Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month With Krusteaz & Giveaway

โ€œFor this post, I received free product and goodies from Krusteaz and T-Fal. All thoughts and reviews are my own.โ€

My family is always so busy during the week; between different school schedules, work schedules, homework, dance lessons, karate, cub scouts, and church activities it can be hard to sit down as a family at dinner. Dinner time is by far the most stressful part of the day for me. I am trying to help Hayden with his spelling words, while also entertaining Halli, and put a meal together. Thenย I have my fingers crossed they all eat dinner happily so we can rush off to the next thing. Since February is National Hot Breakfast Month, we have been celebrating it big time with Krusteaz.

My kids are always so excited when they find out we are having breakfast for dinner. They are both big breakfast eaters and even request breakfast for dinner for their birthdays. I love cooking with Krusteaz products. Krusteaz has so many yummy breakfast choices to choose from. Hayden loves having the buttermilk pancakes, Halli loves the blueberry pancakes, and everyone loves a hot waffle.

Krusteaz mixes are so easy to make and I always have everything I need in my pantry or fridge to make them. The Krusteaz pancake mixes only call for water making them a super easy breakfast for dinner night. I also love breakfast for dinner because everyone can get exactly what they want. I like having fresh fruit on the side to top our waffles or pancakes, and for a special treat sometimes we also use whipped cream.

Krusteaz has also helped me have some yummy snacks for my kids to have when they come home from school. The Krusteaz blueberry muffins are so delicious to have for breakfast, a snack, or to pair with a dinner. They are so easy to mix and come out perfect every time. My kids also really love the Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake. We are still in the middle of a freezing cold never ending winter, and Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake with hot chocolate makes the perfect snack to warm up with.

Breakfast for dinner is also one of my kid’s favorites because sometimes I let them help cook. Since Krusteaz only needs a few ingredients, breakfast for dinner is a great meal to cook all together and teach my kids basic cooking skills. Halli is great at mixing, and Hayden is starting to learn to use the stove. My favorite pan to cook pancakes on is from T-Fal. T-Fal is America’s favorite cookware and the inventor of non-stick fry pans.

T-Fal makes it a breeze for Hayden to help make pancakes because our pancakes always cook evenly and make it easy to flip our pancakes. In honor of Pancake Day, T-Fal is offering 15% off select non-stick cookware at Target and Target.com from February 27th-March 3rd! Stock up on some great pans perfect for pancake flipping and to cook all of your other meals.

Getting dinner has never been easier when we have a breakfast night. Everyone is so excited to have their favorite breakfast foods, and I love sitting around the table as a family talking about our day. We are excited to keep celebrating National Hot Breakfast Month the rest of February. I think breakfast may make it’s way to dinner once a week. Krusteaz helps make dinner time a little less stressful and a little more fun.

To celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month right now one(1) Mom Spotted reader has the opportunity to win (1) Breakfast Night Prize Pack which includes:

  • Two boxes of the following mixes: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Belgian Waffle Mix, Blueberry Pancake Mix, Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix, and Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix.
  • Fun kitchen items like a whisk, a tote bag, and pancake batter pens

To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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About Megan

Megan loves being a stay at home mom to a busy boy Hayden (8) and sweet girl Halli (4). She has been happily married to her ridiculously good looking husband for 9 years. She also enjoys blogging, trying new recipes to cook or bake, girls nights, fashion, and reading. You can also find her on twitter and instagram @megan.hamilton28


  1. http://Danielle says

    I love to make blueberry pancakes with bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns.

  2. http://Gladys says

    We love to have waffles when we make breakfast for dinner!

  3. http://Mary%20Beth%20Elderton says

    We liike to have sausage or bacon and eggs for dinner—pancakes would be a great addition.

  4. http://Melanie%20Montgomery says

    I love French toast for dinner

  5. says

    Pancakes and sausage of course

  6. http://Nici%20R says

    We make eggs, pancakes, bacon and toast!

  7. http://Linda says

    What is your favorite meal to make when you have breakfast for dinner? Usually, veggie/cheese omelettes,

  8. http://Anne%20Marie says

    French Toast – our favorite.

  9. http://Sandy%20Headtke says

    I make waffles and bacon. Something about that sweet and salty combo.

  10. says

    My favorite meal to make is breakfast, because no matter what I cook, I almost always include Krusteaz Honey Corn muffins. Sometimes, I don’t make anything else besides those muffins and coffee. Love Krusteaz Honey Corn Muffins!

