DIY Mosaic Fall Vase {Easy Mod Podge Autumn Craft Tutorial} #FunCraftsWithMom



DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

I’m running a little late getting my house all decorated for fall but it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it. I’m not there yet because I’ve been trying really hard to declutter. Along with the decluttering I ended up with a box of glass I didn’t want any longer. I was about to donate them until I remembered an old craft I loved to do when I was younger and thought one of the boys would have fun making a pretty mosaic vase.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

To get started you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Glass Vase or Jar
  • Tissue Paper, cut or torn into small pieces
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

We cut our pieces of tissue paper into small squares. Since we cut them free hand they were all different sizes. If you want them to be the same size you can buy pre -cut or torn pieces. We find that paper punches aren’t useful as the paper is too thin and it can’t fully cut the shapes out.

Flip your container over and place your first piece of tissue paper on the glass. Then with your paint brush take a moderate amount of Mod Podge over it. Then take another piece and make sure it just slightly overlaps not showing any gaps in between. Then brush more Mod Podge over that piece.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

As you go over the edge don’t worry about using too much Mod Podge to keep the paper down. I promise you the mod podge will dry clear.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

Gavin really enjoyed doing this. Just make sure if your child is doing the craft that they don’t go over the same piece of tissue paper too many times because it will tear.


Keep going all the way down until you are about an inch from the bottom and then let it dry. It only takes a few hours. Once everyone was asleep I finished the neck part. We then left it to dry over night.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

When it’s fully dry it will look like this.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

When the sun hits it it’s just like stained glass! It’s so pretty!

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

You can see how we just brought the tissue paper just over the edge of the top and then stopped. This leaves the inside still perfect for use.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

You could put a candle inside or make it into a vase.

DIY Mosaic Fall Vase #FunCraftsWithMom #ModgePodge #HomeDecor #Craft #Diy

These would make a fun craft up upcycle old glass you no longer want or need or make them and give them as gifts! I know the grandparents would love a hand made gift like this from one of the boys!

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  1. Love it! What a fun project and a great way to recycle/reuse.

  2. I love this… so pretty & shiny :)

  3. Linda Tamayo says:

    I love !!! Great way to recycle, thanks for sharing !!! :)

  4. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This looks like a nice little project. I am not sure what modge podge is but I am going to look into doing this with my grandkids. Thank you for sharing

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