Successfully Potty Training Toddlers With Pampers Easy Ups &Giveaway

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A huge milestone for both have my kids has been potty training. It is so exciting for them to feel like big kids and use the potty! I also look forward to not having to change diapers anymore. As exciting as potty training can be for the whole family that doesn’t mean it is easy. Potty training can come with its own stress, anxiety, messes, and accidents for everyone involved. Halli is 95% of the way potty trained now. The only exception being the occasional accidents, and at bedtime.

Springtime and going into summer is a great time to start potty training once your toddler is ready to get started. You have the cushion of summer before preschool and other activities get started again in the fall. Pampers Easy Ups have been a huge resource for successfully potty training both of my kids.

Successfully Potty Train Your Toddlers With Pampers EasyUps &Giveaway

Pampers Easy Ups offer better leak protection than the leading competitor and have more of a underwear-like design for growing toddlers. They are available for boys and girls sizes 2T/3T through 4T/5T. My daughter also loves that they have Dora the Explorer® designs for girls and Fun Thomas & Friends® designs for boys. The graphics fade when they get wet to help toddlers learn you don’t want to have an accident and get your “friends” wet.  This was a big push for Halli. She hated seeing her “friends” on her Pampers Easy Ups disappear. I love that the sides of Pampers Easy Ups are super stretchy. This makes them easy to quickly pull up and down. It also makes them more comfortable for Halli to run around and play.

Successfully Potty Training Your Toddlers With Pampers EasyUps &Giveaway

Now that I have potty trained two kids, one boy, and one girl I have some things that I have learned that might be helpful to parents and caregivers just starting out on their potty training journey.

  1. Make sure your toddler is ready! Once your toddler starts being interested in the potty, telling you when they need to go potty, or if they hate being in a yucky diaper they may be ready to start potty training. Potty training is so much easier and a better experience for everyone when toddlers are ready.
  2. Keep it fun and positive! Even when there are accidents(because there will be accidents) make potty training as positive as possible. Then celebrate every accomplishment even if it’s tiny. After my toddlers have successfully gone potty they like putting a sticker up on a chart to work towards a special treat. Our special potty treat is a few m&ms. My kids also love doing a celebratory potty dance after we have washed hands.
  3. Set a timer! When it is time to potty train I offer liquids often to drink and we set a timer. When the timer goes off we go potty. Sometimes it is a successful potty trip and sometimes there is nothing. Either way, it gets them in the habit of going and we have more chances for successful trips.
  4. Be patient! Potty training is a roller coaster. All the leaks, accidents and switching from diapers to training pants at night it can be overwhelming. Halli has been dry for months now but she still has the occasional accident. We are also trying to keep her dry during the night. At night, she stays dry probably 80% of the time but we are still working on it. She is still learning and her body is still growing. I never want to make potty training something negative so she is intimidated by it or hates going.

Successfully Potty Training Your Toddlers With Pampers EasyUps &Giveaway

We are really working with Halli to stay dry at night now. She is in underwear throughout the day but night time is hit and miss with accidents. Pampers Easy Ups are our favorite training pants because they work during the day AND night. They make it so easy to transition from diapers to underwear and start working to be dry all night long.

You can join Pampers on April 28 from 9-10pmEST as they host a Twitter Party with Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician, award-winning parenting book author and potty training expert who co-authored to “Its You and Me Against the Pee…and the Poop, Too!”

Successfully Potty Train Your Toddlers With Pampers EasyUps &Giveaway

Dr. Jana will be sharing her tips to help simplify and improve the potty training experience for little ones and their parents. You can RSVP for this awesome Twitter Party HERE.

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  1. kim fenner says

    With my girls, I took them to the bathroom every time I had to go. We even made a game of it. “Me first!”

  2. shelly peterson says

    I find using a reward system works really well.

  3. Lisa Brown says

    Give a small reward of some kind for motivation and encouragement.

  4. Sarah Hall says

    My tip is to not get stressed if it does not work right off. Take your time and reward the child when he does well.

  5. Julie Wood says

    A reward system is really good because it gives incentive and a good potty chair really helps child feel stable while potty training.

  6. Mami2jcn says

    For boys, use Cheerios as potty targets.

  7. Elena says

    My tip is to reward your child for using his potty

  8. Find the reward that matters to them. It was different for both of my older children.

  9. Elle says

    My tip is to use songs and rewards.

  10. Jessica To says

    I used praise and small treats as a reward system.

  11. Natalie says

    My best tip is to reward successes and be patient!

  12. Dawn Monroe says

    My tip is to make it fun and have patience. Each kid is different.

  13. Lauren says

    My tip is to train during the summer when less clothes are necessary.

