Customize Your Ride With Radio Flyer’s Build-A-Scooter


Confession time. My six year old son Malone loves his toddler scooter- it is way to little for him and he’s limited by the design of it (three wheel style). But never the less, he still loves it. I’ve tried in the past to encourage him to move past his first scooter, but haven’t had any luck. He’s had plenty of opportunity to test out other scooters owned by his friends. But he’s always come back to his toddler scooter and been perfectly content.

That is, until he had the chance to customize his ride with Radio Flyer’s Build-A-Scooter. 

The Build-A-Scooter is the perfect transition away from a toddler scooter and is made for kids ages 3-7. The process offers these great personalization features:

  • Choose from 4 colors (signature red, blue, pink, and purple)
  • 2 cool graphic style options
  • Add Speed Activated Light-Up Wheels,
    Storage, a Bell and Streamers
  • Create a custom graphics with
    a personalized name!

Radio Flyer Build A Scooter 5

The website allows you to see what your scooter will look like as you customize it. You can check and uncheck boxes until you’ve come up with the perfect combination.

Radio Flyer Trike 6

Malone thought long and hard about the customization. He played around with different combinations of things until he found one that he loved. What I love about this is that he really got to be a part of the process, and he picked something completely different from what I would have likely chose for him.  He chose blue with streamers, a bell, light up wheels and the storage case. He decided not to get his name put on it because he hopes to pass it along to his baby sister when he’s done with it (seriously… how sweet!).

Radio Flyer Build A Scooter ReviewThe Build-A-Scooter has been a great transition for us. Malone is on the taller side, but he’s still got plenty of room to grown into this scooter. He is gaining confidence daily in riding it. Part of the reason why he loved his toddler scooter so much is that it is a really stable scooter. There isn’t much give to lean into the turns.

The Build-A-Scooter is specifically designed to help kids learn to lean into their turns.

High performance urethane wheels offer a fast smooth ride, and the 3 wheels provide safety and stability. Specially designed lean-to-steer technology improves balance and coordination. Every version of this custom scooter features a foot brake, adjustable handlebar, and soft foam hand grips

Since the Build-A-Scooter arrived, Malone has been out on it daily. He’s starting to get better at leaning and his balance is improving. I’ve seen him develop confidence and he’s getting braver. He was recently diagnosed with low muscle tone and hopping on a three wheel scooter is helping him to build his core (an area where he needs the most work).

Radio Flyer Build A Scooter 1

When I asked Malone about what he liked about his Build-A-Scooter he told me this:

I like this Radio Flyer Scooter because I feel like it is really special to me. I got to design it and decide what I wanted it to be. My favorites are the bell and the luggage where I can put my rock collection. I like it when I can go fast enough to make the wheels light up. It is a little bit tricky for me sometimes, but I like leaning to go around the corners and it is way way way faster than my other scooter!

How would you customize your Build-A-Scooter?


  1. Elisabeth says

    I would definitely get the light-up wheels! 😉

  2. Sarah L says

    I didn’t know about this build your own scooter. Kids would really get invested in it when they helped design it.

  3. Birdiebee says

    I love that you can customize this scooter to what the child wants. I would love to give my youngest granddaughter one of these for her birthday next month.

  4. Sarah L says

    I’ve built a pair of shoes online, but this is more fun.

  5. vickie couturier says

    I have several grandchildren would love one of these

  6. Sarah L says

    My nephew would get a kick out of building his own scooter.

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