The Sharper Image Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Speaker Pair and Dock Review & Giveaway!

When I first got my iPod touch a few years ago I used it mainly for email and checking a few online sites. I wasn't really aware of all it was capable of and all of the devices that you could use with it. Then just before Christmas I was lucky enough to get the latest version of the iPod touch and the iPod nano as well. The nano encouraged me to start using iTunes and downloading all my CD … [Read more...]

The Sharper Image® In-Home Professional Garment Steamer – Review!

The Sharper Image produces so many unique, innovative, and fun gift ideas. I could go on and on about the many gifts I know I would love to receive from their site. One thing I have wanted for years is their The Sharper Image® In-Home Professional Garment Steamer!Start by completely un-wrinkling and refreshing your seasonal wardrobe after unearthing it from the back of your closet, and hanging … [Read more...]