Thursday 13 – Getting Traffic to your Blog and keeping it!

13 Things to help get traffic to your blog:1. Entrecard. Not to mention the countless amazing blogs I have found because of it! If this is something that interests you I wrote out a step by step way to do it HERE, feel free to link my directions if you want on your own blog. 2. Firefox This may not get you traffic but many blogs load faster and easier on it. If you use IE instead of Firefox I … [Read more...]

Thursday 13 – Favorite Blogs – Giving some love!

13 Blogs I like to Read:1. Strong Not So Silent Type2. The Pink Potpourri3. Boogers, Screams, Headaches, & Dreams4. Jolly Mom5. The Coupon Coup6. Go Graham Go7. My Charmed Life8. The Mom Buzz9. Two of a Kind...Working on a Full House10. My Home - My Life11. The Berry Patch12. The Mud Bug13. Thoughts of Creativity Bubbling Over( these are in no particular order)I have one more favorite, but she … [Read more...]

Thursday 13 – Recipes!

This week I thought I would share 13 recipes with you! Just click the link and they'll bring to one of my favorite recipe sites. If you like them to save them into your very own personal recipe box on!1. Parmesan, Chicken & Broccoli Pasta 2. Italian Stuffed Green Peppers 3. Bruschetta Chicken Skillet 4. Au Gratin Potatoes 5. Strawberry Kiwi-tini's 6. Banana Split Cake 7. … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen- 13 Interesting facts about me

13 Interesting facts about me: 1. I have 2 different colored eyes-one brown one greenish blue. When I was younger the kids would make a huge thing of it and feel the need to swarm around me. I don't know how I'm not claustrophobic. 2. I went to a different school every year (sometimes 2 schools in one year) but when I got to high school I stayed put for 4 years. 3. I have been with my husband … [Read more...]