Hippity Hop Goes The Easter Bunny

Knowing my due date lingered around Easter and knowing that if I went over my due date and had to have that C-section I was desperately avoiding I would have been in the hospital up until Easter day and wanted to prep the kids Easter Baskets in advance. Of course, I had pregnancy brain this time and I forgot so much. Thanks to being on top of things in the past and Hubby we pulled it all off without a hitch.

Above are all the Easter Baskets. They were a tad smaller, okay, a lot smaller this year but I cut out a ton of candy. This year I focused less junk and sugar.

Gavin is the main reason we had to pull everything off perfectly. Obviously, Sawyer is too young to know better and last year was our first year with Johnny knowing. He went to the dentist last month and we found out he had a cavity so I wanted to make his basket fun but as candy-less as possible. I filled it with a bunch of SpongeBob books and coloring books. The only candy in it was mini m&m’s which he loves and a big ole’ chocolate bunny which I think is kinda a must have.

Johnny was a struggle this year. He’s too old to get the typical Easter products being sold for baskets. He also knows s coming from us so I wanted to put stuff in it I knew he wanted. He had a movie that I knew both boys were wanting so even though it made his basket most expensive it needed the filler.

Sawyer was too little to need really anything but because we knew that the Gavin would wonder why his baby brother didn’t have one. So I thought what better than books! I found books that I knew Gavin would enjoy reading to him to encourage reading both for him and as a family.

Then there is Charlie…

Charlie is my baby too and I couldn’t see not including him in the fun. Plus, it was a great excuse to buy him so goodies when he really didn’t need any.

Daddy found a big yummy egg on his nightstand too!

Thank goodness for Daddy this Easter because I totally blanked out on the trail of eggs that goes from bedside to basket. Mr. Easter Bunny has done this every year and the boys love finding them in the morning. When I went to go to bed Hubby asked where the trail of eggs was and I couldn’t believe I had forgotten. Luckily I had saved all the eggs from last year and stored them in a place I could immediately find them. I happened to have one bag of chocolate eggs on hand and there we sat at 1am stuffing them.

The egg trails always lead them to our bedroom where they find the kids Easter Baskets. We started this because when Johnny was little we were worried that we would miss the fun if he didn’t wake us and we didn’t want to risk him choking on anything so we found this as the easy fix.

We filled the remainder eggs with coins like always and hid them all over our bedroom. The boys have a field day with it and know we (cough EB) does it every year and make a mad dash get more than the other. One egg has $1 in it and they love being the one to get it.

Kids Easter Baskets

What are your Easter routines that your kids love? Do you make your Kids Easter Baskets?



  1. I LOVE the trail of eggs!! What a cute idea!

  2. Julie Jones says

    I always was stuffing eggs after midnight. LOL! I completely forgot. My daughter reminded me before she went off to bed the that the Easter bunny leaves eggs hidden. Duh.. I don’t know how I forgot. I love the baskets you made. You and the hubby did a great job!

  3. Rikki Jacobs says

    I love this! Your ideas are great!! 🙂 I wish I was more creative!!

  4. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of an Easter egg trail like that, but it’s truly genius! And what a super fun tradition 🙂

    Those baskets are beautiful and I love how you went “candy light.”

  5. Jen, this is just too cute.
    I love all the baskets – they are perfect for each boy, even Charlie. I knew you wouldn’t leave him out. =)
    I can’t believe Charlie didn’t eat the “egg trail” – there is NO way I could leave those out in my house, 5 little mouths would be fighting over them. HaHa
    So glad you had a happy Easter. =)

  6. I love the idea of the eggs.

    The baskets are so cute and you’re right books are so great for kiddos.

  7. Renee says

    Great idea with the bunny trail. Our tradition was to hide the Easter baskets (maybe three for each child) so the kids could hunt for them to find their treasures. We placed different colored bows on baskets so kids knew which baskets were theirs. For example, all Tommy’s baskets had a blue ribbon.

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