Aloha Friday: Trick-or-Treat

If you’ve never heard of it, it started over on An Island Life.

I ask a question….I answer it….and then you answer it too!
Sound like fun?
So, for this week’s question:Q: What time do you leave your home to go Trick-or-Treating?

A: My Kids are 4 and almost 10 so they are in for some good trick or treating this year. It’s like a mission for them to see how fast and how much! Not that they even eat it. Candy isn’t big in our house, surprisingly they’d prefer fruit. We end up throwing it out at Easter when we replace it with Easter candy lol. We go to my Mom’s to trick or treat. She lives in a neighborhood where houses are close together and there are kids every where. Everyone knows everyone. It’s funny my street isn’t like that whatsoever. Just a wave if they happen to pass by.

We don’t get to my Mom’s until 5:30 and don’t head out until 6pm.

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  1. we will go early (as he is not even 2)
    we just want to go for the sake of going for a bit…

  2. The Social Frog says

    When I was growing up and used to take my younger siblings, we went out at 5:30pm.

  3. We live on a military base and there are set hours for trick-or-treating which are from 6-9 We wont last the entire time, my kids are 7 & 3, we will probably go for an hour at the most.

  4. We aren’t going out this year. The kids in our neighborhood usually start at 6:30.

  5. we have set hours of trick or treating here We’ll have to call the village and find out …then we usually head over to the inlaw where the hours are later and trick or treat there too..

    with that being said seeing as it is a Sunday this yr I think we’ll start around 2 or so. TIL 8pm on and off.

    I have a 10 yr old and a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old 😀

    Have FUN. and don’t eat all the candy in one night

    • Jennifer says

      How do you know whose house to go to at 2pm? Here they put there light on at dark.

  6. Dee says

    Usually around 6

  7. Normally we go to my mom’s and head out after supper. This year we’ll probably go to my sister-in-laws to trick-or-treat with my nephew & niece so we’ll probably still go after supper (after we eat supper; they don’t eat until like 9).

  8. Well we do not go. Just stay in and eat junk food and watch scary movies.

  9. We are staying in and handing out candy.

    • Jennifer says

      I would love to do that! Sounds like more fun lol!

  10. Well…when DS was little we would leave right after sunset, then as he got older, he and his friends wanted to go out later to catch all the excitement! Now he is 15 so he kinda does his own thing (to a point) 😉
    Happy Halloween!

  11. harriet says

    We have designated hours here. My kids are too old to trick or treat. YEAH!

    Have a great Friday!

  12. My oldest is only 4 so we really don’t have a long precedent yet for trick or treating but we are planning to head out around 5:30 this year.

  13. Well Sunday we head to the fall festival first at the local church in town then after that we start the route. By 9ish we are usually back and still handing out candy.

    Here is our Aloha Friday!

  14. Denise says

    We don’t go to neighborhoods….it’s just not something I want to do until I live in one….

    We just go to various activites around the area, like trick or treating at the mall, the zoo, the library….

  15. Our city sets the hours and begins/ends trick-or-treating with a siren. I think it starts at 6?

  16. Jen @ Miss Organic's Kitchen says

    Trick or treating usually begins at 6 where we live. We let the kids go around for an hour or so and then come back home and watch Ghostbusters.

  17. As soon as it is dark.

  18. Kayla says

    When I was still young enough to go trick or treating, the neighborhood hours were usually from 5 to 7-I know, 2 hours is SO not enough time to hit all the houses! What where these people thinking!?

    Happy Friday!

  19. no more kids at home 🙁 I will be the one answering the door.

  20. jeleighbean says

    We go at about that time. Throw away candy?! Nonsense, I LOVE candy and so do my kid’s. 🙂

  21. Deborah says

    Very early between 6 and 7 because the little ones get tired.

  22. Tamara Chewning says

    Hm, well, I guess we leave when we get get it together enough to walk out the door and it’s dark-ish out. I’m just not that organized, LOL.

  23. Because this year is Sunday and my husband doesn’t work, we can actually leave earlier (which I like). So probably somewhere around 4 or 5.

  24. Jennifer h says

    No trick or treating for us!

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