My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear – The Perfect Pregnancy Keepsake

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As soon as I find out that I am pregnant the countdown is on! Counting down until that first appointment, the first ultrasound to see my sweet tiny baby, the first time to hear their heartbeat, and the first time I get to meet my new baby in person to count all their fingers and toes. All of those weeks and months can feel like an eternity. Then before I know it pregnancy is over, and I are sleep exhausted but deliriously in love. I always miss being pregnant. I love that bond I have with each of my babies and feeling them wiggle in my tummy. I have always longed for keepsakes of my pregnancy and pictures.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear - The Perfect Pregnancy Keepsake

The newest pregnancy keepsake is from My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. Each adorable stuffed animal comes with a heart-shaped recording device so you can record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat in utero during an ultrasound appointment. Each stuffed animal from My Baby’s Heartbeat is adorable, and cuddly soft. They are also a pretty good size. My daughter thought the little black lamb was as soft as her favorite blanket. There is a velcro opening in the lamb’s back. Then after I have recorded a baby’s heartbeat on the darling little heart-shaped recording device it goes into the lamb’s foot. Squeezing the lamb’s foot makes the heart beat recording play!

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear - The Perfect Pregnancy Keepsake

When I was pregnant with my daughter her big brother was especially anxious to meet his little sister. This would have been perfect to help him feel connected to his little on the way sister. He could hear her heartbeat whenever he wanted!

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear - The Perfect Pregnancy Keepsake

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear stuffed animals are the perfect gift for any mom, dad, or even grandparent in your life. There are dozens of heartbeat buddies to choose from as well as darling accessories for your new buddy. Remember your pregnancy forever! My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear has buddies to be your perfect pregnancy keepsake.

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  1. Sarah L says

    That does look like a neat way to save your baby’s heartbeat.

  2. Em Mahr says

    What a great idea! I love the idea of being able to hear my baby’s heartbeat as I anxiously await his arrival. It’s also fun to be able to let my son hear his heartbeat when he’s older.

  3. vickie couturier says

    how adorable,,love this concept,,i wish they had this back when I was expecting my babies

  4. Lisa Brown says

    Aw, those are sweet, they are all nice but I really like the teddy bear.

  5. Cheryl says

    This is so cute and such a sweet idea.

  6. Dandi D says

    This would make such an adorable baby shower gift!

  7. justin tan says

    This would be a beautiful baby shower gift. I’m so getting it for my cousin sister

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