Aravon Shoes by New Balance – Complete Comfort with Style! Review!

There’s nothing I hate more then buying a nice new pair of shoes and finding out that they are uncomfortable to wear. So when I had the opportunity to review a pair of Aravon Shoes by New Balance I was excited. I knew that with the style I saw and knowing that New Balance completely understood the importance of comfort I was dying to find out how the combination would fit.

Here are some interesting facts about these shoes from their site:
Removable Velocor® Footbed
The removable Velocor footbed places performance and comfort components in close contact with the foot, and has evolved to meet the technical needs of specific styles. A micro-thin, integrated stability cradle helps control motion in all full-length and sandal footbeds. All models are equipped with Abzorb® in the heel and soft, resilient EVA to cushion every step; they are also molded with a subtle metatarsal bump to support the transverse arch of the forefoot. Finally, a layer of Primalux™ comfort cushion under the leather topcover gives every step a moment of “Ahhhh.” Every Velocor version supports the basic principles of Aravon with Comfort Engineering by New Balance, and all removable footbeds accommodate orthotics.

Abzorb® Cushioning
Every step taken in Aravon shoes offers the advanced cushioning of Abzorb®, working within a finely tuned system of support and motion control. With shock-absorbing qualities long proven in athletic shoes, Abzorb is strategically placed in styles across all Aravon collections. It disperses shock and eases stress on heels, ankles and the forefoot, which also benefits the legs, knees and hips.

Primalux™ Comfort Cushion
Primalux is a high-density, viscoelastic foam similar to that used in ultra-comfortable foam mattresses. As the layer just under the lining of the footbed, Primalux comfort cushion gently but firmly conforms to the foot, dispersing pressure and giving you that custom-fit feel. Soft and durable, Primalux performs best when working in tandem with a good support system, like the Velocor™ footbed or an Aravon contoured sole unit.

Soft-Seam Linings
The thoughtfully placed and expertly finished interior seams are designed to prevent irritation.

Ionact™ Antibacterial Protection
All interior surfaces of Aravon shoes are treated with Ionact antibacterial protection. The soft leather lining of the upper and the topcover of the Velocor™ footbed deter bacteria, reduce foot odor and help maintain a healthy environment for the feet.

To me its all about comfort. If a pair of shoes can feel really good it almost doesn’t matter what they look like. However, when they look as great as these you can’t help but want to own every pair they own. What’s great too is that they have several different collections sure to fit all of your casual, dressy, and work place needs.

Aravon guarentees you the perfect fit as well!
Extended sizes, multiple widths
The world is full of beautiful feet that don’t happen to be 7Bs. Luckily, Aravon shoes are made in women’s sizes 5-13 and in widths AA, B, D, and EE. On a much finer point, Aravon fits no more than two widths per sole unit (shoe manufacturers commonly apply three widths to a single sole unit). This achieves a more precise union of upper and outsole and a closer, better-performing alliance of foot and footwear.

Precision lasts, meticulously sized
Fit begins with an interpretation of the natural shape of the foot-its length, width and girth, or volume-in a three-dimensional model called a “last.” Shoes are formed on lasts. Aravon styles are made on multiple lasts to offer better fit and style to a variety of foot shapes and sizes. Slip on a pair of Aravon shoes and feel how well they fit-in the length, in the width and in accommodation of the foot’s volume. Meticulously sculpted lasts make truer, more comfortable fit possible.

I received a pair of their Mia Shoes for review. I was immediately impressed before I put them on. They have a great feel to their leather and they pay attention to every little detail. you can’t see it in this picture but I have smaller ankles and it drives me crazy when the straps flare out from being so long. They have a little strap behind the buckle for the extra length to be tucked into so you won’t have that problem. They were shipped in forms so they didn’t lose any of their fit while being on a shelf or during shipping.

When I put them on they were comfort from the start. I loved that I could wear them without nylons and my feet didn’t sweat. My heel didn’t have any blisters after my long day at work or from running up and down the stairs to the office. Plus, they were a perfect fit, true to size. They didn’t slide around or squeeze anywhere either.

The soles have this unbelievably cushioned bottom that makes you feel like you are almost walking upon clouds. I’ve only owned one other pair of shoes like this. They were my nursing shoes that I wore for my 16 hour shifts in the ER. They were also in the same price bracket as these are.

The price is a bit higher then most average shoes. However, one must remember that our feet are no longer growing and a great pair of shoes will last you forever. I have many pairs of shoes that don’t last a season nevermind a few years. I may not have owned these shoes long I can already tell these are one of those shoes that with proper care can last a very long time.

You can purchase a pair of these shoes for yourself directly from their website.
Don’t take my word on how amazingly comfortable and stylish these shoes are. You need to try them yourself!

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