Make Your Projects & Crafts POP with Pentel Pens! {& Giveaway!}

My family has had such a great summer! Lots of swimming, adventures, BBQ’s, and late nights. Both of my kids also really love art and crafting projects. Pentel recently released some new pens that have been so much fun for our crafting projects called Pentel POP. The three new lines of pens are called: Sparkle Pop, Milky Pop, and Solar Pop. We have had so much fun with these pens this summer! Not only are they great for everyday use in my planner and jotting down notes, but my kids are obsessed with them. Pentel Pop pens are so unique, write smoothly and are some of my favorite pens I have ever used.

My kids love to go to the library and check out new books. To help carry all of our favorite books we decided to make our own personalized library totes with our Pentel Pop pens. We used cookie cutters and stencils to trace shapes. My kids colored and doodled all afternoon. Each pen is so unique and adds so much personality to their totes.

Sparkle Pop pens are so pretty and add a shimmer of color to all of your projects. They have new innovative, reflective, and sparkling iridescent ink that is ultra-glittery. My glitter obsessed five-year-old little girl asks to use them every day! They are so sparkly. The color also looks different on white paper or black paper, so it is like 2 colors in 1!

Milky Pop pentel pens are so nostalgic for me. I loved milky ink pens when I was a kid. The pastel ink colors really stand out and bring so much personality to a page. They especially look amazing on dark colored paper. The pastel ink is so vivid and really pops. They are great for invitations, greeting cards, drawing, and more.

Solar Pop pens are a pop of vibrant fluorescent neon color! They are so fun and my 9-year-old loves them because the unique ink glows brightly under a blacklight on white paper. We actually have a black light and my son has loved coloring with these pens in the dark. He likes making solar systems and galaxies with the pens.

These Pentel Pop Pens are so great for crafts, scrapbooking, note taking, doodling, gift cards, and more!

Right now (1) Mom Spotted reader has the opportunity to win (1) prize of $40 worth of assorted Pentel POP products.

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  1. http://Jenny%20Q. says

    My daughter would love these, she would use them to draw and write and for crafts.

  2. http://Jenny%20Fortner says

    I would use them on everything, especially in my journal! They would be great for the holidays!

  3. http://Melissa%20Storms says

    My 14 yo would love these pens for his sketch book. I would definitely give them to him, though I would love them for drawing too!

  4. http://Anne%20Hanson says

    We would make greeting cards with these fantastic pens!

  5. http://DEBIJOT says

    I would let my grandson use them for his drawings.

  6. http://Tharini says

    My toddler loves to color and we do different activities every single day. This will be great for it

  7. says

    We would use for scrapbooking, crafts and coloring!

  8. http://Cindy%20B says

    I’d use these for papercrafts.

  9. says

    I would give to my little niece she loves crafting she would love these

  10. http://vickie%20couturier says

    i have 15 grandkids so first id like a shirt with all the names written on it and then id like to have them help make gifts for their parents

  11. http://Lauren says

    I would use them in my planner.

  12. says

    I’m a graphic designer and stationary artist. I’d use them for my work!

  13. http://Terri%20McMillan says

    My family would use them in crafting.

  14. http://Darlene%20Owen says

    I would use these for scrapbooking.

  15. http://KV says

    I would use them in my planner.

  16. http://Julie%20Bickham says

    I would use them with my bullet journal.

  17. http://Janet%20W. says

    We would use them on my grandson’s projects!

  18. http://Vicki%20Wurgler says

    I would give these to my granddaughter – she would use it for her craft work

  19. http://sandra says

    i might use them to decorate gift tags

  20. http://bn100 says

    on lunch bags

  21. http://Audra%20O'Hara says

    I’d use these for scrapbooking. My daughter would draw her Minecraft pictures with them and use them for school.

  22. http://courtney%20b says

    my daughter would use them for back to school 🙂

    thanks! xoxoxo

  23. http://Amanda%20Payne says

    I would use them in my planner and to make greeting cards!!

