Look Your Best This Holiday Season! Fantasy Jewelry Box! Review & Gift Card Giveaway!

Around the holidays I find myself dressing up more then I normally do. See even when I work my office is a jeans and tee kinda place I do wear jewelry everyday. However, around the holidays I love a bit more sparkle and pizazz. Since I don't wear as much sparkle year round I definitely don't want to break the bank on the items but I don't want the jewelry to look cheap. So of course I look to … [Read more...]

Fantasy Jewelry Box – Becky’s Matte Gold CZ Circle Drop Earrings {Review & Gift Card Giveaway}

It's no surprise that I'm here to tell you about Fantasy Jewelry Box. I love them! Love, love, love them! I have turned down several other companies because I love working with this company. They haven't told me I can't work with other companies but I feel to show you how awesome this company is it wouldn't make sense for me to go elsewhere. Whatever you need is they can cover you...without … [Read more...]

Fantasy Jewelry Box – Charity’s Gold Canary CZ Hoop Earrings Review & Gift Card Giveaway!

Last year I was hopping around blogs and discovered a company called Fantasy Jewelry Box. I immediately fell in love. They had pages after pages of choices and selections of amazing jewelry that was reasonably priced priced! They sell fine imitation diamond and fashion jewelry that is both hot and in the moment and classic and elegant all together. If you're in need of a certain piece for a … [Read more...]

Fantasy Jewelry Box – Affordable Matching Sets for Expensive Tastes – Review & Giveaway!

You already know I'm a huge fan of Fantasy Jewelry Box. It's pretty much the only jewelry I wear other then my wedding rings. They just have such a huge selection of jewelry. I'm talking pages and pages of it. Whatever the outfit, whatever the plans you are sure to find exactly what you were looking for. You'll probably also find ten more things you can't be without as well. They have the classic … [Read more...]

Fantasy Jewelry Box – Affordable Bracelets for Expensive Tastes – Review!

I am so excited to tell you that over the next few months I will be sharing different pieces of jewelry with you from Fantasy Jewelry Box. I introduced you to the company with my favorite pair of earrings! The Betsy Silver CZ Hoop Earrings!Fantasy Jewelry Box has a vast selection of all different fashionable pieces of jewelry. All pieces are amazing quality and look like you've spent way more then … [Read more...]

Fantasy Jewelry Box – Affordable Jewelry for Expensive Tastes – Review & Giveaway! {Ended}

A couple weeks ago when I was blog hopping for great giveaways to tell you about I stumbled up a giveaway for this stunning Necklace Set. It was called the Dorian's Faux Black Pearl Cluster Necklace Set and I loved it instantly. I quickly jumped over to the website called Fantasy Jewelry Box and got lost in all the jewelry they offered.Fantasy Jewelry Box is a website that sells affordable jewelry … [Read more...]