Wilton Cakes Blog Event – Day Two

I was so excited about our first full day in Chicago. This was the day were going to get to go to Wilton! We weren’t very far from the hotel so our limo ride was only about 5 minutes. From the moment we stepped out all seven of us were mesmerized.
All over the building were cakes. Stunning cakes. They lines tables, file cabinets, you name it. You couldn’t walk without having to stop and admire each and every one. I took many photos of the different cakes which I will share with you in another post!

When we made it to our room You were immediately drawn to this first table! Isn’t this cake amazing! The base of all the animals are made with brownies! The framed print- that’s the cover of the 2011 Wilton Yearbook!

Then suddenly you look up and realize there is table after table of amazing cakes!!!
This table was one of my favorites! Do you know this is their course table! By the end of your first course you’ll be able to make half these cakes! Then once you finish the flowers course and the fondant course you can make them all!
This is the Halloween table. They have so many ideas for not only kid parties but adult ones as well. They are coming out with this new frozen shot glass molds that I will need to get my hands on!
This table was the perfect girlie table! I love how they added vases of candies to decorate the table!
There were many tables that I will try to show you in other posts!
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Behind where the instructors area there was a wall of fun ideas as well!
We each had our own stations set up for us.
We were told we’d be able to keep everything set up so we could go home and practice all the techniques we tried in class.
This is Ann & Heidi our amazing instructors! When I say amazing…I mean it! They made everything look so easy and effortless. They had great patience when we got stuck or frustrated too!
Our first lesson was how to add a filling in the middle of a cake!
I’ll be doing a giveaway shortly that will give many great tips on how to do this all.
They taught us that by lining the cake with a thin line of frosting helps keep whatever filling you add in the cake. The filling we used was pudding.
We then learned a few tricks on frosting a smooth cake. Of course I managed to spread a bunch of bread crumbs around. Overall I feel it came out pretty good!
Next we used piping gel to make an outline of the drawing we were going to use.
Do you like it? I’m still in complete awe that I made this cake!!! We each made our own color. I made the orange Tanya at Mommy Goggles was nice enough to let me use her blue. The yellow was courtesy of Shannon at The Mommy Files.
When we were done making our cakes they surprised us by telling us that on top of what was at our stations we’d also be going home with the following:
After lunch we had the chance to meet Wilton’s Seasonal Crew. You won’t believe all the awesome new products they will be coming out with for this Halloween and Christmas! I gave you one above and another for Christmas is this awesome rolling cookie cutter that is incredibly kid friendly!
They make me want to make all these fun cookies in a fun cookie exchange this Christmas!
For dinner they took us to Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House….and yes they really do serve frog legs!!! I was a bit nervous about the amount of seafood the restaurant served seeing how I have a shellfish allergy but this restaurant was exceptional and even knew the small things like not giving me the crunchy onion topping on my steak because they went into the fryer with shellfish. The meal was amazing! We had the opportunity to chat with the all the Wilton employee’s we had met that day.
Afterwards we went back to the hotel and Tanya & Shannon and I all hung out. At the end of the night we went up to Shannon’s room for a little cake….after all we did go home with seven cakes.

Of course it ended with Tanya and I in an all out cake fight. Of course Shannon managed to get it all caught on video!

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