What Can You Get for FREE when the New England Patriots Win?

Around here we LOVE our New England Patriots! We also love when our favorite brands give stuff away for FREE when they win, because they ALWAYS win!

So what can you get for FREE when the New England Patriots Win?

Dunkin’ Donuts


When the Pats win you can get a FREE medium coffee (hot or iced) the next day when you use their DDPerks App! If you don’t have it make sure to download it now! I can’t tell you how many free drink’s I’ve enjoyed thanks to this app! Definitely worth having! For more info or to sign up for DDPerks here.



I’m really excited about this one! Every time the Pat’s win you can get Free kids meals at Friendly’s the following Monday! The only catch it it’s one kids meal per adult meal purchased! This works great for a mommy & me lunch for Sawyer and I though so I’ll take it! Fine details can be found here.

Do you know of any deals? Let me know in a comment!


  1. Janet W. says

    What a great deal! I’ll have to see if anybody is doing any deals like this for when the Atlanta Falcons win!

  2. My husband has always liked the New England Patriots. His aunt and uncle lived there for years. The only thing we have here is our college football team The Corn Huskers. Everyone is crazy about them. I think their name is so hick sounding.

    I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. We just got a Dunkin’ Donuts a year ago. Before that I have only heard about them. Their coffee is less expensive than Starbucks, and less bitter tasting. I’m in!

  3. vickie couturier says

    that is good to know,,i live in VT now ,still have my house in TN too,,my husband is a huge Pats fan

  4. Jeanette James says

    Great site so glad I found it wil also recommend to other moms I know in my are. I’m fro CT

  5. John Hunsbarger says

    I have been a New England Patriot fan since 1977 when I lived in Atlantic City New Jersey next to the Meadowlands Stadium that were some of the greatest games I’ve ever seen

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