{Wordless Wednesday} Birthday Cupcakes Muffins!


This past weekend was my husbands birthday and the kids made to celebrate. My husbands favorite color just happens to be green so we made them St. Patty’s themed. IMG_8688

They worked so hard! They wanted special two toned cupcakes so they took even longer. (giveaway coming)


Johnny even made the frosting from scratch and Gavin even grabbed a bag and frosted his own!


I think they did a great job. (*not all cupcakes were photo pretty but all were tummy yummy)

Emerald Green Jeweled Cupcakes #stpattysday

Daddy had some yummy cupcakes to come home too.

Two Toned Emerald Jeweled Cupcakes


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  1. They not only look beautiful, but yummy, too! How sweet of you to make them for your hubby :)

  2. They look wonderful! I know when my daughter helps, the cupcakes are not too pretty, tasty but not pretty!

  3. They look beautiful and yummy, how sweet of the kids to make their dad a treat! My mom’s birthday was over the weekend too!

  4. Those look awesome!! I bet they tasted yummy too.

  5. The cupcakes look delicious! Love the color! :)

  6. They did come out great and I like the two-tone!

  7. Very cute!

  8. What a great and simple idea. I gotta try this

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