Wee Squeak – Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers – Review and Giveaway!

Orange Girls Sandal Yellow Daisy

If you’re looking for the hottest new trend in kids shoes then look no further! Wee Squeaks Shoes offer quality made shoes that “squeak” when your child walks in them! These shoes are adorable to look at and you can even include their new Wee Snaps to dress them up even more!Navy Fisherman Sandal

We had the opportunity to try out the boys Navy Fisherman Sandal with red stitching. I have to admit while I was definitely interested in giving these a try because I figured worse case we’d have a cute pair of shoes after removing the squeaker. Well, from the moment they came in not only has my son {loved} them, everyone has. Okay, maybe they drive Daddy up the wall…but who cares! That makes mommy like them even more!
He wears these shoes everywhere! Everywhere they go we get a reaction too! It’s almost impossible to keep a straight face when you go out to eat or to the mall! Everyone around you is trying to figure out where the squeaking is coming from! Once they figure it out no one is annoyed! In fact I’ve had at least 40 people ask me where they came from so they too can go get a pair! The squeakers are kinda hard to remove without pinching the actual squeaker but I truly have no intentions of taking the squeaker out. We love these shoes! I’m sad they only go up to a size 9 because I would 100% buy these again! I guess they will make a great birthday gift or Christmas gift in the future! Luckily the sneaker styles are available in larger sizes!I also want to add the fact that the focus of the shoes is on the squeaker the quality of these shoes weren’t neglected! They are equal to (and better then some) I’ve reviewed in the past. So feel comfortable that if you decide you don’t like the squeaker you still have a great pair of shoes! Plus, when the others are priced around $40 a pair feel great knowing these are all $29.95!

Turquoise Girls Sandal with White Daisy

Wee Squeak Children’s Shoes are footwear that’s fun to wear! Comfortable and stylish, these little shoes are great for any season. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, these children’s shoes are a great gift idea as well as a way to help children learn to walk properly without even realizing they’re being taught. Traditional Mary Jane’s, along with a wide variety of boys sandals, children’s tennis shoes and girls sandals in several different colors and styles, Wee Squeak Shoes has a very diverse selection. We even have accessories to go with our “Wee Snap” shoes…clip on flowers to dress up the shoes, as well as Crystal Crown accessories in white or pink. These decorative additions to our Wee Snap line will put a sparkle in any girl’s eye when she sees them gracing her toes!

Wee Squeak shoes are designed for children and parents alike. Our shoes actually make a fun squeak sound as the child walks. A cushion in the heal squeezes air through a tiny nozzle making the squeak sound. For those occasions when the shoe needs to be silent, the squeaker can be removed very simply by an adult. Shoe sizes range from 3-12. We have a wide variety of shoes for boys and girls, and we have expanded our collection for Spring and Summer 2009.”



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