Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I showed you Johnny’s Halloween Birthday Party. One of the games we played was the Donut game.
We put Old Fashioned  donuts on a rope and made the kids eat them with no hands. First one to eat their whole donut without it falling on the floor won.

It made hardly no mess and it was hilarious to watch! We played lots of great birthday kid games. I’ve spoken to several parents already and they said their kids had a blast 🙂

If you want to read how his Spooktacular Science Party we threw went or which Wilton 3D cakes I made click here.

The boys had a blast trick or treating as Mario & Luigi. They were Vampires the night of the party. Too bad for us parents it HAILED while we trick-or-treated. Thank goodness my Mom let us use her umbrella! I was so cold. The kids had to wear their winter coats over their costumes too. We haven’t had to do that in years!

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  1. Annie says

    What a fun game! And they make a cute Mario and Luigi 🙂

    I tell ya, here in KS Mario & Luigi were EVERYWHERE. A very popular costume this year 🙂

  2. That looks like a lot of fun, I would love to eat a donut rught about now. MMM. My kids love Mario and Luigi too!

  3. Katie says

    how fun! that sounds like a great game!

  4. We saw a few Mario and Luigi’s here too! That donut game is a great idea, I’m filing it away for later.

  5. Layla's Mom says

    Oh I bet that was SOO fun to watch-I wanna see a video! Those games crack me up!

  6. Abby Approved says

    How fun! I could get into the donut game! Yum!

  7. Jennifer @ Milk & Honey Mommy says


    I love how fun this game looks. We were talking the other day about bobbing for apples. I can’t believe I actually did such a thing when I was younger; never again. This is a great substitute.

    • Jennifer says

      We didn’t want to bob for apples. We knew with the costumes some kids would have makeup on and didn’t want it to run in their eyes. Also we were worried about it being too cold and didn’t want them getting their clothes wet. Such a great, fun alternative 🙂

  8. Nichol says

    How great is that game…FUN! It hailed, sleeted, rained and snowed here on Halloween, it was miserable. We were only out for 45 minutes, and had winter coats on as well!

  9. Tiffany says

    The doughnut game looks yummy! And I love the Mario and Luigi costumes, so creative!

  10. Looks like they had a blast with the donuts. I will have to keep that game in mind! I love the mario brothers costumes!

  11. What a fun game!!
    We had great weather this year…for a change!


  12. Mrs. Cox says

    LOL how fun is that?! For once, our Halloween was dry, even though the forecast was for rain. Wewt!

  13. Emilie says

    What a fabulous game with the donuts! I can think of plenty of adults who would have enjoyed playing too! 🙂 The Mario and Luigi costumes are too cute. What a perfect pair!

  14. Kate @ The Shopping Mama says

    Can I play?

  15. Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! says

    Looks like a ton of fun!

  16. Great pics…looks like so much fun! Were gonna have to try this game at our Christmas party this year!

  17. Mimi says

    Those costumes are fantastic! I love how you blacked out some of the faces! Very cute. Again, spectacular way to have a party. Can’t believe it hailed! Here in MN we always have winter coats on!

    • Jennifer says

      lol, I didn’t ask the parents if I could post pictures, so blocked any child’s face that was visible.

  18. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) says

    We did the donut game last Halloween. It was harder then I thought it would be but the kids loved it.

  19. Looks like a lot of fun! I love that the Mario Brothers are still so popular after all these years.

  20. Gina says

    LOL – I LOVE the doughnut game!!

  21. Tammy says

    That looks like great fun!

  22. Sara@MommaFindings says

    That looks like SO much fun! I’ve never played the donut game. Oh, and we had a Mario and Luigi too!

  23. Oh, Ellen needs to do a version of that donut game on her show. That would be too funny!
    I love the Mario and Luigi costumes. 🙂

  24. Jessica says

    Looks fun! It was cold here to, they look great in their costumes!

  25. What a fun game! It sounds like everyone had a great time {besides the hail of course}! We wore our coats last year and doubled up hoodies this year.

  26. Heather @ Girl Gone Mom says

    AMAZING that that didn’t make a mess. Love Mario bros costumes!!

  27. Life with Lisa says

    Who got to clean up?

  28. Love the costumes!

  29. Mary says

    I also love the costumes and the party looks like it was so much fun. Lucky boy!

  30. Sam says

    Awesome game idea! I love the costumes too.

  31. oh my gosh!!! how fun!! and i love the costumes!

  32. Sarah says

    What a fun party game idea, I’ve never seen that one before! Love the Mario & Luigi costumes, what a cute pair.

  33. Looks like so much fun. What a cool party and their costumes.

  34. Jen says

    I want donuts!

  35. Bobbie says

    Oh wow! Looks like they had a great time!!

  36. That looks like super lots of fun!

  37. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  38. Bethany Larrabee says

    Looks like fun!

  39. What a fun game! Love the costumes!

  40. What cool fun! How did it not make a mess? and did anyone manage to eat it all w/o it falling to the floor? oh no! Now I am hungry for donuts! and not even any left over candy in this house , boo….

    • Jennifer says

      That’s actually a funny thing. I was told this was a funny game b/c no one can win. Leave it to 10 year old boys. We had a winner!

  41. Michelle says

    I love their costumes! That is such a fun game. I played that with my students on year and they had a blast.

  42. Kayla says

    You know what? I’ve NEVER heard of that game but it makes sense! LOL
    What great pictures xD

  43. Kathy says

    Your party looked like so much fun! I am really impressed with everything that you did.

  44. That doughnut game looks like lots of fun. May have to try that for one of the kids’ birthday parties.

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