1st Birthday Themes- HELP!

I’m a total theme person. I love everything all matchy matchy and when it comes to the kids I usually jump in head first and go a little overboard. Their bedrooms, nurseries, birthday’s they’ve all been themed. So, when it comes to planning Sawyers 1st birthday I have to start by picking the theme. I can’t do invitations until the theme is picked and I just cannot decide. I don’t know what to do! So in hopes to finally narrow it down I thought I’d ask your opinion.

Little Suzy's Zoo 1st Birthday

Little Suzy’s Zoo. This was both Johnny & Gavin’s 1st birthday theme. Johnny really wants Sawyer to have it too but I’m not feeling it. Both the boys had their nurseries as LSZ too but Sawyers room isn’t. I just feel I want something new but I know Johnny would be so happy if I picked this. This set was discontinued so I would only have plates, cups, and a few other decorations, the rest would be generic.

Sawyer dump truck t shirt

Dump Trucks. This is a theme I really want but will take the most effort from me & likely the most money since the sets I see in the stores aren’t the styles I like. A lot would be handcrafted and from Etsy type of sites. It would be a lot of work but I know totally worth it. I just don’t know with another time consuming event one week apart from is birthday is going to allow me that time. I love this tee shirt and I thought the fact it says Sawyer is almost a way of telling me it needs my Sawyer. The only downfall. It’s the least about him. I don’t even think he owns a dump truck but his nursery is construction themed.

Mickey's 1st birthday

Baby Mickey. Sawyer really likes Mickey Mouse and Team Umizoomi so I think he’d love a little Mickey party. I just don’t want to use up this theme when he might want it more when he’s older and I like the older theme better Gavin’s 3rd birthday was Mickey.

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party Theme

Sesame Street. When looking over all the other themes I stumbled upon this one and it was added to the list. I think it’s super cute and Sawyer has seen the characters on some of his toys. It would be super fun to theme up and wouldn’t be too expensive. This wouldn’t be my top pick but it seems like a great choice as it would be a bright, fun party that makes everyone happy.

See, I’m totally stumped. What’s your favorite? Which would you pick?


  1. Personally I love the dump trucks.

  2. stephanie says

    I LOVE mickey mouse and so does my son! I have a feeling that is what he is going to want for his 3rd birthday party coming up! I also LOVE the Lil Rebel set!


    I won a free outfit from Dreams Sew Magical and showed her this theme and she made my son a shirt and shorts to match it! It was so much fun! Good luck!!!

    • Jennifer says

      See it was Gavin’s too and I don’t want to rule it out for later use.

  3. cherie says

    I like the dump truck and Mickey. I don’t know if Mickey is both the light and the dark or if they’re separate themes, but I love the dark blue ones. The last resort would be the Sesame Street. Never was fond of that show and thankfully, neither were my kids 🙂 Have you tried just going on the Wal Mart site or whichever store, and just see what they have?? If you find one major thing, you could always go to the dollar store for the colored plates, cups, tablecloths…that type of thing… I do wish you luck though!!! 🙂

  4. april yedinak says

    I like the Sesame Street- it is bright and fun.

  5. Michelle Williams says

    I’d go for Mickey, Dump trucks can be done when he’s older! Mickey tends to be more babyish and he may well be into something else next year like Thomas The Tank!!!

  6. Julie Jones says

    Mickey gets my first vote.
    Dump trucks 2nd

  7. Alice says

    Actually I like the first one, because I think it is uber cool that all 3 boys would have had the same birthday theme for their 1st birthday. Trucks are awesome but can be any age till like 4 for sure.

    I am not a fan of the “baby” mickey,elmo etc.

    For the first one, you could get the kids all rubber duckies. Plus your boys will love that they have a common birthday theme!

  8. Dump trucks gets my vote. But since I did Sesame Street as Lucian’s first birthday and Lucian was my first child, obviously I like that one too! 🙂

  9. Christina says

    I love the Dump Trucks and Mickey, but it would be hard for me to say no if my older kids really pushed for something with the baby lol so I am absolutely no help! Both Mickey and the Dump Trucks would be great options for 2nd/3rd birthdays too. My friend also did Mickey for her sons 3rd birthday last year, it was so fun (I helped her make everything).

    I’ve always had a hard time deciding too, so we’ve just done more of a simple “1st Birthday” theme. I think we are going to do a Sweet Shoppe “theme” that I saw – pink/green colors with some “1st Birthday” decorations – I did see some pink/green monkey cupcake wrappers that were cute though.

