Belli Skin Care Is A First Trimester Must Have!

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There are things I really love about pregnancy. I love watching my body change to grow this tiny little person. It is so amazing! I love feeling my baby move around in my belly. But there are also not so fun parts of pregnancy. I somehow missed the pregnancy “glow” with each of my pregnancy. Unless by “glow” they really mean, you will have a sweaty shine with skin covered in pimples. My hormones seem to go crazy as soon as I’m pregnant and I break out like I am a teenager again. In the past, I have had a hard time finding good skin care products. Lots of women struggle with acne during the first trimester. All those surging hormone levels trigger an increase of oil production so even the most blemish-free skin is susceptible to acne.

I am super cautious about what I put into my body when I am pregnant but it is also important to be aware of what I am putting not my skin! I want to keep acne at bay but lots of acne medications are full of ingredients that are not safe during pregnancy. Luckily Belli Skin Care has come to my rescue and has exactly what I need during pregnancy and especially for that first-trimester acne!

Belli Skin Care Is A First Trimester Must Have!

The Belli face washes and the Acne Control Spot Treatment have really helped keep my hormonal acne under control and I know it will work wonders while I am pregnant. Best of all it is full of natural ingredients that are totally safe during pregnancy. All Belli products are screened to eliminate any and all ingredients shown in clinical studies to have even the remotest connection to birth defects or other problems of pregnancy.

Belli Skin Care Is A First Trimester Must Have!

First, the Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub leaves my skin feeling baby soft! It gets off any dry skin and leaves behind fresh skin. Next, I use Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash. It does such a great job of cleansing my skin and, getting down deep to clean my pores but does not over dry my skin! It is so gentle but really leaves my skin feeling clean. Then the Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment is perfect for treating any little bumps or pimples that might come up. It quickly has zapped any pimples and also soothes redness. I am totally hooked on these Belli skin care products. I know they will all be perfect for whenever I am pregnant again and those hormones really start to go crazy.

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  1. Em Mahr says

    I’ve been using the Anti-Blemish face wash since finding out I was pregnant and I love it!

  2. vickie couturier says

    I wish they had this when I was pregnant with my babies,,that was a long time ago and there wasn’t anything special to use

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