Snuggle Up With Saranoni Blankets {& $50 Store Credit Giveaway!}

My family and I have lived in Colorado now just over a year. I don’t think I will ever get used to the weather here. Even though it is the beginning of May, we have had snow twice the past week! After over a foot of snow, there was lots of cold rain. Then the sun peeks through, and then more rain. It is so bizarre, but it makes for excellent snuggle weather. It has been fun to stay warm inside with my kids and to snuggle up together. Saranoni blankets are the perfect blankets to snuggle with and keep in every room of your home. They are so super ridiculously soft!

I have a Feather Home Throw, and it has already seen a lot of love. It is such a high quality and luxurious blanket. I have kept it on my bed, but my kids always seem to sneak it into their rooms. I am constantly catching them stealing it to watch movies on the couch or wrapped up in their rooms to play. My little Halli is the biggest blanket thief of the two. She loves our Saranoni blanket! It is so warm and is a great size to snuggle with both of my kids in.

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Saranoni has such a great selection of blankets; they have so many sizes in lots of adorable colors. The sizes include swaddle, mini, receiving, toddler-to-teen, home throws and extra large throws. So if you’re going to a baby shower, birthday party or a wedding a Saranoni would make an excellent gift. Their swaddle material is so darling and has so many cute muslin fabrics. All of the other Saranoni blanket fabrics also look so dreamy! I have my eye on this brand new Mudcloth Bamboni Home Throw next. I think it looks so fluffy and would be so perfect for summer.

All Saranoni blankets would look so beautiful in anyone’s home. They add a great pop of color, texture, and style. Saranoni blankets are also so easy to take care of and are machine washable. I have washed my Saranoni on gentle and cold, then laid it flat to dry. It was like brand new all over again and still just as perfectly soft.

Next time you are shopping for a birthday gift, housewarming present, or shower gift run over to Saranoni! Saranoni blankets are so beautiful and would be treasured by anyone you gave them too.

Right now (1) Mom Spotted reader has the opportunity to win (1) $50 Saranoni Store Credit!

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About Megan

Megan loves being a stay at home mom to a busy boy Hayden (8) and sweet girl Halli (4). She has been happily married to her ridiculously good looking husband for 9 years. She also enjoys blogging, trying new recipes to cook or bake, girls nights, fashion, and reading. You can also find her on twitter and instagram @megan.hamilton28


  1. http://Tiffany%20Greene%20Elliott says

    I would choose the NEW! Dove Wave Home Throw if i won! These throws looks so warm and cozy!

  2. http://Jeanna says

    I would choose the Lipstick Lush/Gray Lush Toddler to Teen!

  3. http://Kalani says

    We have a new nephew on the way! I’d get the New Nautical Blue for him w/ his name!
    Love Saranoni, thanks for the giveaway!!!

  4. http://Tee%20Anderson says

    I would choose the Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush Toddler to Teen. Thank you!

  5. http://Nancy%20Loring says

    My favorite throw is the Aqua Bamboni XL. I would love to get cozy with this on the couch while I watch tv.

  6. http://Kimberly%20Bauer says

    I would get the Umber Wave XL Throw

  7. http://Jennifer%20W says

    I would choose the Lilac Lush/Deer Satin Back mini blanket.

  8. http://Jennifer%20B says

    I would choose the Buff Swirl/Gingersnap​ Lush XL

  9. http://Darlene%20Owen says

    I love the Lipstick Lush/Raspberry Lush blanket.

  10. says

    I would choose the Lilac Lush Deer Stain mini blanket

  11. says

    I think the Lipstick Lush/Gray Lush Toddler to Teen is really nice. Thanks!

  12. http://Jeanna%20Massman says

    I like The Mudcloth Zamboni Home Throw.

  13. http://Vicki%20Wurgler says

    , Hot Pink Swirl/Charcoal Lush Toddler to Teen

  14. http://jeremy%20mclaughlin says

    Like the Lilac lush deer stain mini blanket

  15. http://DEBIJOT says

    I like the teal lush toddler to teen blanket.

  16. http://Jaque%20Richards says

    I would choose the Midnight Blue Wave XL Throw….maybe. 🙂 So many beautiful choices!

  17. http://Soha%20Molina says

    I like Snow Leopard Home Throw.

  18. http://rochelle%20haynes says

    I like this one Royal Lush/Gray Lush XL

  19. http://Marian says

    I like the Raspberry Lush receiving blanket with the floral border.

  20. http://Gladys says

    I would love to get the Teal Swirl XL one for our home.

  21. http://Peggy%20Nunn says

    I would like the Lipstick Lush/Raspberry Lush blanket.

  22. http://elizabeth%20miller says

    I really like the Feather Lush/Feather Lush XL. It looks so comfy and soft.

  23. http://Ashley%20C says

    I love the Dove Wave XL Throw!

  24. http://Lori%20Walker says

    I would choose the NEW! Midnight Blue Wave XL Throw.

  25. http://Julia%20Barnes says

    I like the Aqua Bamboni.

  26. http://Julie%20Bickham says

    I would pick the Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush Toddler to Teen blanket.

  27. http://Starla says

    So many pretty options. I would love the NEW! Midnight Blue Wave Home Throw!

  28. http://Leela says

    Charcoal Lush/Charcoal Lush XL.

  29. http://sarah%20s says

    I like the Charcoal Bamboni Toddler to Teen.

