Teething Baby Sawyer

Sawyer is teething. If you follow me on facebook you know all about all the fun it’s been so far. Reflecting back on some of the photos I’ve shared and others I took it was rather comical to look back on and thought I should share here.

Saturday started a little something like this:

He refused any teethers or frozen wash clothes.

He was downright appalled that I would hold him all day long and rub his gums for him.

So he thought he’s let me know just what he thought.

Moving him around and playing with him was out of the question!

Of course, his eyes lit up at the thought of me rubbing his gums for him. Instead, I was really trying to see if there were any toofuses there yet.

Nothin. We were back to more tears…

Our fingers would give temporary relief.

Of course, the minute Daddy walked in the door though we were all smiles!

We tried these Orajel Naturals that we got at BlogHer but they didn’t help at all.

I’ve gotten some great advice on facebook from amber necklaces to Hyland’s Teething Tabs.

What do you recommend/use for teething babies?


  1. Lisa says

    Oragel. The gel you put on their gums. Worked wonders for my kids.

  2. Jenny says

    Oragel and Tylenol. Poor Sawyer.

  3. Poor baby! I’m giving birth to my baby boy in 4 weeks and I’m already dreading the time when he starts teething, thanks for the recommendation on what to use! and great pictures by the way 🙂

  4. Christine Mayfield says

    Ohh he is still cute with his mad face. I’ve been blessed w/ #4 has had no crying with his teething. I did the frozen teething rings and frozen popsicles for the other kids to help numb the pain.

  5. jodi flaherty says

    Orajel & tylenol. Those pics are the best! 🙂 he is such a great model even on the tough days!

  6. Blah says

    Your hands!

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