Turning Photos into Canvas Prints! Mod Podge Tutorial



Are you like me and have 4358437534895433530 projects tucked away on Pinterest telling yourself that one day you’ll do that?

I keep seeing all the project ideas where they turn their photos into canvas prints and said I wanna do that!!! Well, I finally did one! I was talking about it on facebook and you guys were all so interested I thought I’d share how I did it.

Turning Photos into Canvas Prints! Modge Podge #Tutorial #MomSpotted

I went to Michael’s Crafts and bought this pack of 8×10 canvases for pretty cheap. I plan on making a mural with all different sizes and have a few projects over the summer these will be handy in.

I also grabbed a small tube of black paint and a foam paint brush.


I forgot to get something to put paint in but just grabbed a lid the boys lost the container too.

Hubby insisted spray paint would do a better job and did one his way.

At first he rested in on a can. He put mine on one too. Those rings did luckily come out.

In the end I finished this project with the one I did with the paint but they both worked. Gave each one a bit of a different edge. The spray paint kept the canvas texture better but make sure to get in the canvas corner folds.

Next, grab some Matte Mod Podge and use it as your glue to attach the photo to the canvas. Don’t be skimpy.

Here’s where I changed the rules. It said to let fully dry but I was getting impatient so I just did this all at the same time. Coat the entire project over once you have it positioned where you want it.

 See mine below. I used a lot and it was white. It’s okay. It will dry clear.

See :) You can see the texture the mod podge left but the photo is all now one piece.

Then hang on the wall.

Doesn’t it look great? You could do all 10 of these for $20! I can’t wait to finish the rest of them. I just need to figure out what to make the big center photo at 16×20. Any ideas?

Materials Used:

8×10 Canvas
Mod Podge
8×10 Photo Printed,
I often use Shutterfly (Get FREE Prints just for signing up!)

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  1. i love this! found you via stumbleupon


  2. Were all your pictures ones that were done at a place that processes pictures or did you print any off yourself and use them for this project on photo paper using a 3 in one printer , not a special photo printer, but on photo paper ?

    I am just curious if it can be totally done at home the printing of picture on a normal 100.00 printer rather than from a photo processed photo or on a photo printer.

    • Hi. I know of some people who have printed from their printer on standard printer paper and photo paper and they have come out great. I personally am getting matte prints done at Walmart. They have amazing pricing on photos and even with poster sizes like 11×14, you can get them the same day!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Mine were printed at CVS but I really don’t think it would make a difference :)

  4. Jessica says:

    Love, love, LOVE this! I’m planning to take photo prints of Hipstagram photos I’ve taken of the beach and make a huge, 16 x 20 collage. Thank you for this!

  5. Jessica says:

    I definitely said Hipstagram. I meant Hipstamatic. Whoops! :)

  6. I really want to try this…do you think colored photos would look ok? Your b&w looks awesome!

  7. such an awesome idea! and easy too! i think i’ll make this as a gift for the next baby :)

  8. Wow…that turned out beautifully! I am so excited to be going to Michaels crafts today to get my supplies, especially because there is a sale! Your page here is so helpful and I am so excited to get started. I ordered matte photos. Do you feel matte is better or is glossy better? I am thinking matte, especially if using matte mod podge. Walmart is an excellent place to get photos as they are inexpensive and great quality. I paid about $12.50 for 2 (11×14) and I would have paid $20 with Walgreens or CVS. Wish me luck!

  9. Erica B. says:

    Beautiful picture! Sorry no ideas for a 16×20 at the moment. O and what is it with husbands and spraypaint? LOL :)

  10. I have done a few of these and always get bubbles that come up and ruin the project!!! I apply the Modge Podge to the canvas and then position the paper on, then smooth it all out, THEN it starts bubbling up…what am I doing wrong?? Any advice??

  11. I have also done this canvas project but instead of Modge Podge I used white(it has to be white)wood glue. Spread an even coat onto the canvas positioned the picture on top. To eliminate bubbles I flipped the canvas over and used a small plastic scraper to smooth. It worked perfectly the scraper can fit under the wood frame so you can get a nice smooth surface. No bubbles Then I coated the top of the photo with a sponge rolled so it dried looking like canvas. As for the spray paint I just used acrylic paint and painted the edge and a bit around the top Just to give it a finished look. I did not have any problem understanding your tutorial. Thank you for your post

  12. I love this idea! It’s such a great way to display pictures!



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