  11. http://Elena says

    I like to make pancakes and bacon

  12. says

    Fried potatoes , bacon . fried eggs and toast !

  13. http://heather%20s says

    Scrambled eggs and bacon

  14. says

    I love Krusteaz mixes!! I LOVE the blueberry pancake mix as well as the buttermilk pancake mix! I can’t eat sweets in the morning so I have always made our pancakes for dinner! My kids always loved to have pancakes or waffles for dinner. I used to cater weddings and thats when I tried many if the Krusteaz products. I have always had a great result with their mixes!! Krusteaz makes a great product PERIOD!!

  15. http://Fleta%20Wright says

    We love everything Krusteaz that we have tasted but sometimes they are so hard to find. We held a Family breakfast with lots of family members and just couldn’t make enough pancakes, they were so good.

  16. http://jim%20erdelt says

    love Krusteaz

  17. http://Alexandra%20Hoffmann says

    Gluten free pancakes with chocolate chips or bananas inside!

  18. http://David says

    I like egg burritos. They require too much prep to make for breakfast, so dinner is the perfect time.

  19. http://Jenny%20Q. says

    My kids love pancakes, bacon and home fries.

  20. http://Jessica%20To says

    We like pancakes with sausage for dinner.

  21. http://Kristi%20Jaro says


  22. http://Jeana%20Murphy says

    My favorite breakfast is over medium eggs, hash browns, bacon, or sausage and french toast or waffles!!!

  23. http://Elaine%20Powell says

    We like biscuits/gravy, bacon, grits & eggs for dinner. We prefer to eat pancakes and waffles for Breakfast.

  24. http://shelly%20peterson says

    I like a ham and cheese omelet.

  25. http://DEBIJOT says

    We would have pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs.

  26. http://Marilyn%20Nawara says

    I like to make a big batch of French Toast with Bacon.

  27. http://crystal%20moyer says

    pancakes and bacon

  28. http://Janet%20Woodling says

    Our favorite breakfast for supper is scrambled eggs, pork sausage, gravy and biscuits.

  29. says

    We like omelets for breakfast for dinner.

  30. http://Stephanie%20Hodges says

    Eggs, bacon, over easy eggs and sometimes biscuits and gravy or cinnamon rolls.

  31. http://Soha%20Molina says


  32. http://Kelly%20Smith says

    My husband has been doing all of the cooking and cleaning since I had surgery last month. One of our favorite breakfast is for dinnner blueberry pancakes with over easy eggs and sausage or bacon…
    Thanks for your wonderful mixes…

  33. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    We make almost everything because we all like different breakfasts, so it’s usually omelets, sausage, bacon, pancakes and fruit.

  34. http://Rust says

    Breakfast for dinner is huge fluffy pancakes with honey.

  35. http://rachel%20grover says

    French toast or waffles ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. says

    Breakfast hash with a side of pancakes

  37. says

    love to make egg sandwiches and bacon

  38. http://Jackie says

    My favorite meal to make when having breakfast for dinner is pancakes, eggs and bacon.
    Thank you!

  39. http://Terri%20S. says

    I love to make Belgian waffles with maple syrup, sliced strawberries and whipped cream on top while when I make a breakfast for dinner.

  40. http://Melissa%20Storms says

    We love pancakes with blueberry compote made from the blueberries we froze over the summer months.

  41. http://sandra says

    French toast, sausage, and eggs

  42. http://Taylor%20Closet says

    We love making strawberry pancakes for dinner.

  43. http://Amy%20Reed says

    Egg sandwiches are on our dinner menu quite often.

  44. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    I make pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs.

  45. http://Cathy%20French says

    My favorite breakfast for dinner includes buttermilk pancakes, shredded hash browns and bacon.

  46. http://Tiffany%20Greene%20Elliott says

    When my husband or I fix breakfast for dinner, we usually cook pancakes,eggs or french toast with sausage! Really depends on what the kids want!

  47. http://Brenda%20Haines says

    Pancakes, eggs and bacon.

  48. http://Candice says

    We love to make waffles in the waffle iron.

  49. http://kelly%20tupick says

    My favorite meal to make would be French Toast.

  50. http://heather says

    We like to make it all when having breakfast for dinner – pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns!

