Credit Monitoring Is Not Proactive Identity Theft Protection #LifeLocksafety

Since my family and I just recently moved to a new state we are looking to buy a home.  It has been so stressful moving our little family and now are finding somewhere new to live.  When we find a new home one thing I don't have to stress about is our credit score.  My husband and I are really on top of making our payments on time, not having high credit card balances, and keeping an eye on our … [Read more...]

Your Credit Identity is Important! #LifeLockProtect

It can happen so easily. You toss a piece of important mail, enter your card on a bad website, or even something as easy as swiping your card at your favorite store now a days. If you aren't paying attention to your credit identity also known to most as your credit score is incredibly important. Your credit score depends upon how responsible you are with your debt. Do you keep high balances? Make … [Read more...]

$130 Fellowes PS-12Cs 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder Review & Giveaway! Keep Security In Mind!

Harry Fellowes founded the company in 1917 with the now famous Bankers Box® records storage boxes. As the workspace evolved so did Fellowes, expanding into new categories, such as technology accessories, and introducing innovative products, including the first personal shredder. From our founding in Chicago, Illinois, we have expanded over the years into … [Read more...]