Childproof Your Windows For National Window Covering Safety Month

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My kids recently had 2 weeks off of school for fall break. It was so fun to have them both home and playing all day long. Hayden is almost 8 and Halli is 3. They have so much fun playing together and making up games. They are both constantly running around the house laughing hysterically as they play. If I could bottle their energy I wouldn’t be tired again for the next 20 years. As much as I love watching and listening to them play I know it is important to keep my house childproof. Basic every day things can quickly become dangerous hazards. October is  and is the perfect time to make sure window coverings are safe for our energetic and imaginative kids.

Childproof Your Windows For National Window Covering Safety Month

The Window Covering Safety Council urges parents and caregivers to check their window coverings. To a child, a window cord or blinds can look like a toy, but they are so dangerous to infants and young children. It is a household item that I think often gets overlooked and forgotten about while making sure your house is childproof. Window covering cords are a super common place to adults, but to a child can look like something fun to pull on or play with. The exposed or dangling cords can become a strangulation hazard to young children. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings are among the top five hidden hazards in American homes.

Childproof Your Windows For National Window Covering Safety Month

Even though I have tried to teach my kids that window coverings and cords are not toys I don’t want to risk them forgetting and getting hurt. Both my kids can get absorbed into a game and sometimes forget the rules. It is so important to take safety measures when choosing window coverings and dangerous dangling corded blinds. I want to make sure I am being proactive and preventing an accident from happening by installing only cordless window coverings. Cordless window coverings are the best option for the safety of my kids. The Best for Kids™ certification label makes it easy to find the best window covering options that I know will be safe. There are so many colors, types, and styles to fit our needs. Window covering manufacturers must meet specific program criteria in order to qualify for this certification and submit their window covering products to a designated third party testing laboratory. Best for Kids products are currently available at major retails across the country.

National Window Covering Safety Month is such a great opportunity to check all your windows and make sure they are childproof with the Best for Kids™ certification products.

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  1. vickie couturier says

    with 14 grandkids i always child proof my house,,espically the windows

  2. Kimberly Matlack says

    I only have blinds in my bedroom anymore and the cord is tied up so a child couldn’t reach them plus there are curtains over the blind and you can’t even see the cord. These are really good tips. I use to work at a factory that made blinds and realize how sharp they are too. When the grand babies come I close the curtains so they can’t even see the blinds but they aren’t usually in my bedroom except for naps.

  3. Richard Hicks says

    Some very good advice. Better to be safe than sorry

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