  51. http://Brenda says

    Waffles with topped with cherry filling.

  52. http://Seyma%20Shabbir says

    I love eggs, pancakes and fruits.

  53. http://Audrey%20Stewart says

    Pancakes are my favorite breakfast to dinner food. Sausage or bacon with that.

  54. http://Michelle says

    Our family loves pancakes for dinner.

  55. http://Pamela says

    We love to have pancakes and sausage for dinner.

  56. http://Betty says

    Krusteaz Waffles with blueberries and bacon. Yum, yum!!

  57. http://Darlene%20Owen says

    My favorite breakfast for dinner is an omelette.

  58. http://Nancy says

    For breakfast for dinner meals, we like scrambled eggs, bacon, and muffins or pancakes.

  59. http://Dewayne%20Bradshaw says

    We like bacon, eggs and pancakes. We have biscuits and gravy sometimes too.

  60. http://Michelle%20S says

    We do chocolate chip pancakes and bacon but son will do egg burritos instead.

  61. http://Mita says

    We like pancakes

  62. http://Jeanna says

    Bacon and eggs on a bagel with homefries is my favorite!

  63. http://Vicki%20Wurgler says

    I would make french toast and sausage

  64. http://rebeka%20deleon says

    I like eating breakfast sandwiches usually when I eat it for dinner. I love sausage and cheese on an english muffin or peanut butter, bananas and chia seeds on an english muffin.

  65. http://Jennifer%20W says

    Waffles and bacon

  66. http://Carol%20W says

    I like to make french toast for dinner. thank you

  67. http://Gwendolyn%20Jordan says

    Country Ham and eggs

  68. http://Colleen%20Maurina says

    My favorite breakfast for dinner is pancakes, eggs, bacon and some type of fruit. We love to have breakfast for dinner!

  69. http://Karen%20R says

    I must confess that we have cereal for dinner, sometimes, when I’m short on ideas or time.

  70. http://Mary%20Cloud says

    We normally have eggs, bacon, grits and biscuits

  71. http://jeremy%20mclaughlin says

    Like to make french toast.

  72. http://sarah%20s says

    I like scrambled eggs with cheese on the savory side and pancakes or french toast when I want something on the sweeter side.

  73. http://Michele%20Cupp says

    Chicken and waffles is a fave in our home.

  74. says

    We love breakfast for dinner around here. I’d have to go with either our Finnish Oven Pancake or Blueberry Waffles as my fave.

  75. http://rochelle%20haynes says

    We like to make bacon and eggs

  76. says

    Pancakes, sausage and eggs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. http://Charlene%20S. says

    My favorite is bacon, pancakes and scrambled eggs.

  78. http://Angela%20Ingles says

    We like it all – pancakes, waffles, omelettes, quiche, muffins . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. http://Meg%20M. says

    French toast or chocolate banana pancakes!

  80. http://Melissa says

    I like making bacon and omelets for dinner

  81. says

    Pancakes covered with strawberries and fresh whipped cream and BACON on the side!

  82. http://Matthew%20Brazee says

    Omelettes, bacon, sausage, hash,pancakes, home fries the works.

  83. http://KV says

    I like waffles & bacon.

  84. http://Jennifer%20Cervantes says

    I like to make breakfast burritos when making breakfast for dinner.

  85. http://Geoff says

    I like pancakes and sausage for dinner

  86. says

    I love having french toast with peanut butter and syrup. But any breakfast food is good all day long!

  87. http://Geri%20Sandoval says

    Eggs, potatoes, bacon, green chile because we live in New Mexico can’t have breakfast without it and pancake for dessert.

  88. http://barbg says

    I go big. I like to have chipped beef country gravy, scrambled eggs and biscuits. Really filling and stick to your ribs.

  89. http://Vera%20K says

    Last night we had oatmeal – it was delicious!

  90. http://Heather%20Dawn says

    I usually mix together eggs, sweet potatoes, sausage, veggies and chia seeds.

  91. http://Heather%20Hayes%20Panjon says

    Pancakes, Eggs And Sausage Links Is My Favorite.

  92. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I like to have muffins, bacon strips, omelettes, and orange juice. Thanks.

  93. http://Essence%20nuckolls says

    I love to make pancakes and sausage for breakfast for dinner

  94. http://Laurajj says

    Oh we love having pancakes with sausage and bacon for dinner!

