Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Morning around here just got a little better and, well, so did their school lunch dessert. I was looking for some inspiration for a bake sale friendly idea and when I stumbled upon this new cereal, Oreo O’s, at my local Shop-Rite. I knew what I wanted to make instantly- Oreo Squares. Of course, I grabbed a couple of boxes so I could hold up my title at home.

Oreo O's at Shop-Rite

Ingredients for Oreo Squares:

  • 7 Cups Oreo O’s cereal
  • 4 Tablespoons butter
  • 4 Cups mini marshmallows (10 oz. pkg.)
  • Pan spray
  • Wax paper (optional)

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Over low heat on stovetop melt butter in a pan, then add in marshmallows. Stir until fully melted. Sometimes I find it helpful to use the spoon I’m stirring with to squish and flatten to marshmallows. Once thoroughly mixed and melted add in Oreo O’s slowly. Mix well until all cereal is fully coated.

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Add cereal mixture to baking pan. If I’m making these for home, I make them in a 9×9 baker, but if I were making these for a crowd, I would use a 9×13 pan and make a thinner oreo square. You can use a buttered spoon, but I find it easiest to use a piece of wax paper over the top to flatten. Remove wax paper, let cool.

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Here is where coating the pan well is essential. If you do it right, you can flip them right over onto a cutting board. If they get stuck, just use a spatula to release them slowly. If they are sufficiently cooled, the Oreo Squares should retain their shape.

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Use a large serrated knife to cut into squares. Hide if not serving immediately. These are delicious and once discovered by little hands they tend to disappear.

Marshmallow Oreo Squares DessertMarshmallow Oreo Squares DessertMarshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Here’s a printable version of the Oreo Squares recipe:

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Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
  • 7 Cups Oreo O's cereal
  • 4 Tablespoons butter
  • 4 Cups mini marshmallows (10 oz. pkg.)
  • Pan spray
  • Wax paper (optional)
  1. Over low heat on stovetop melt butter in a pan, then add in marshmallows. Stir until fully melted.
  2. Add in Oreo O's slowly. Mix well until all cereal is fully coated.
  3. Add cereal mixture to baking pan.
  4. Use a piece of wax paper over the top to flatten. Remove wax paper, let cool.
  5. Remove from pan, cut with serrated knife.


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  1. http://Dandi%20D says

    These look so yummy and I know my whole family would enjoy them!

  2. says

    This looks sinfully wonderful. I’d love to try one.

  3. http://barbg says

    These are pretty messy looking but I would still love them anyway after seeing the ingredients. You cannot go wrong with butter and marshmallows! I tried the new Oreo candy bar yesterday & it is so awesome!

  4. http://Terri%20S says

    Oh, these look so yummy! The perfect after school snack! Thank you for sharing.

  5. http://rochelle%20haynes says

    Looking good and tasty love to try this

  6. http://Julie%20Waldron says

    These look sinful! They would be a delicious variation on regular Rice Krispie treats.

  7. http://Cynthia%20R says

    Great idea, for some reason I always just did rice krispies but I guess any cereal and marshmallows should work.

  8. says

    I made these too with this cereal! My kiddos went nuts for them!

  9. http://Julie%20Wood says

    We love Oreo O’s and this Marshmellow squares using this cereal looks so delicious. I will have to make this dessert with my daughter!

  10. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    I bet these are delicious. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. http://Kimberly%20Flickinger says

    This dessert sounds delicious, definitely going to make this, we love Oreos.

  12. http://vickie%20couturier says

    this looks so good my grandkids would totally love this

  13. http://ellen%20beck says

    I havent even seen the Oreo cereal yet! I am getting some for sure. I like making squares out of cereals so easy and so good.

  14. http://Sherrie%20Cruson says

    Yum! I didn’t even know Post made an Oreo cereal! Not sure how long a box of Oreo cereal would last at my house! Guess I would have to hide it if I wanted to make Oreo squares with my granddaughter 😉 Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  15. says

    These oreo squares look soo delicious.

  16. http://donna%20porter says

    This recipe sounds delicious. I will make during the holidays for the kids.

  17. http://barbg says

    Ok this is a silly question but; Is there any way to make these and not use marshmallows or marshmallow creme? I love both food products, but my son now does the shopping and refuses to buy me more than 1 bag a week. So I need an alternative method for making the cereal treats! Email me if you figure one out, much appreciated. 🙂

  18. http://Kymi says

    Oh my get in my belly! This looks so yumderful my whole family will eat it up! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  19. http://Jerry%20Marquardt says

    The Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert recipe looks astounding. I cannot wait to taste your special recipe. I thank you so much for the directions on this delicious treat.

  20. http://Jennifer%20Tilson says

    Wow, these look like they’d be a hit with my Oreo loving family! I can’t wait to make them!

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