Let’s Powers Their Dreams & Support Team USA at the Olympic Games

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Sports have been a big deal in our family. Soccer especially. My 15-year-old has been playing since he was old enough to sign up and now my youngest starts for the first time this year. My husband and his friends are even on a team still. It’s a sport that we don’t only like to play but we also love to watch. Since the Olympics Games are upon us, of course, we also wanted to support Team USA by watching them play too.

Johnny JV Soccer

Of course, watching your child play is the best. As Johnny has grown older his game has become better. Watching him and his teammate’s play is fascinating. They move with such agility and speed. They’ve learned through years of hard work how to communicate and work together to succeed. I can only imagine the amount of hard work it takes to get to the Olympic Games. How much dedication it must take. I watch my son challenge himself constantly and he never gives up. He constantly amazes me in the ways he pushes himself.

Johnny Soccer #momspotted

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head & shoulders momspotted support team usa

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  1. Sarah L says

    Go Team USA! Glad your whole family likes soccer.

  2. vickie couturier says

    my grandkids play sports too,,2 of the boys play football and the girl cheerleads and does dance my oldest grandson who is 11 loves to take dance and sing,,he got made fun of at school and i told him to ask them how many men were dancing on tv on dancing with the stars or in the pop videos? had to learn to do that somewhere

  3. Sarah L says

    Ah, the end of the Olympics is here. Now what will I watch?

  4. Jerry Marquardt says

    I am glad that Procter & Gamble stood behind us at the Olympics. I will miss them until the winter of 2018.

  5. hannah says

    it’s great your son plays sports, it’s such a healthy thing to do! not only the physical exercise, but the self confidence it builds, and the self respect for a job well done. These are skills he can take with him into adult life.

  6. Frank says

    It was a great Olympics for our country. #USA

  7. Janet W says

    Head & Shoulders is a great product! I miss the Olympics being on TV. I’m happy I get to watch Laurie excel on Dancing With the Stars now. She’s amazing!

  8. Rosie says

    The Olympics were so amazing, and I’ve heard many stories of kids being inspired to aim high in life after watching!

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