  95. http://LaTanya says

    french toast and bacon

  96. http://Tina%20W says

    I love pancakes with sausage and over-easy eggs.

  97. http://Natalie%20Hartmann says

    Pancakes and sausage

  98. says

    I like to make omelets.

  99. http://Patricia%20Wojnar%20Crowley says

    My go to is usually French Toast!

  100. http://Kristen says

    I like to make sourdough french toast and bacon.

  101. http://darci%20paice says

    Waffles and scrambled eggs!

  102. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    We like Belgium waffles with eggs and bacon!

  103. http://Ann%20Fantom says

    I like to make waffles when I make breakfast for dinner

  104. http://kelly%20g says

    Scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon.

  105. http://Donna%20Cheatle says

    We like to have pancakes and bacon and eggs for supper. It’s always a big hit!

  106. http://Renee%20G says

    I like scrambled eggs and hash browns.

  107. http://Linda%20Kish says

    We have waffles for dinner sometimes.

  108. http://Sandra%20S says

    Ham Omelets and waffes

  109. http://Ellie%20Wright says

    Biscuits with sausage gravy.

  110. http://chris%20v says

    bacon eggs and blueberry pancakes

  111. http://Tari%20Lawson says

    I like waffles with some sore of meat when I make breakfast for dinner.

  112. http://Ashley%20C says

    We love to have pancakes, bacon and omelets!

  113. http://Amy%20Pratt says

    We make pancakes, with bacon and eggs.

  114. http://Cheryl%20B says

    I like to make French toast, eggs, hash browns, and bacon.

  115. http://Katy%20P says

    I like to make waffles or Swedish pancakes!

  116. http://Michelle%20C says

    I love having waffles and fresh fruit!

  117. http://Donna%20Clifford says

    Bacon and eggs

  118. http://McKim says

    I like Belgian Wafflles and bacon.

  119. http://Jessica says

    I like to make french toast and bacon.

  120. http://Cheryl says

    My favorite is sausage gravy and biscuits.

  121. http://Julia%20Barnes says

    We do eggs, bacon, and toast for dinner.

  122. http://Jennifer%20Tilson says

    My kids love banana pancakes for dinner.

  123. http://cep says

    pancakes and bacon

  124. http://cheryl%20s says

    we make omelettes, bacon and English muffins

  125. http://Kelly%20Nicholson says

    What is your favorite meal to make when you have breakfast for dinner?

    i like bacon eggs,and grit thanks…add some honey either way and im even happier

  126. http://Danielle%20Wood says

    I like pancakes bacon and eggs for dinner.

  127. http://Michele%20C says

    Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite breakfast for dinner foods are biscuits and gravy, bacon, and pancakes!

  128. http://Elizabeth%20P says

    Bacon and waffle.

  129. says

    Breakfast for dinner usually includes pancakes with some nice crisp bacon. Sometimes, we will make the pancakes really thin and wrap some fresh fruit inside of them.

  130. http://Susan%20Smith says

    I make eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage.

  131. http://Amber%20Warfield says

    Biscuits and Gravy with bacon and eggs

  132. http://Christine%20Labelle says

    We make breakfast sandwiches. They are bacon, egg and cheese in biscuits. We also do pancakes at least twice a month. It’s easier to make brinner than breakfast in my house.

  133. http://beth%20shepherd says

    I like to make waffles and sausage. Thank you

  134. http://Angela%20Williams says

    We like homemade french toast with bacon.

  135. http://Lauren says

    I like to make breakfast burritos for dinner.

  136. http://Beth%20O says

    I love to make pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs for dinner. Sometimes biscuits and gravy.

  137. http://hannah says

    I love breakfast for dinner! my favorite would be blueberry pancakes, bacon, and orange juice.

  138. http://Janice says

    My favorite is pancakes.

  139. http://sylvia says

    when breakfast is dinner, we usually end up making waffles and bacon or sausage

  140. http://Deb%20Ford says

    I love to make belgium waffles for dinner sometimes

  141. http://laura%20ari says

    We like pancakes, bacon and fruit as breakfast for dinner

  142. http://Shelley%20P says

    I like having an omelette and hash browns for dinner.

  143. http://Ty says

    We love having waffles for dinner!

  144. http://Stephanie%20Phelps says

    I love to make eggs, sausage, pancakes and orange juice when we have breakfast for dinner!

