10 Items That Should Be On Every Registry {NUK Giveaway – 20 Winners!}

When we start trying to figure out everything that baby needs the list gets pretty long. The amount of products and the amount of selections are crazy now. When I first had Johnny my selection wasn’t big. With Sawyer I feel like the choices are endless. If you can think it, it’s out there.

1. Car Seat. This is probably the most important to get first. You need it to get home from the hospital. There are so many options so make sure you look over all of them.

2. Stroller. For some you might not use this right away but for others it will be essential. Personally, my needs of a stroller change over the years and the ages of my children. Start off with a stroller that will be most helpful for the first year. All strollers should last longer should you want to keep it versus replacing. Often times you can invest in a travel system which will take care of both your stroller and car seat. Many moms find the travel system incredibly useful the first year but bulky and big past then.

3. Baby Tub. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. Chances are you’ll never use them after the first bath anyways. Make sure you have something that provides a safe area and one that provides a pad for a newborn but removable for later when baby can support themselves better.

4. Diapering. Are you going to do cloth or disposable? Cloth can be overwhelming at first but if you’re interested in it there are some great blogs out there with lots of information to make it easier. If you go with disposables that’s okay too, I’ve never tried cloth myself.

5. Clothing. You can tell new moms not to go crazy on the clothes but it won’t stop them from over buying. Pick out the outfits you’d love in NB and 0-3 sizes for your registry. When you shop buy 6+ months so when the surplus of gifted clothing ends you still have lots of cute clothing on hand.

Carters store spring girls selection 2013

6. Bedding/Decor. There are so many choices out there now the selections are endless. Do you want a theme, pattern, or print that is followed throughout? When you see the right one you’ll know it.

7. Baby Gear. There are so many styles and choices this could be the most overwhelming part. Stick to the basics. Find a highchair, swing, entertainer and playard that you like best and fits your needs. Keep in mind how much space you have and the fabrics used. You’ll want to be able to clean them easily. Pay attention to the small details. They are often the ones that will make the biggest differences. Can it plug in? Does it run on batteries? Does it have wheels? Fold up easily?

8. Feeding Items. Bottles are generally an obvious one but make sure to include all your first year feeding items too. Don’t forget things like teethers and a good orthodontic pacifier.

NUK Advanced AirShield™ Orthodontic Pacifier

9. Toys. Your baby will be aware of the outside world sooner then you can imagine. Find a great playmat with a toy bar and some rattles are a great start but you’ll also want things like an activity table, board books, and ride on toys. They’ll be playing before you know it!

10. Diaper Bag. This bag will be your lifeline. Make sure it’s big enough to put everything you need in it. My diaper bag can sometimes double as my purse too. As a result I have two. I have a smaller one that I can grab that stays packed at all times. It’s the one I hand out to family if they watch him, without handing out all my personal stuff too.

nuk Collage

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What’s is on your must have baby registry list? NUK® wants to know your must have registry items and have offered twenty (20) Advanced AirShield™ Orthodontic Pacifier packs to those that share.

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  1. Be sensible when doing a baby registry! Do NOT go crazy and register for everything and anything. As fun as it is, only register for things you know you will actually use 🙂

  2. Curtis says:

    If you can decide go with a gift card.

  3. Melissa says:

    NoseFrida. People don’t believe me when I say that it’s amazing, but it has been absolutely indispensable in my household.

  4. Jennifer K. C. says:

    My best registry tip is to registry for a variety of price points. Also don’t tell people things like ‘Don’t get me anything unless it is on my registry” I have heard mothers say that more than once :/

  5. megan says:

    Register for things you’ll need through out the first year, not just when the baby is born. ex: teething toys

  6. Kelly says:

    Put practical stuff on your registry, things you know you will use.

  7. Claudia Matei says:

    Diapers are my must haves!!! One can never have too many diapers

  8. Jenette says:

    Register for what you really need, be practical and also remember to register for those higher priced items like monitors and cribs.

  9. Oh man, this brought me back to when I was registering for my son when I was first pregnant. My husband and I were kind of clueless and eight years ago, there wasn’t as much information (like this list) available to help us.

  10. bonnye sensenig says:

    consider cloth diapers- and if you are thinking about them- register for them! I ended up with a lot of disposables I had no use for!

  11. Mommas Bacon says:

    Get an experienced mommy friend to look over your registry for suggestions!

  12. Janine says:

    nosefrida, a rock n play sleeper, diaper cream, and have an experienced mom look over your registry!

  13. Jenn Fields says:

    Register for diapers and wipes! You can never have too many. Don’t register for too many clothes…people will get those for you anyways.

  14. Pat R says:

    Remember that you don’t need the most expensive items. You can get quality items without breaking the bank.

  15. Emily says:

    My advice is to register for a wide range of items in value. I think sometimes parents think that small/cheap items like individual outfits or bags of diapers are so cheap that they can just buy them for themselves so there isn’t a need to register for them but twice in the last few months I’ve been looking to buy a gift from a registry and the cheapest item listed was $45 or more. At 21, I just don’t have the $ laying around to spend $50 on an extended family members baby. I’d rather see parents list the smaller items like clothes, diapers or packs of bottles so that I can get them something in my price range, and then take the money they would have spend on all the smaller items combined to buy themselves one of the larger items that they need.

