WINNER: Nine Giveaways have ended! Did you win one? Sport-brella and 8 Etsy Bash!

So there are quite a few giveaways ending. Here are all them up until now :)I have some really good ones coming up! Plus, I've been contacted by some really great sponsors for some that are still on their way to me! Make sure you receive my daily emails so that you never miss a post....or miss a contest you entered!With 104 entries the winning number for the Nimi Jewelry giveaway was:JennTRC … [Read more...]

Etsy 4th of July Bash: Presenting KimberlyRose Photography Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Presenting KimberlyRose Photography Seclusion - 8x12... Digital Art PrintWho are you? My name is Kimberly Turley, I'm originally from Ohio, but now live in San Diego, CA... and I've been taking photographs for as long as I can remember! I create my images to be viewed as I see them, in my imagination... so basically when viewing my images your getting a strange glimpse as to what goes on in my … [Read more...]