  145. http://Brittney%20House says

    I love making sausage and biscuits with syrup.

  146. http://Tami%20Vollenweider says

    I’d make biscuits,sausage and grits!

  147. http://Sarah%20Hall says

    We like eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for breakfast for supper.

  148. http://Wendy%20McBride says

    Pancakes, Bacon, eggs and orange juice! Doesn’t get any better than that.

  149. http://Daniel%20M says

    ham n cheese omelet toast home fries oj

  150. http://Stephanie%20Liske says

    I love to make chorizo and egg.

  151. http://Angela%20Saver says

    I love to have pancakes & bacon for breakfast for dinner!

  152. http://Jamie%20Williams says

    I live to make scrambled eggs and pancakes for lunch breakfast or dinner.

  153. http://aaron%20reck says

    Gravy and biscuits with sausage. I like some fruit to but that’s a pretty big meal for me.

  154. http://katie%20k says

    i love chicken and waffles! Though it’s not very easy to make…

  155. http://Kyl%20Neusch says

    Pancakes and sausage of course

  156. http://Jen%20Reed says

    My favorite meal to make when I have breakfast for dinner is pancakes, scrambled eggs, and ham.

  157. http://Lisa%20V. says

    I like eggs and bacon.

  158. http://Jennifer%20H. says

    I like French Toast.

  159. http://John%20H. says

    I like pancakes and eggs.

  160. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    Sometimes it is scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy biscuits etc

  161. http://Kristi%20C says

    My favorite is biscuits and gravy, with bacon and eggs.

  162. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i love pancakes and sausage for breakfast for dinner. it’s my favorite dinner.

  163. http://Erica%20B. says

    I like french toast.

  164. http://Amanda%20Foley says

    Love to have pancakes and sausage for breakfast!…and sometimes dinner too!

  165. says

    Bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausage…

  166. http://Robin says

    We like to have pancakes with maple sausage.

  167. http://Carolyn%20G says

    Eggs and pancakes

  168. http://Paula%20Michele%20Hafner says

    We love to make eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, and pancakes. We go all out!

  169. http://vicki%20lorenz says

    We love pancakes with bacon and sausage!

  170. http://Christie says

    We like to make french toast with sausage, bacon and eggs.

  171. http://Penny%20Snyder says

    Love making bacon & pancakes for dinner!!~

  172. http://Zee%20S says

    Pancakes and ham.. love that for supper.

  173. http://Samantha says

    I love making buttermilk pancakes with some scrambled eggs!

  174. http://Lisa%20L says

    Breakfast for dinner is usually bacon, hashbrowns and sunny side up eggs.

  175. http://shawna says

    pancakes, bacon, and eggs

  176. http://Lisa%20W says

    I am not much of a cook. So the mixes would be great.

  177. http://Priscilla%20Pursell says

    Pancakes of course!

  178. http://Kerry%20p says

    I love fried hashbrowns and eggs with melted mozzarella

  179. http://Fiona%20N says

    I love waffles with peanut butter, or pancakes and bacon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You

  180. http://Donna%20Clifford says

    green eggs and ham

  181. http://Lynne%20T says

    My favorite meal to make when I have breakfast for dinner is French Toast.

  182. http://Kimmy%20Ripley says

    I love to make white chocolate chip pancakes with raspberries. YUM!

  183. http://Tracy%20Shafer says

    I love omelets, hash browns, bacon and toast!

  184. http://Rachel%20Freer says

    I like to make scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon.

  185. http://Breanne says

    I like having waffles.

  186. http://jules%20m. says

    french toast and bacon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. http://Tom%20Gibson says

    Western omelette with waffles

  188. http://lea%20c. says

    We like scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for dinner

  189. http://Virginia says

    We like waffles or eggs, bacon,and toast.

  190. http://Trisha%20McKee says

    I love making French Toast with strawberries and cream cheese. Soooo good any time of day!

  191. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    Pancakes, over easy eggs, and lots of bacon!!

  192. http://Rachel%20C says

    Egg casserole – it’s so easy and you can throw in any veggies you have!

  193. http://Rachel%20C says

    Egg casserole – it’s so easy and you can throw in any veggies that you have!

  194. http://Sand says

    We like to make pancakes for dinner.

  195. http://Jake%20B says

    Either biscuits n gravy or pancakes/waffles smothered in peanut butter n syrup.

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