Be Energy-Efficient & Save On Utility Bills With A Homeselfe

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I love being able to save money where ever I can, being energy-efficient is one of them. Especially when it comes to our electric, water, and other utility bills my family is always trying to be more energy-efficient. Not only is it good for our environment it is also great on my wallet! We always try to shut off lights and electronics we aren’t using, and we never let the water run. I recently found out that by just taking a simple Selfe of my home I could save even more money! Homeselfe is a fun, easy, and free app that lets you take a Selfe of your home. It is so quick and easy to use. I found out in about 5 minutes how our home could be more energy-efficient and how I could save money on our utility bills.

Be Energy-Efficient & Save On Utility Bills With A Homeselfe

Homeselfe has worked in partnership with local, state, and the nation’s largest public utilities to develop a tool that is easy to use, free, and gets results for your home—and your wallet. It has patent pending technology that lets you create a digital mock-up of your home. Homeselfe asks you simple questions about your home. Like how old is your refrigerator? What condition is your weather-stripping in? The questionnaire goes through your entire house and then instantly gives you a complete report of your home that shows you how energy-efficient your home is. It also shows you where you need to improve and what upgrades take priority.

Be Energy-Efficient & Save On Utility Bills With A Homeselfe

I was so impressed with how easy Homeselfe was to use and then how clear the report was. My family just recently moved into our home and it has really eye-opening to see what improvements we needed to make. I never even thought of checking the condition of our weather-stripping until the Homeselfe app! We live n Colorado so even though it is Spring time we still get a few snow storms that blow in. I want to keep all the warm air in that I can! Getting new weather-stripping was such an easy fix and I have definitely noticed our home is less drafty. I especially love knowing that in the long run we are going to save so much money on our electric bill.

Be Energy-Efficient & Save On Utility Bills With A Homeselfe

Homeselfe also shows you what local rebates and special offers you may have for your area. Then you can quickly earn money back on all those improvements and upgrades! The report is so easy to read and I think it is great that every report is tailored to what area you live in. It really is a personalized Selfe of your home.

Homeselfe is an app everyone should have immediately so you can start saving money! I was literally having money blow out the door and now we are so much more energy-efficient. It can be as easy as switching your light bulbs to start saving money.

Be Energy-Efficient & Save On Utility Bills With A Homeselfe

Through the end of the month, Homeselfe will be giving away (4) $250 gift cards to Home Depot to help make improvements on your home to save $$$ and energy! To enter the giveaway all you have to do is complete your own Homeselfe!

HomeSelfe: Win a $250 Visa Gift Card!

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