The Mayflower – A Massachusetts State Flower Craft {Fun Crafts with Mom}

Mayflower. The Massachusetts State Flower

We were recently challenged to make our State Flower the Mayflower and participate in a blog hop to Tour the World by Flower with Playground Parkbench and we thought game on! If you don’t know the state flower for Massachusetts it is the Mayflower. Here is a photo for your reference:


To make the craft you’ll just need a few basic craft supplies:

The number of supplies you need will depend on the number of flowers you plan on making. To give you an idea of numbers we made 12 flowers using 6 green pipe cleaners and 12 yellow rhinestones.

The Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft -Supplies Needed

To get started punch 2 stars for each pipe cleaner from the white construction paper. (For example if you have 6 pipe cleaners you will need to punch 12 stars.

The Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

The take the stars and punch the pipe cleaners through the centers and slide them down. Repeat this until all the green pipe cleaners have stars on the end.

The Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

The punch the ends over with as little overlay as possible and attach a yellow rhinestone with the help of a glue dot.

The Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

Once the rhinestone is attached slide the white star back down to it and give it a slight pinch to make it look more like a flower and less like a star. Gavin found it easiest to complete each step one at a time. He moved through it pretty fast and found it fun to do.

Gavin making the Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

When you have them all down take them together and then fold them in half so the two flowers are together. Here is what are first run through looked like. I like that you can still kinda see the pipe cleaner behind the rhinestone.

Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

Here is what it looks like when we looped together six pipe cleaners. To give it a polished look we wrapped it with a wine colored pipe cleaner and then finished it off with a bow with the ends.

Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

We thought they came out really cute! He liked being able to use a number of different materials and I liked that it still remained overall simple and cheap too!

Mayflower - A Massachusetts State Flower Craft

What do you think of our Mayflowers?

Mayflower. The Massachusetts State Flower

To check out the rest of the blog hop participants just click the pic below or check out the pinterest board!


Of course as always you can count on us as a place to link up your crafts! Did you participate in the Tour of the World bloghop? Do you have a great flower craft to share?

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  1. Rosie says

    this came out so cute! I make fabric flowers and often put sparkly stones in the middle, so this really caught my eye!

  2. vickie Couturier says

    how cute,where do you come up with all your ideals? so very creative and crafty,,love all the crafts

  3. Julie Wood says

    This is a fun craft idea and your Mayflower craft really turned out great! I would love to make this craft with my niece when I babysit her this summer. The colors are so vibrant.

  4. Janet W. says

    What a cute craft idea! My grandsons would love to make these!

  5. Robin Masshole mommy says

    What an awesome craft idea this is. I am definitely going to do this with my boys over summer vacation 🙂

  6. What a neat idea – it turned out great too! I think we have some pipe cleaner around here….

  7. Elisabeth says

    We don’t live in Massachusetts but definitely still want to do this craft!

  8. Those turned out really cute! I have a group called Little Flowers and we do flower crafts so will have to add this to our list.

  9. Dandi D says

    This is a really fun and informative craft. I think my son would really enjoy doing it with me.

  10. That is fun! My youngest and I really love crafts! He really enjoys paper.

  11. Sarah L says

    Very cute craft. I think our state flower the Columbine would be harder to make.

  12. Rebecca Kellerman says

    Wow, you have such neat ideas for crafts. My kids would love this.

  13. G K says

    This is a really fun idea! You can make so many different floral arrangements, and it’s perfect for Mother’s Day!

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