Fun ways to encourage healthy eating for sick children!

As you know Johnny has been sick all week. He hasn’t had much of an appetite and pushing fluids haven’t been the easiest thing either. We tried pushing things like toast and popsicles but he got sick of those quickly. So, I thought how do I encourage eating healthy eating AND make it fun?
I remember some Halloween Wilton Products I had gotten and thought of fun things to do with them. Whenever I look at products like these I get caught up in fun cupcake and dessert related ideas. How about taking a spin and doing something healthy with them?

Sure they aren’t as cute or pretty but they are still fun!
I had the Non-Stick Mini Skulls Cake Pan and thought I’d make some banana bread in them. So with this pan:

I made these:
They were gone that day! They were really yummy but the fact that I made the bread into skeletons instead of loaves made the boys instantly intrigued. The fact that they were eating healthy banana nut bread instead of cake or brownies in them still made it fun!

What about pushing liquids?
Wilton also had these cool Halloween Skeleton Arm Ice Kabobs and the Halloween Drink Coloring.

I froze some basic water with some green coloring and made it into a fun water ice cube. It was flavored or anything fancy but the fact that it was different encouraged him to drink it.
So, while Halloween maybe over, don’t pack up your fun Halloween baking pans and accessories! Besides aren’t skulls and skeletons the newest fad?

***Make sure to stay tuned for a birthday related review & giveaway from Wilton in Mistletoe Madness!***

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