Chili’s Margarita Madness $20 Gift Card Review & Giveaway!

When it comes to going out to eat our first pick is always Chili's Bar & Grill! It's not only a great place for the Hubby and I to get ou and enjoy a great date night dinner but it's also a family friendly restaurant to bring your kids too! Right now Chili's is even celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some great appetizer specials now until May 5th! Right now Chili's has a great promotion going … [Read more...]

Chili’s Restaurant {Grill & Bar} $20 Dinner for 2 – $20 Chili’s Gift Card Giveawayt

Chili's Restaurant is one of our families favorite restaurants. It's close by, great food, and good deals. Especially when it comes to their new menu. They have a deal right now for $20! You're thinking how can $20 get me a great deal right? Well, for a limited time $20 will get you an appetizer and 2 meals! Having an opportunity to go out with just the Hubs this weekend was a great chance for us … [Read more...]

Chili’s Restaurant {Grill & Bar} Shout Out to Eat Out

What restaurant is so good that a single picture of a pepper makes your stomach growl and your taste buds pucker? Chili's Bar & Grill! That's Who!With reasonably priced menu choices and delicious meals for everyone in the family it's an obvious choice on your night off!To say I was ecstatic to receive a $50 Gift Certificate to a restaurant my family already calls a favorite is putting it … [Read more...]