Go RVing this summer when you travel! #GORVING

We love to travel. We travel all over but when the warm air hits New England we stick to local travel. Local as in anywhere we can drive. It’s so pretty here and I love being able to see all of it and as much of it as I can each year.

nubble light house york maine

 Hubby’s cousin just invested in a Type A RV and it is sweet. You step inside and it is modern with a great kitchen, flat screen TV (with XBOX set up), multiple sleeping areas, and a full use bathroom. Imagine how much of New England we could see in this baby!


She used it for the first time last summer and went all over with it. She said it was so nice to always be able to come and go as you please and not worry about check in and out times. The kids loved being able to always have their own space and the germ freak she is loved always being able to use her own bathroom and not be forced into public ones.


She has asked us to spend some time with her this summer on it with the boys to visit a few beaches. Here in New England if you’re willing to drive you can see so many beautiful areas that are all just hours from each other. Hitting it RV style really is the very best way to do it keeping it all within a budget! If you need something smaller you could always go with a Towable RV too! Many of today’s towable RVs are built of lightweight materials making them easy to tow behind the family SUV! My Dad has a folding style RV and has loved it!

Have you ever traveled on an RV?



  1. http://Christina says

    I went RV’ing once when I was 17… it was my sister, cousin and an aunt & uncle. We went from FL to MA, making lots of stops along the way. Its the first time I fell in love with the mountains in NC and TN, we had a crazy time at South of the Border in SC, the first time I saw Niagara Falls, We camped in VT. Went out to where my grandparents grew up and met in Maine. It was the best summer, we all have such wonderful memories. I would love to some day take a trip like that with my kids.

    • http://Jennifer says

      That sounds like such an amazing opportunity. It’s almost like a vacation in itself.

  2. http://Melissa%20portillo says

    These always look a fun and cool way to see new places

  3. says

    We love to go RVing and love seeing new places!

  4. says

    I have never traveled on an RV, but it sounds fun. I would want to get one of the really big ones! We have seen some nice ones and talked to RV owners when staying (in a tent) in campgrounds, and they all seem to love the RV lifestyle.

  5. http://Janet%20W. says

    I’ve never traveled in an RV before but it looks great!! It really is like a house on wheels and that would be so nice especially when you have little ones.

  6. http://Kimberly%20Johnson says

    Hello my names Kim Johnson I’m 46 and born and raised in Maine and will probly always live here. I’ve in the western foothills and have lived on the coast of Maine also. Just so people know,the whole state of Maine is beautiful and vast.come on up through the western part of the state on rt.4 to rt 2 then rt 17 and go up through to the Rangley lakes to see a beautiful part of maine .summer or fall with the fouliage and it will take your breath away. You can also take a ride further up the coast what’s called down east and stop into bar harbor and you will be amazed 🙂 yours truely a true Mainer Kim

  7. http://Michelle%20S says

    I would love to go on a vacation in an RV, if I could afford the gas! I have always thought they were too cramped and I would get cabin fever, but a tricked out RV would help things.

  8. http://Kate%20F. says

    I’ve never stayed in an RV. It sounds like some of them are pretty nice, though.

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