  30. http://Katrina%20Brockavich says

    I really like the Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush Toddler to Teen but I honestly don’t know what I would choose! There’s so many beautiful choices!

  31. http://heather%20s says

    I like chocolate xl throw

  32. http://Angela%20Williams says

    I like the Lipstick Lush/Raspberry Lush blanket.

  33. http://Maureen says

    I like the feather home throw. I am at a loss for which color I would pick. I think the Navy.

  34. http://Valerie%20Mabrey says

    Eggplant Lush/Charcoal Lush XL would be awesome and match my bedroom.

  35. says

    I would love the navy one.

  36. http://barbg says

    I would get the snow leopard xl throw. I was wanting an extra large blanket but they are 90.00 So I am glad they had a large one available for under the 50.

  37. http://Crissie%20Woolard says

    Oh my goodness. I love this blanket so much color really doesn’t matter but three of my favorites are lavender, Blue and gray. Thank you so much for such an amazing giveaway. Happy Mother’s Day to you also

  38. http://HilLesha says

    I’d choose the Spring Green Swirl/Gingersnap Lush Receiving Blanket.

  39. http://Brittney%20House says

    My favorite one would be the snow leopard home throw.

  40. http://Linda%20Kish says

    I would choose the Charcoal Lush/Charcoal Lush Toddler to Teen

  41. http://Marilyn%20Nawara says

    I would choose the Mudcloth Bamboni Home Throw — love this beautiful blanket.

  42. http://courtney%20hennagir says

    I would love to get the charcoal stripe home throw! Though honestly I would love them all!

  43. http://Anita%20Duvall says

    I really love the Coral Lush/Gray Lush XL

  44. http://sandra says

    I might choose the Charcoal Lush/Charcoal Lush

  45. http://Terri%20S. says

    I’d choose the Caribbean Blue Lush w/ Deer Satin Border blanket.

  46. http://Diane%20Hamel says

    I love the snow leopard….beautiful..

  47. http://Alicia%20H says

    Oh these look so comfy! I would want an extra large Mint Lush/Gray Lush!

  48. http://Billie%20R says

    There are so many to choose from. I pick the Gray Lush/Gray Feather Satin Back receiving blanket. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. http://laura%20bernard says

    I believe the grey lush!

  50. http://Melissa says

    Raspberry lush is amazing!!

  51. http://Kristen says

    I’d get the Gingersnap Bamboni.

  52. http://Denise%20Sachs says

    I like the Cherry Blossom Swirl/Orange Lush Receiving Blanket.

  53. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I’d get the Mist Lush/Caribbean Blue Lush Receiving blanket. Thanks.

  54. http://Paula%20Michele%20Hafner says

    I would love the Peony Paradise Bamboo Rayon Muslin for my granddaughter to be.

  55. http://Sarah%20Waynick says

    I would choose the Peach Bamboni blanket. I love the color and it looks SO cozy!

  56. http://courtney%20hennagir says

    I have to ask,where did you get that unicorn doll with the tutu? It is so cute!

  57. http://Kimmy%20Ripley says

    Caribbean Blue Lush/Gray Lush

  58. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i would choose the XL chocolate. this looks so nice.

  59. http://Nannypanpan says

    I like the ivory bamboni

  60. http://Erica%20B. says

    I like the gray stripe home throw.

  61. http://wen%20budro says

    I would choose the Candy Apple Lush/Charcoal Lush XL. I love roomy and colorful soft blankets.

  62. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    I’d let my daughter choose one but I hope she would choose either the Lilac Lush/Deer Satin Back or the Gray Lush/Navy Twinkle Star Satin Back.

  63. http://Michelle%20C says

    I like the Ivory Swirl/Gingersnap Lush Toddler to Teen blanket!

  64. http://Lisa%20V. says

    I like the Spring Green Lush/Spring Green Lush w/Satin Border Mini Blanket.

  65. http://Julie%20Hawkins says

    I like the personalized luxury throw

  66. http://Kobi%20Hensley says

    I really like the Gingersnap Bamboni. Great color

  67. http://Angie says

    I love the Grazing Gators Bamboo Rayon Muslin Blanket (for starters)

  68. http://Stephanie%20Liske says

    I would get the Charcoal Lush/Charcoal Lush Adult Throw Blanket.

  69. http://Elizabeth%20Brooks says

    I love the snow leopard

  70. http://allison says

    I definitely love the aqua bamboni XL. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  71. http://Patricia%20Wojnar%20Crowley says

    I would buy the Snow Leopard XL Throw!

  72. http://Jenny%20Scheldberg says

    The Nautical Blue Bamboni looks so comfy.

  73. http://LYN%20WILLIAMS says

    Hot Pink Swirl/Charcoal Lush XL

  74. http://S.%20Carter says

    I would choose the Charcoal Stripe XL Throw. It looks so soft and lush.

  75. http://Philip%20Lawrence says

    I would choose the Teal Swirl/Charcoal Plush one.

  76. http://Ed says

    Mint Home Throw would be my choice!

  77. http://Fiona%20N says

    I would love the Caribbean Blue Lush/Deer Satin Back
    Thank You for the chance!

  78. http://Janine%20Hwang says

    I like the Lilac Lush/Deer Satin Back mini blanket.!

  79. http://Sand says

    I like the Gray Stripe XL Throw.

  80. http://amanda%20whitley says

    i would love the Olive Swirl/Chocolate Lush Mini Blanket

  81. http://Trisha%20McKee says

    I love the Lipstick Lush/Raspberry Lush blanket..

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