STEAMBOY™ T1 STEAM FLOOR MOP – Chemical Free Cleaning – Review and Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I recently discovered this amazing Steamboy™ T1 Steam Floor Mop by Reliable Corporation. I, truthfully hadn’t heard of Reliable Corporation before but was happy that I did! They don’t just sell steam mops, but they sell other amazing products like clothing steamers (that I have always secretly wanted), irons, jewelry steamers, they even have special ironing tables, sewing machines, and so much more!With their other products as well as their Steam Mops they have options for both home and professionals! I recently got to do a product review on their Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop. If you’re looking for an earth friendly, chemical-free way to clean your floors, this is for you!

When it came in it did have to be assembled but it was easy peasy. So easy in fact I had my 8 year old put it together for me. He quickly had it together.
Once you have the bottom attached you simply click the filter into the bottom of the front. To make sure this filter works great for years to come they made sure to equip this steam mop with a replaceable water filter. Now this filter is recommended to be replaced about every 6 months or so. It’s easy available for purchase on their website, and it’s only $9.95Once you have the filter in place, fill the water container with water, screw the cap back on and place it over the filter, do it quickly because it will drip a little. It has a large 3.3 cup capacity so you should be able to steam an entire room without having to refill it but should you need too simply pop it out and refill. Easy peasy still, right?

Once the water container is full and in place all you have to do is attach the Heavy Duty Microfiber Pad. Do not turn the machine upside down with water container in place, it will leak. Just lay it down softly (or temporarily remove container). Just simply place over bottom and pull the black cord tight. Tuck the cord and your done. Ready to go!You can order additional Heavy Duty Microfiber Pads should you want more or if yours need replacing. The steam mop will come with two of them.

Have carpets that need some cleaning? Don’t give up on your steam mop just yet! Simply attach the carpet glide and now you can clean and disinfect those too! The carpet glide will allow the microfiber mat to move around your carpet in an easy to use manner.
My overall opinion on this steam mop?
I love it, wanna know why? Not only is this mop super easy to use with its 180º swivel head and pointed mop head. But its so easy to use my 8 year old thinks its fun and often volunteers to do it for me! Seriously, how do you beat that? It does take a bit longer to dry but it also wets the floor more then my leading mop.
One important thing I really want to mention is I’m one of those people that really wants their bathroom and kitchen floors really clean so I thought I would vacuum, then mop with my regular mop, then go over it with the steam mop for the disinfecting part of it. Well, well…wouldn’t you know the amount of dirt my cleaning mop left behind! It was kinda gross to know that was how I was originally cleaning it for over the past year! Plus, when I did the same to my hardwood floors it removed the scummy overlay that allowed my hardwood floors to sparkle and shine once again!Want one?
You can buy one right now for $99 and FREE shipping right now directly from their site!

Wanna know some great news?
Reliable Corporations wants to show you how clean your floors can be to by offering one of my readers a Steamboy™ T1 Steam Floor Mop or their very own!!!



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