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Pregnancy is so amazing, and it is really a miracle what our bodies go through to get our perfect babies in our arms. I loved watching my body change and grow with each of my pregnancies. I especially love feeling my babies move, roll, and kick. My children are eight years old and four years old, but remembering them moving in my belly is still a feeling I cherish. After you finally have your new sweet baby, getting your body back postpartum can be a process.

After each of my babies, my postpartum recovery has been different. They have been hard in their own ways. With my first pregnancy, I was shocked with how many things no one told me about recovery! I had terrible pre-eclampsia with his pregnancy, so I sweat like crazy for weeks. I also had no idea how painful contractions would be while I was nursing. That feeling of your uterus trying to get back to its normal size can be excruciating. I also had terrible postpartum depression and anxiety. I knew I loved that little boy so much, but it was so hard to do basic day-to- day things. It was especially hard to take care of myself and get out of the house. I had awful anxiety and stress. I was so stressed about learning to be a mom, that my baby would get really sick, and that I would never get my body back.

I felt super prepared for my second baby and postpartum recovery. I had already done it once so I thought for sure it would be similar. I was so wrong. My little girl had terrible colic, and I have never been so tired in my life. I also didn’t have pre-eclampsia with her at all or postpartum depression afterward. I did, however, have an awful time moving around at all. I was so ridiculously sore after my cesarean section. My hair also fell out like crazy for weeks. The only thing that was the same in my two postpartum experiences was the stress and worry that I would never get my body back.

Even four years later I feel like there are still some ways I am trying to get my body back. I recently have really felt empowered to finally lose the last few pounds of my “baby weight”. I also know that a lot of women struggle with urinary incontinence. I now understand why my mom was never a fan of jumping on the trampoline with us. There is nothing worse than having to deal with side effects of an overactive bladder or leakage. An overactive bladder is a condition when you frequently have the feeling that you need to urinate. Sometimes urinary incontinence (bladder leakage) can also occur. Urinary incontinence is caused by a weak pelvic floor. During pregnancy, those pelvic floor muscles are stretched for nine months making them considerably weak. I tried to do regular Kegel exercises while I was pregnant, but being pregnant and getting older just takes its toll on the body. Kegel exercises are also sometimes called pelvic floor exercise. Unfortunately, according to the national institute of health 50% of women do Kegels incorrectly, and your pelvic floor will not get stronger if it is not exercised correctly.


Luckily there is InControl Medical that has both prescriptive and non-prescriptive medical devices to help with postpartum issues like bladder leakage. The ApexM for example actually cures female urinary incontinence! Finally, women can ditch the ugly pads and not just treat urinary incontinence but CURE it! The ApexM just takes 1o minutes twice a week for 12 weeks. It does your Kegel exercises for you, more efficiently. The ApexM forces muscle contractions to help build muscle in the pelvic wall. When the muscles of the pelvic wall are strong, it helps lead to better bladder control.

It is so great that the ApexM helps give women their bodies and their lives back! I can imagine it would be so stressful to always worry about living with incontinence. With the ApexM women can get the freedom they have lost with no surgery, no pills, and no side effects. It has been proven to work in medical trials, and thousands of women have found a wonderful cure! The ApexM is a new product and not available in stores, but you can find it through the InControl Medical website.

Finally get your postpartum body back and lose the stress of an overactive bladder and urinary incontinence by curing it with the ApexM. You can exercise, run, laugh, cough, sneeze, and enjoy life again without the stress of unwanted leakage.

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