One Year After Taking the Purina One 28-Day Challenge

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox about Purina One available at Sams Club. All opinions are my own.

See this guy? This is Charlie and he’s my furbaby. I only want what’s best for him. When I first got him I thought the best meant the most expensive things, especially where his diet was concerned. At least until we tried the Purina One 28-Day Challenge a little over a year ago.

Charlie the Morkie Dog

Charlie is my first dog. Before him I didn’t know anything about dogs. Getting him happened much faster than we had anticipated on and we ended up picking a vet off the recommendation from a friend and just rolling with it. When I got to the vet I was told about all these foods I just had to have for him and how any other brands would be failing my dog.

Charlie the Morkie Dog
Just like with my children I only wanted what was best for my dog so I gladly obliged and left with my fancy food and an empty wallet. Then I was asked to participate in the Purina One 28-Day Challenge. I had originally planned on accepting the challenge, doing it, and then switching right back to my old food. Now over a year later we’re still loving Purina One.

Purina One 28 Day Challenge

When I opened the bag of Purina One I could immediately see my dog was going to love this food. Charlie just loves the real lamb pieces! He loves to dig them all out and eat them first and then eat the wholesome grain pieces.

purina one

Did you know that there are many benefits to trying out the Purina One 28-Day Challenge? When you finish the challenge you’ll actually see just how happy your dog is with their new food. Here are some other great benefits you will start seeing in your dog too!

  • Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are the window to his health
  • Dental Health: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy  gums
  • Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
  • Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrition go to work inside your dog
  • Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
  • Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrients support a beautiful coat and healthy skin


Purina One 28 Day Challenge Charlie

I love knowing my Charlie is healthy and happy and full of energy! My boys love him and he keeps up with them all! I also love knowing that we’ve found food that isn’t incredibly difficult to locate or break the bank.

Sawyer and Charlie dog

Purina One is a great choice to feed your dog. We’ve been so happy with it and have no intentions of changing his food again. I’m thrilled to find out that you can also now find Purina One at Sams Club. I’m a bulk shopper and I always like to stock up on anything I can. I’m glad to add this to our list!

Have you tried the Purina One 28-Day Challenge yet?


  1. Sarah L says

    That is one cute dog. Looks like the food agrees with him.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says

    What an adorable dog this is! My doggie loves her Purina Smartblend as well!

  3. Scott says

    When we had dogs we always bought Purina One from Sam’s Club. It was always the best-priced place to get it!

  4. sarah says

    Okay, Charlie is adorable! Seems like he is enjoying the food. It’s always nice when it’s affordable and easy to find.

  5. diane says

    He is adorable! We have never tried this food but it certainly seems to be a hit in your house!

  6. First of all, your puppy is adorable. Secondly, when we finally get a dog, we’ll be getting Purina One. I have a friend with a dog who swears by it.

  7. vickie couturier says

    no i havent tried it yet but will consider it for sure,,we are lucky our little dog will eat anything

  8. Heather says

    I agree! Your little one looks like he is one healthy pup! We use Blue Buffalo for my poochie.

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