  10. Sarah S. says

    I guess I’m sentimental or something, but if I did the same theme for my first two kids, I would probably do the same for the third so they could look back when they get bigger and see each other with the same stuff.

  11. I think you should go with Mickey since that’s what he likes. You can certainly use the same theme again! My daughter had Cars one year and Cars and princesses the next. We tried to include My Little Pony too but that was a bit much, ha ha! My poor second daughter was lucky she had a party at all, poor thing! The girls both have birthdays near Christmas (older is Dec. 26, younger is Jan. 15) so by that point, I was exhausted! I did have some pretty napkins though…. I think whichever one you choose will be cute. He is obviously so loved, and that is what is going to be important to him later. Do what makes you happy.

  12. Sheree says

    I searched the meaning of Sawyer and found
    saw·yer   [saw-yer, soi-er] Show IPA
    a person who saws wood, especially as an occupation.

    So maybe a Wooden block themed party OR even better a Sailor party. With a sailor birthday suit and boats and anchor themes? I am a Navy mom so I’m partial to Sailors. Sawyer the Sailor…..lol, that would be an awesome theme!

    Heres a link to some great ideas:


  13. My favorite is the Dump Truck theme but I can see the allure of having a Little Suzy’s Zoo party. It’d be neat that all three kids had the same 1st birthday party theme.

  14. Dump Trucks and Mickey Mouse are my favorite, although Sesame Street is my 3rd choice.

  15. Laurel O. says

    My favorite is the Dump Truck theme. And you seem like you can totally pull it off since you are a very creative person. Maybe you can incorporate LSZ into the theme in a small way so Johnny feels like he helped. If you were to do the dump truck theme, what about having a LSZ character (stuffed animal or figurine) sitting in a toy dump truck? That might be difficult to do if you don’t have a figurine or if they don’t sell them, but just an idea to throw out there. I’m sure whatever you pick will be perfect for Sawyer.

  16. I really like the dump trucks – I’ve seen some great cakes on etsy with a smaller cake and then a dump truck dumping chunked up brownies onto it. Lots of ideas in various forms, but I thought the cake was easy. That said – it could be a super cool 2yr old party when he’s ‘into’ it and can get excited about the dump truck (which he gets to keep)

    The sesame street one is really cute – bright and colourful, it would really catch his attention if you use that decor – then you could save the mickey and the dump truck for the next couple – and you’d have more time to gather things for the dump truck party since you’d need to do a lot of work to make it the way you envision it.

  17. Erin says

    I vote for the dump trucks. That shirt is adorable and I’ve seen some great construction-themed party ideas on Pinterest!

  18. Carmen says

    When I think back to my daughter’s 1st birthday (last year), we didn’t have a theme. The day was pretty overwhelming to her as it was and we only had a handful of people there. This year I decided three months before her 2nd birthday to do a Veggie Tales theme because I wanted it. Little did I know she was going fall in LOVE with VT over the next month so it was perfect! I wouldn’t worry about “using up” an idea this early. If you end up doing the same theme another year, there are plenty of ideas to make it different from the first time.

  19. That Mickey birthday would be soooo adorable. You could do so many homemade goodies for that one.

  20. Kristy @RealWeird says

    I like the first one. I think it would be cute that all the boys would all have the same theme.

    For my daughters 1st birthday we didn’t do a theme. There wasn’t anything she liked a whole lot. For her second birthday she liked everything. So we had Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, and a few others. It looked silly but she LOVED having all of her favorites around. This year we will be at Chuck E Cheese for her first ever visit.

  21. julie cutshaw says

    I say print a colorful picture of each choice on an 8 x 10 sheet of paper, then tape them to the wall at his height , then bring him in to the room and say which one do like, and pick the one he goes to first..That way it was his choice 🙂

  22. How funny, I just ran across this Mom’s Pinterest which is basically all boy birthday themes. I bookmarked it cause I thought it was so cool! Some of them are so amazing! I’m definitely going to be looking through all of these when my son’s birthday comes around this fall! http://pinterest.com/spaceshipslb/ Even if you’ve already picked a theme, they’re still fun to look through! (This totally sounds like it’s my pinterest and I’m self-promoting lol – but I randomly found her through one of those mult-blog giveaway hops! 🙂

    • Jennifer says

      lol, not a problem! They do have great boards! I’m following them now, thanks for the heads up!

  23. Im getting ready to plan my sons 1st birthday! These are adorable!

  24. Maria says

    Where can I find the Sesame Street party supplies ? I can’t seem to find anywhere.

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