  14. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Best Potty Training Tip Is To Have Fun, Use A Chart To Offer Encouragement, Set Goals And Milestones.

  15. Thomas Murphy says

    Make a rewards system so its fun for the kid.

  16. DEBIJOT says

    A good potty training tip is to stay consistent.

  17. Janet W. says

    My best potty training tip is to have lots of patience and remain upbeat and positive! That will help to keep your child motivated to keep trying at it!

  18. Tara L says

    My best tip is to have a potty dance/song. It worked great when I helped potty train my son and my niece.

  19. Mary Jacobowitz says

    Be patient and use a rewards system.

  20. HS says

    Reward system works great for my kids.

  21. Steve Weber says

    My tip is to reward them after they go potty.

  22. Birdiebee says

    Use a reward system/chart as well as provide plenty of praise through the potty training process.

  23. Ellie Wright says

    If you have older boys, let baby brother go with them or dad and see how big boys go to the bathroom with them. My youngest son potty trained himself by 18 months because he wanted to be just like them.

  24. sandra says

    I am not above bribes

  25. My tip is to start early and make it process that isn’t scary. I remember singing silly songs and making fun of the “plop” sounds a poop makes to help ease the anxiety for the big potty.

  26. Em Mahr says

    My best tip is to use a reward system. We used stickers and it really motivated my son. He loved to get stickers and put them on the chart.

  27. vickie couturier says

    my best tip that worked for me was putting them on a schedule when potty training

  28. Sara Floyd says

    My daughter loves getting stickers when she goes

  29. Hope Mitchner says

    Patience is the best tip I can give. Each child is different and what works with one will not work with another. If you don’t get frustrated, it will go a lot smoother.

  30. Will G says

    My best potty training tip is to reward your child if they try to go on the toilet.

  31. Make sure to celebrate everything!

  32. Jessica says

    My best tip is to wait till your child is ready. You can’t force it!

  33. Kelly D says

    My tip is to remind the child to use the bathroom often, especially after meals.

  34. cathy le says

    I cant wait to try this product.

  35. Angie says

    I used CHeerios for him to aim and gave rewards

  36. Jessica Beard says

    Rewards work great if your child is ready. If they are not, stop for awhile and then try again.

  37. Rachel says

    My favorite tip was to have patience and understanding.

  38. ellen beck says

    My best tip is dont rush it too much, you can ‘practice’ potty train before actually going all the way with it. Give rewards and lots of praise.

  39. Francine Anchondo says

    Just be patient and consistent.

  40. Be consistent 🙂

  41. Birdie Skolfield says

    I used the lil tissue paper fishies in the toilet and let my boy squirt em …. it really worked well he got the idea really quick

  42. Cheryl B says

    My tip would be patience, patience,patience.

  43. Holly McKenzie says

    This is not an overnight process so be patient.

  44. Mandy T says

    Be patient with your little ones!!!! That will pay off when you see how excited they get once they’re using the potty!

  45. Beth Hill says

    I say wait until they are ready. My daycare tried to push me at a certain age and he just was not ready.

  46. Kacey says

    I haven’t gotten that far into potty training but I use stickers as rewards & read him potty books.

  47. Sandy Klocinski says

    MAKE SURE THEY ARE READY!! Don’t give into the pressure you may feel from outside sources to get your kid potty trained before he/she is ready. If they are not ready, you are in for a world of pain and frustration and it will inevitably take much longer than it would have had you waited.

  48. Kim says

    my tip is to have PATIENCE!!! that is key

  49. Adrienne Gordon says

    start with the potty chair

  50. Margaret Smith says

    My best tip is to have a few small toys or coloring books on hand as rewards. The rewards really seem to encourage the kids.

  51. Barbara Montag says

    My best tip is to be patient and give lots of praise.
    thank you

  52. Julia Barnes says

    I haven’t potty trained but the 24 hour mehtod intrigues me.

  53. To be consistent and make sure you have the time to put into potty training before you start.

  54. Sarah L says

    You need lots of patience and praise.
    Thanks for the contest.

  55. Brittney House says

    We had a lot of luck with giving rewards.

  56. Definitely patience! They are learning something completely new.

  57. amy rouse says

    positive reinforcement works well but my biggest tip is to wait until they are ready

  58. Kari says

    My four kids (teens/young adults now) did best with potty training when I took a laid-back approach and never rushed them.

  59. Amanda L. says

    Let your child decide when he/she is ready and also be consistent.

  60. Richard Hicks says

    We used a reward system and it was effective

  61. Cynthia C says

    My tip is to be very patient and give lots of positive reinforcement.

  62. nickie says

    Be patient and use a rewards.

