Sawyer is Stylin’ in his Joojos Bootee C Shoes!


I have a problem. I like little shoes. What I mean by little shoes specifically is that I like getting Sawyer shoes. The smaller they are the cuter they are and even though he’s not a girl he’s got a shoes selection bigger then mine.

There are lots of different brands and shoes out there but often times they all start to look alike. So, when I see a shoe that stands out and is both quality made and stylish you’ve grabbed my attention.

Joojos Bootee C Shoes

Joojos shoes are fashionable little people shoes that will be great for Sawyer while learning to walk. I decided to go with these leather Bootee C Shoes. They are a great looking boot that will go good with almost every paid of pants he owns. Plus, while he’s in this super squirmy stage just sliding them on and zipping them up is super easy and fast.

Joojos Bootee C Shoes


These boots have been ingeniously constructed on a last modeled after a a growing kid’s foot. This provides a natural fit with no bunching up of toes. We do this because we believe boots can be remarkably comfortable while conceeding to good taste.

  • Luxurious Italian calfskin leather upper

  • Breathable goatskin leather lining

  • Side zipper for easy fitting

  • Lightweight rubber soles

Joojos Bootee C Shoes

They are still a little big on  him. I went a size up so they can fit him in the fall. I just knew I’d have to have them the moment I saw them and can see these looking amazing in his fall photos with these on.

Joojos Bootee C Shoes

Make sure to stop on over and check out what MommyMandy thinks of their girls shoes and visit the Joojos website to check out all their cute summer sandals. Their Key West ones would look adorable with all our summer outfits planned!

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  1. so cute!! He looks like he is wearing little cowboy boots!

  2. I love how stylish these are, and they seem quite comfortable as well.

  3. Vickie Couturier says

    I love thos boots,they are so cute an looks comfortable too

  4. Janet W. says

    I’d love for my grandson to have a pair like this! They look really lightweight and so comfortable!

  5. Beth R says

    I love that these are lightweight boots! There are so many for kids that are so heavy that it has to feel like carrying around weights on your feet! Definitely pretty cute too!

  6. Those boots are super cute and look very supportive as well! I love that they make him look like a little man!

  7. OMGosh those are adorable! What a stylish little dude!

  8. Danielle F says

    Those boots are really cute! They look high quality too! It’s important to have good shoes for your kids!

  9. Tammy S says

    These boots are so cute. They look like little man boots. 🙂 I think it would be so easy to put them on with the side zip. It’s also nice that they aren’t so heavy they would make him trip. Nice review.

  10. Maria Iemma says

    The boots are adorable – and they look like they can take some wear and tear from a little guy. My grandson would love to have a pair of ‘big boy’ boots.

  11. Chrissy J. says

    I am an avid shoe buyer as well. My daughter has more shoes than me. It’s sad that she will outgrow hers faster than she will wear them, but that won’t stop me from buying them. Looks like we are in the same position.

  12. He’s just growing up too fast! 🙁 He’s such a cute lil’ man! He beezzzz stylin’ mon! 🙂

  13. Blessie Nelson says

    The shoes are cute and Sawyer is way too cuter! Nice to see that these shoes accommodate to the growing age.

  14. Those are the cutest little shoes! My sister laughs at me because I’ve handed down shoes to her. Her baby has special needs, so he rarely wears shoes. I asked if she needed more? She has lined a small wall with all the shoes she had and I have given her. He has so many!

  15. courtney b says

    those are so cute! for older men and little babies!:) very expensive looking too

  16. krystel says

    those shoes are just too adorable

  17. Very nice!! That’s a unique style. I will visit the Joojos website to check out all their cute summer sandals.
    Thanks for the photos!

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