  34. I like all of the little girls skirts, the Penny Lane Toddler Flounce Skirt is cute!

  35. Kelly R. says

    Dizzy Daisy Toddler Top.

  36. I love the owls pattern so I would get the owls puff pocket dress.

  37. Addison Kat says

    I’m loving the Terry Matchstick Jean

  38. The Terry Toddler Jumper is what I would build an outfit around. Thanks!

  39. stephland3 says

    I would start with the 3 fishies toddler polo shirt!

  40. Faride says

    I would buy the Balalaika Cap Sleeve Baby Bodysuit

  41. Casey R says

    that adorable zebra summer tee!

  42. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d build something around the Dizzy Daisy Puff Pocket Dress

  43. Ashley says

    I like the toddler zebra screen print tee

  44. K.Pugh says

    The Chocolate Multi Striped Toddler Boys Pants
    Thanks for the chance

  45. jeanette sheets says
  46. darci says

    Zebra print, anything animal print floats my boat

  47. Susana Zerega-Higuera says

    I like the newborn fuchsia elf onesie

  48. susan h says

    I love the Owls Terry Dress.

  49. Betsy says

    THe cute fleece hats with the ears.

  50. I would build an outfit around the Summer Dream Baby Dress.

  51. Jan Lee says

    I would build an outfit around the What A Zoo Baby Footie 🙂

  52. Carrie Phelps says

    I would build an outfit around the Penny Lane Pleat Dress.

  53. Beth says

    I would build an outfit around the Dizzy Daisy Cap Sleeve Screen Tee

  54. Michelle C says

    The Penny Lane Newborn Dress is so sweet! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  55. Khanh says

    I love the Mandarin Terry Toddler Jacket for boys! What a fun outfit that would be a part of!!!

  56. Rebecca Orr says

    The dizzy daisy toddler yoke skirt for sure. That would be a great starting point. It would be the perfect summer staple!

  57. susan smoaks says

    i like the Apple Toddler Cozie Hoodie

  58. Mihaela D. says

    I love the Owls Terry Dress

  59. Abigail says

    I LOVE their fleece booties and I’d get a pair of the Cat Knit Slipper Socks!

  60. Andrea H says

    Sofie the Giraffe! 🙂

  61. Sonya Morris says

    The Owls Baby Screen Swing Tee.

  62. Tiffany Schmidt says

    Fuchsia & White Stripe Toddler Yoke Skirt

  63. Elizabeth P. says

    I love the Elephants Sleeveless Romper!

  64. Liz Moulton says

    Oh I love the Owls! Ethan would look so cute in any of their clothing!

  65. tina reynolds says

    I really like the Pool Multi Stripe Reversible Toddler Hoodie

  66. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I love the Crabby Toddler Screen Tee! That is so precious!

  67. Stacey B says

    I’d make a cute winter outfit with the Summer Dream Long Sleeve Baby Onesie

  68. Jennifer T. says

    I love the Zebra Short Sleeve Toddler Screen Tee.

  69. Jessica Snow says

    I like the Fishies Short Sleeve Baby Onesie.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  70. Jennifer says

    I’d build it around the foxtrot hoodie!

  71. polly says

    I like the dog walk baby hoodie

  72. JLin says

    Kitty Screen Terry Toddler Jumper and Owls Terry Toddler Dress

  73. I would build an outfit around the navy matchstick jeans for little guys

  74. Peppin says

    toddler terry pants

  75. Sharon Kaminski says

    like the Sailing Baby Screen Swing Tee

  76. Honi says

    Any pieces with OWLS!

  77. Nina Prater says

    Balalaika viola top!

  78. Robyn says

    I love the new super hero print, I would get the reversible zip hoodie and probably a few other pieces from that line!

  79. Carol says

    The Mandarin Bodice Jacket

  80. Michelle Lee says

    The Summer Dream dress.

  81. Jessica Cox says

    I really like the Fuchsia Multi Stripe Toddler Yoke Skirt with Sugar Bird Toddler Cap Sleeve Tee

  82. Katy P says

    The Toddler Terry Jacket!

  83. Leela says

    Love the moto baby tee!

  84. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I’d build an outfit with the hero screen tee, terry shorts and mask, adorable!

  85. have some of the Cowboys and the Dinos so I think I would add more pieces to both!

  86. Meryl says

    The Cozy Fleece and Toddler Terry Jacket.

  87. amy rouse says

    Pagoda Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket

  88. Kerry G. says

    Tickled Puff Pocket Dress

  89. Tracey says

    I find out what the baby is in less than 2 weeks. So I’m nto sure what I’d get, but I would get my son a polo shirt & some shorts 🙂

  90. Cálaeb Temple says

    Chocolate Terry Toddler Jacket

  91. Elena G says

    I like the the Pagoda Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket.

  92. Catherine Wilke says

    I would start with the le cirque dress.

  93. Elephants Bodysuit

  94. Laurie says

    I’d buy the baby dresses!

  95. Jenn McClearn says

    I would build an outfit around the elephant short sleeve one piece

  96. Joyce Harrell says

    Summer dream bike shorts

  97. soha molina says

    Fuchsia Multi Stripe Toddler Cap Sleeve Tee

  98. K. Finn says

    I’d go with the Pagoda Stripe Toddler T-Shirt, because there are many colors you could match with it.

  99. Desiree Dunbar says

    I love the Toddler Super Stripe Henley Dress.

  100. Charles V says

    The Elephants Bodysuit

  101. Carl G says

    The three fishies toddler polo shirt

  102. Kelly Lebo says

    I absolutly love the bright yellow colors of the sunny sunday drive, adorable collection

  103. latanya says

    Navy Terry Shorts Toddler

  104. Lisa L says

    I love the sweet Owls Puff Pocket Dress!

  105. trixx says

    I’d love the Kitty Kate Flounce toddler skirt, too cute!

  106. Brigette Streeper says

    I would build around Penny Lane Toddler Cap Sleeve Tee. Love the owl shirt!

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