  63. Gina M says

    My tip is to make it fun, and not stressful. Provide rewards and prizes for kids.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  64. Jessica H says

    Reward system and songs

  65. nannypanpan says

    give lots of praise and encouragement

  66. aubrey says

    My best tip is to relax and not stress about potty training.

  67. Denise S says

    My tip is to give a small reward for each successful attempt.

  68. Ashley C says

    Use lots of positive reinforcement and rewards!

  69. kelly tupick says

    My best tip would to be to use a reward system and to give them time. Do not push it.

  70. Breanna Pollard says

    Using a reward system works wonders.

  71. Allison Swain says

    My best potty training tip is to reward them when they use the potty, and to be patient during the process of them learning to use it.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  72. Rosanne says

    Keep the potty near where you are such as the kitchen. Reward them each time they go

  73. Sara says


  74. Kyl Neusch says

    is to reward successes

  75. Diana Camden says

    My best tip is patience. I remember my niece and nephews just needed time and they came around.

  76. Stephanie Phelps says

    My best tip is to potty train in the summer so they can get clothes on and off easier and you have less laundry to do!

  77. Carissa Joslyn says

    My tip would be, wait until they show signs of being ready. The first time I tried to potty train my oldest, he wasn’t interested and kept having accidents. Second time I tried, he caught right on and didn’t have another accident since!

  78. Elizabeth J. says

    I think being really positive and offer rewards!

  79. Jennifer Marie says

    My sons did well when I praised them. I also needed to stay consistent and not get frustrated.

  80. Trisha Burgess says

    My best tip is a sticker reward system! Kids love seeing their accomplishments!

  81. Christina G. says

    My best potty training trick is to wait until the child is ready to potty train. Then virtually no training is required, I promise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Susan Christy says

    Be patient! That’s the advice I used the most.

  83. Austin Baroudi says

    The reward system is my best tip!

  84. courtney b says

    the reward system works best- cookies and candies are his favorites.


  85. Virginia Rowell says

    With my son, I used the Cheerio method and it worked great!

  86. amy pugmire says

    Go in with patience and consistency.

  87. Nupur says

    I love the ease of reward system effective and works great

  88. clynsg says

    Small rewards can do wonders–even if it is just sincere praise for doing well!

  89. Dana Rodriguez says

    Reward system and patience!

  90. Chris Hall says

    Lots of patience.

  91. Crystal Sell says

    Be consistent and reward them! Have patience 🙂

  92. Erika W. says

    My son did well with rewards (hot wheels cars). My daughter did fine once we just put her in regular underwear.

  93. Sherry Lambing says

    It’s not going to happen in a day, so be positive and patient. Make it fun! My best tip is to be consistent!

  94. Danielle says

    For my boys we did the cheerio in the potty and that was what they aimed at to pee on.

  95. susan smoaks says

    my best potty training tip is to be patient. i like to use a rewards system. it works the best in my experience.

  96. Jen Donelow says

    Make it fun, not too much pressure. Rewards with lots of hugs and clapping 🙂

  97. vera says

    Be patient and consistent.

  98. Erica B. says

    We haven’t started yet so I don’t have any good tips.

  99. Robin says

    I like to use the rewards system for making it to the potty in time.

  100. Sarah Mayer says

    My tip would be patience, patience,patience.

  101. Terri S. says

    My tip is to be patient and watch for signs of readiness. I used stickers as rewards and a chart of the days to put gold stars on for each attempt and for each success on the potty.

  102. Karla R. says

    Patience, I am potty training my daughter right now and patience is key.

  103. Stephanie Larison says

    We have been doing the reward of a stamp on the hand whenever my toddler goes on the potty. It seems to be working and getting her excited about going. She’s far from potty trained yet, but we’re getting there.

  104. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I use cheerios in the toilet for the boys to aim at.

  105. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I had the best results using the calendar with achievements stickers.

  106. Carolyn Daley says

    Be patient and find what method works best with your child.

  107. Cynthia W says

    Patience and consistency

  108. Mary Cloud says

    Be patient and make sure to offer them a reward for when they do good

  109. Kaitlin says

    Be consistent, and patient when potty training. Set up a reward system for your child.

  110. Evie B. says

    Use a reward system.

  111. Trisha McKee says

    Make it like a party, a celebration. Don’t yell or lose patience.

  112. Janet Boyanton says

    Wait until the child is ready before starting training.

  113. Amy Deeter says

    i have always used a reward chart for my children.It has always worked for us

  114. Susan Smith says

    I used praise and small treats as a reward system when potty training my children.

  115. Laurie Emerson says

    My best tip is to always make sure you are both relaxed.

  116. amanda whitley says

    my best tip is to use rewards and be persistent.

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