  16. nicole copeland says:

    Never had one we did and book and diaper baby shower where we asked for a pack of diapers and fav book

  17. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Add anything and everything to your registry. Sometimes I want to send something small just to acknowledge the event. Sometimes I am looking to gather a lot of small items to add to a basket. Sometimes several of us put money together to buy a large gift. Just know that you are not likely to get everything, but most of what you get will be things you like.

  18. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    My best registry tip is to not put tons of clothes on it- people buy those anyways and don’t always get what you put on there. I think the basics and things like blankets, towels, washclothes etc are more practical.

  19. Katherine Dixon says:

    Know you wont get everything on your list. Add a few things that are in every price range so everyone shopping for you can get something you want!

  20. Darlene Owen says:

    Don’t just think of the immediate, plan for when the baby is a little older too.

  21. Nancy says:

    Do research, and ask experienced parents what is really needed and necessary.

  22. Heather Holston says:

    Try to keep your registry at a minimum. Stock up over months on essentials like diapers/wipes, etc before baby is born and put the “extra”s on the list 🙂

  23. Courtney says:

    my registry tip- I did an online registry and it was great for family members who live in other states, which is pretty much all of our family. They were able to buy a gift online and have it shipped directly to our house.

  24. Claire says:

    don’t just limit your items to things you’ll need for your newborn! That newborn will quickly become a toddler 🙂

  25. Christine W says:

    Register for diapers…I didn’t and always regretted it

  26. Katie S says:

    Swaddle blankets and sleepsacks make great gifts or registry items. Also, a baby monitor and a Boppy were some items on my registry that were the most useful to me! Oh, and white onesies in every size!!

  27. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Only put items on your registery that you really need that way you will be more likely to get the items you need.

    Don’t register for blankets or clothes – you will get lots of those items anyways…

  28. Colleen Maurina says:

    Don’t put clothes on your registry. I am a huge fan of children’s resale stores for clothes they grow out of so quickly!

  29. ashley o. says:

    Register for items only once. My sister got three diaper genie’s because she registered at target and babiesrus.
    Diapers are also never bad!

  30. stephanie hodges says:

    My tip is to think at least 6 months a head of baby items, even to a year. newborns grow fast and not in that stage long.

  31. clarissa says:

    register for a variety of priced items. It will give people the option of spending what they want and you still getting something you wanted

  32. give a good assortment of items and prices that way no one feels they have to spend a ton of money on your gift if they are not able to

  33. Register for diapers in larger sizes!

  34. Katy P says:

    Don’t register for clothing- everyone buys that anyway. Read reviews before registering for a product- make sure it will be a good one.

  35. Samantha says:

    My tip would be to register for items you truly want, on one registry. I get confused when people are registered at multiple places with multiple versions of the same item.

  36. Theresa J says:

    My tip would be to add all the pratical items

  37. Don’t register for too many ‘little’ items because baby grows faster than you think!!

  38. Vanessa Coker says:

    Don’t register for diapers! You may not know what brand/type will fit best or be better on your baby’s skin.

  39. Jenn McClearn says:

    make sure you include diapers and wipes things you will need not just want 🙂

  40. Darlene Owen says:

    Don’t just choose what you need now, think about what you will need 6 months from now. Larger sizes, jumpers etc.

  41. Jamie Knupp says:

    register for the next few sizes (especially diapers), babies grow fast!

  42. Andrea says:

    Do lots of research ahead of time. Ask other moms what worked and didn’t work. Other moms are the best resource for what products are most useful and which are just gimmicks!

  43. My advice is to do research and know basically what you want to look at before you get there. Ask what other people like and don’t like. The best thing is to have a knowledgeable family member or friend who is a parent that will help you.

  44. AmandaSue says:

    Look up product reviews online!

  45. mirm says:

    Get quality products especially if you plan to have additional babies!

  46. Jessica Snow says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  47. If this is your first child make sure to choose gender neutral colors for the big items….that way you can use them again for the second, third …. child etc.

  48. nannypanpan says:

    register for stuff they can grow into..older baby toys, larger size clothes…they grow so fast

  49. Elisabeth says:

    My tip would be to do some of the registering online so you aren’t stuck in the store for hours!

  50. Kim says:

    zap big stuff- u can get a discount later!!

  51. Janelle says:

    I live in a town with limited shopping so find a registrars that is on line.

  52. Jennifer Keeton says:

    I tell young moms not to buy too much ahead if time and not to put onesies and tee in the registry. You can always find them on sale if you don’t get enough but people always throw them in cart last minute with even checking list……..you get plenty.

  53. Nicole Larsen says:

    Put a range of things on your list–from little $10 items to bigger, more expensive items

  54. Molly Bussler says:

    I like going to the store or stores and looking at everything, writing down on a note pad, what I wanted and needed. I also registered at more than one store and online, to give people variety.

  55. nicole says:

    don’t bring any one but the dad! It’s not a party and you’ll just get distracted.

  56. Laila says:

    register everywhere- even if you don’t share that registy with people. you get a discount on all of your items

  57. Jan Lee says:

    I would register at as many places as possible, even online 🙂

  58. Candace says:

    I love the fact that you can add lots of stuff while in the store and then edit and change your registry from the comfort of your home if you want to add or delete stuff later!

  59. Arthur C. says:

    Make a list before you register.

  60. Register online. Its so much easier on you than standing in the store for ages. Put a wide variety of price range products on there also.

  61. Rachel Pride says:

    Register for diapers!

  62. Giveaways 4 Mom says:

    Put everything that you need on the registry so you can get as much of your baby items as possible at your baby shower.

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