The Wilton Yearbook!!!

Can you believe before I went on the Mom ReTreat at Wilton I had never heard about the Wilton Yearbook? Seriously, what hole was I living in? I was so excited when they handed us the 2010 yearbook on Wednesday. I flipped through the pages and realized that this was so much more then a product book.
These books not only feature all the amazing products that Wilton has to offer, but it shows you all the incredible ways you can use them! In the first half of the yearbooks it shows you pictures of these amazing cake ideas and then they actually tell you just what you need to do to duplicate it! They will list the pans use, and other products like cookies and candy, but they’ll also list the recipe and tips too! Then they walk you through assembly and day before hints as well. The middle walks through techniques and guides. The end walks you through their many products and shows you multiple ways to use them!
On Thursday they surprised us all with the new unreleased 2011 Wilton Yearbooks! They only had 50 in print and us 7 bloggers were the second people to see them and the first to receive them! The Facebook Sweet Up Winners also received a copy later that day! This year is the first year they included a fold out on the cover!
At the tent sale I was able to grab the 2009 Yearbook and was able to get all of them signed by Steve Rocco himself! Do you know he sketches all the new cake ideas himself!

Wilton has a page on their website called ‘You Asked and Steve Answered!‘ and if you want to know more behind the Wilton Yearbook it’s a great article! Check it out!
Don’t forget to pick up your copy!

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I was provided with the yearbooks from Wilton when I visited them during the Wilton Mom ReTreat. If you’d like to read more about this event please click here.

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