Beibi – Shoes for Eager Feet {CLOSED}

Beibi shoes are a new hot line of shoes being carried by Wee Squeak Shoes! Do you remember when I reviewed those shoes in the early summer? Well, we have used Gavin’s squeaky shoes almost daily. The squeakers don’t have the same “pow” they once did but they are still a favorite of not only me but him too! They were actually the ONLY shoes he wore the entire time we down at Disney even though we brought several. They were comfortable and breathable and just what he needed in the hot weather with lots of walking to do! Plus, even after the constant beating of a toddler these shoes look as nice as the day we got them! So, if Beibi Shoes are the same quality of their other shoes they carry on their site you know these will outlive the life they can be worn!

Hope Light Pink Baby Shoe

Beibi shoes are for infants 0-24 months. I was offered a pair of my choosings and decided on the Beibi Crawford Brown Baby Shoes. I chose these because they seemed like the only gender neutral shoe. I am hoping to have another soon and since I can’t predict the future I wanted a pair either sex could easily wear. Once I received these I knew they were a great choice! They have more of an orange pallet then a brown one which makes a great neutral setting already. They have the slightest glitter line that makes them perfect for a girl but not too much for a boy (I swear its not too girly at all!) I got the 12-18 months because I felt that was a very important time frame for a child to have great functional shoes for learning the concepts of walking. These shoes display all the “rules” I’ve heard for shoes to be worn by this age range. I was able to crush them in both directions showing me the sole was movable for growing feet. The quality of the materials are great. I want to say they have leather on them but can’t find verification on that to make it a fact. But the style and design are perfect. They have a faux lacing with a velcro strap. I love that they also have a rubber toes since many children tip toe in the first stages of walking and this will not only protect the shoes lifespan but will help a small child from falling or slipping.
The only thing I would say that I would want is more of a selection for boys and gender neutral choices. In my personal opinion there was only one other selection I would have picked for a boy….but the girls selection is amazing with tons of adorable styles.

Crawford Brown Baby Shoe

These are shoes that I am positive you will not only like but love! They are $29.95 a pair!
Also, make sure to check out the Sale Section! There are a bunch of cute girls sandals on sale for just $18.95 right now!

Avery Light Pink Baby Shoe

Wee Squeak‘s has offered one of my readers a pair of Beibi Shoes of their choice and size!


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