  24. http://Mary%20Cloud says

    I would give them to my daughter to use for her art

  25. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    My daughter would use these for her drawings!

  26. http://Kristen%20J. says

    I would give them to my niece for school.

  27. http://sarah%20s says

    I would use them for arts & crafts, writing notes/lists.

  28. http://Kelly%20D says

    I would use these to create works of art, like pictures with the help of my daughter.

  29. http://Jennifer%20Tilson says

    I’d love to donate the pens to my kids’ school. I think they’d get lots of use there.

  30. http://Jeanna says

    My kids would use them for their projects in school throughout the year!

  31. http://Nannypanpan says

    We’d use them for our coloring pages

  32. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    These would be perfect for crafts and handmade cards.

  33. http://stephanie says

    i would give them to my daughter for her birthday!!

  34. http://Luna%20S says

    I think the tote bag idea is great.

  35. http://Jennifer%20Cervantes says

    My daughter would use it to make art projects.

  36. http://Randi%20Nemeroff says

    I draw and paint so I would use these to add a pop of color to my drawings or water color paintings! I’d also use them to make stuff for my niece and when she’s older let her play with them (she’s 6 but doesn’t use pens or pencils at the moment).

  37. http://jenny%20stratton says

    I would use them in my coloring and the tote bag is a really good idea.

  38. http://Audra says

    I would give these to my daughter to draw with

  39. http://Casey%20Garvey says

    I would love to use these on my adult coloring books

  40. http://Tandi%20Cortez says

    I would use these pens for my daughter’s science fair project! These are awesome! 🙂

  41. http://Michelle%20C says

    I would use these for doodling and share them with my kids!

  42. http://Rhonda%20Grisham says

    I would use them in cardmaking…and my 4 grandkids would put them to good use I’m sure!

  43. http://AEKZ2 says

    I would use these pens to make greeting cards.

  44. http://desiree says

    we dp a lot of craft

  45. http://Nicole says

    I would use them for doing crafts with my nieces!

  46. http://Marija says

    Would love to have these in the car, along with some notebooks for doodling!

  47. http://Angelica%20Dimeo says

    I would use them to write letters

  48. http://Sally%20Wilsey says

    I have a variety of things to use these pens with from coloring pages, cards, coloring crafts with my Granddaughter.

  49. http://Allyson%20Tice says

    i would use these to make cool cards!

  50. http://wen%20budro says

    My kids would love to use these for art and craft projects.

  51. says

    To make fun art drawings!

  52. http://Marilyn%20Nawara says

    We would use them for coloring, crafts and scrap booking.

  53. http://LeAnn%20Harbert says

    My granddaughter will use them for art class.

  54. http://Ro says

    My students would love to use them.

  55. http://Angela%20Saver says

    I would use these for my bullet journal and scrapbooking.

  56. http://Tamara%20Regan says

    I think I will let my kiddos design their own backpacks for school. I can buy plain backpacks and then each kiddo can make their own designs for a custom look.

  57. http://Jeremy%20McLaughlin says

    Would use for different arts and crafts.

  58. http://Leah%20Shumack says

    I would use them in my planner and I’m sure my daughter would use them in her school agenda too!

  59. http://Sherry%20fowler says

    I would use them to color in my adult coloring book that helps me relieve stress and calms me down

  60. http://Karen%20L says

    My 8yr old wants to make a tote just like you made. She loves the library and thought it was a fabulous idea. Plus we can use them for note books, postcards, crafts, and custom bookmarks 🙂

  61. http://samantha says

    I would use them like you did i hope to decorate! My niece is wanting to do her own stuff like that to! it will be a great experience to share.

  62. http://Laurie%20Nykaza says

    I would love these to write with in my scrapbooks

  63. http://Cassandra%20D says

    I can use these for the labels that I can make.

  64. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    What vibrant pens. These are perfect for kids and parents alike!

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