5 Tips For A Successful Summer with Little Ones {Plus, Babies R Us Prize Pack Giveaway!}


I’m so excited that summer is finally here. I’m not one of those moms that does the end of school countdown of dread as the kids get out. Nope! I’m counting down in excitement with them because it really means the start to all our summer fun.

Mom Spotted Family Vacation in Wells Maine

I can’t wait to be outside and I want to tackle the bucket list almost immediately. With the older boys I really don’t need much but having a little guy around again often leaves me scrambling or forgetting things. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up over my 14 years of parenting that I’ve found to be really helpful.


1. Keep Spare Clothing In Your Vehicle. I know this sounds like a given but they always seem to be missing. Be adamant about making sure your kids always have a spare set of clothing and you’ll never miss out on any summer fun! I can’t count on my fingers how many last minute trips we made, swimming stops, etc that we have made and if it wasn’t for the spare clothing it wouldn’t have been able to happen. Not to mention the countless parties that they never fail to drop the first thing they come in contact with right down their brand new shirt. If you can spare them I also include pajamas in my spare bag. Being able to get your kids ready before the ride home and just carrying them to bed is a huge plus. Waking them up, not so much.

2. Have a Ready Bag. I have a bad that sits on the closet door knob ready to go at any time. Inside you’ll find sunscreen, bug spray, our Six Flags passes, a beach towel, Six Flags cup, a water bottle and a few snacks. This bag is ready for all kinds of fun. We often put plans together at the last minute and I’m awesome at forgetting the most important items. Having a bag of basics together at all times has been a huge help to me in making sure my kids aren’t complaining of hunger, bugs, or getting burned. If we don’t need some of it you can always pull a few things out and leave them in the car so you don’t have to tote around the weight but if I’m using a stroller I usually don’t.

3. Baby Wearing. I can’t count how many times I thought I had a stroller in the back or needed to be hands free and a stroller wasn’t going to work. Having a great baby carrier (like my Ergo) on hand makes trips to the Farmers Market or park a breeze. My only regret I ever had with baby wearing was that I didn’t start it soon enough!

Sawyer  Collage

4. Keep Baby Wipes Everywhere. I’m not kidding. Put them everywhere you typically go. I keep mine in places like this: van, bottom of stroller, bottom of purse, ready bag, bike trailer for Sawyer, in the garage, in the mud room, well, you get the point. The amount of messy we have gets worse when summer comes from s’mores and ice pops to bubbles and digging in dirt. Having three boys I don’t need them all going in and out constantly washing their hands. Keeping the small packs of wipes all over means clean up is always a breeze and I never have to step out of sight to help anyone clean up.

5. Relax. I’m serious. If you worry about all the things that need to be done or over think everything your little ones are doing your summer won’t be any fun. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your kids. Not only will those end up being your favorite moments but they are moments you would have missed running around trying to make everything perfect.

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  1. Stephanie Phelps says

    I have successful summer by having things planned to do and taking time for myself so I do not burn out.

  2. Kristy Hostetler says

    Always having a snack bag and a little goody bag to carry with us, keeps the kiddos occupied!

  3. Claire says

    Don’t worry about them getting dirty and sticky! I haaaate sand, but my son loves it. So i have to stop cringing when he plays in it, and let him enjoy it. Working on it 😉

  4. Jessica says

    My best tip is to plan a lot of outdoor activities. We live in WI and are stuck indoors most of the winter because of extreme cold, so I like to make sure that my daughter gets plenty of outdoor time all summer long, even if it is just taking a walk to the park.

  5. Stacey b says

    My best tip is to plan activities in the cooler part of the day, morning-early afternoon / or in the evening/night time.

  6. steve weber says

    Make sure you keep them active.. have a plan each day to keep them busy.

  7. Nicole Sender says

    Plan your day; then be flexible! Try to not overtire your child; schedule rest times.

  8. Katherine says

    keeping on the sunscreen and doing things they love and being patient

  9. We plan outdoor activities early in the morning when it’s cooler. Things like a water table and sand table are great for little ones!

  10. Kim says

    just knowing it’ll all be over soon! ha!

  11. Natalie S says

    Lots and lots of planned activities to keep busy and have fun! Since we have a playground and pool in our yard, we have summer covered 🙂

  12. erin dear says

    Lots of outdoor activities, healthy snacks and a positive attitude are key!

  13. Mary Happymommy says

    Around here we have to worry about snakes so my advice would be to keep an eye on your child at all times when they’re playing outdoors.

  14. One survival tip would be to make sure they stay cool. Water toys is great for that, small wading pools, etc. We live in the desert so this is essential, sunblock is as well as lots and lots of water.

  15. vickie Couturier says

    I always pack sunscreen,and hand santizers and a extra outfit and pleanty of water

  16. Austin Baroudi says

    Beaches and ice creams!

  17. Natalie says

    My tip is to get the kids involved in sports or art activities or camps to help increase their social skills and keep them busy.

  18. Denise M says

    Lots of sunscreen to protect the skin, an indoor small trampoline to get the energy out on too hot days, and lots of crafts

  19. james doyle says

    You can never overpack with food! Bring plenty of food/drink 🙂

  20. Janet W. says

    My best tip for surviving summer with a little one is to always pack snacks wherever you go! Also, try to plan activities in the early morning hours and not the heat of the day. My grandsons get so cranky when they’re hot.

  21. courtney hennagir says

    My best tip is to just be laid back and go with the flow.Summer is no fun if you are constantly stressed about what to do and where to go.Just enjoy!

  22. James Robert says

    My best tip is to keep a lot of water with you (mine use to like the jello water as babies) and a cool cloth to just keep them wipes off and to help stay cool when outdoors

  23. Marty C. says

    A dip in the wading pool TOTALLY counts as a bath.

  24. Rebecca Orr says

    For us, a stress free and superb summer means driving as much as we can during our kids sleep times. Especially when it comes to the baby! He sleeps well in the van, as long as it is his normal sleep time. We also can make sure we have a successful summer when we we have plenty of snacks and water on hand. We like to keep a cooler in the van full of those. We just grab a bag of ice from the store when we are ready to leave.

  25. Sharon Kaminski says

    I would make sure I always have enough sunscreen and water on hand.

  26. Darlene Owen says

    It is best to make plans so they are entertained and have fun.

  27. Kelly D says

    I like to have a play area set up for them, such as a sandbox and supplies, water table and some toys. This keeps my kids busy for a long time.

  28. Christie says

    Keep a very good eye on them and have a first aid kit for those bumps and scrapes.

  29. Bridget Heiple Reich says

    Having lots of activities and snacks to keep them occupied! 🙂

  30. Jennifer B says

    Sunscreen, hats, and never ever let them even close to water without an adult.

  31. Amanda N. says

    Lots of time outside!

  32. Kayla Bowe says

    I always make sure to have plenty of sunscreen, snacks and drinks.

  33. Seyma Shabbir says

    Take a break during the hottest/sunniest time so you don’t get sunburnt, use suncreen hat and sunglasses when you are out! Bring lots of snacks!

  34. McKim says

    My best tips are to be patient, and always be prepared – extra diapers, extra clothes, snacks, etc.

  35. Em Mahr says

    My best tips is to keep snacks on hand for those unexpected meltdowns.

  36. heather s says

    Carry lots of snacks and activities to do

  37. Robin M says

    Always carry snacks, wherever you go.

  38. Tabitha says

    My tip is to have their favorite snacks that you usually say no too handy!
    And pick up a few cheap new toys for a quick distraction.

  39. My best tip is to be flexible and enjoy the little moments.

  40. premade snacks and ice pops on hand, lots of bubble solution, water guns, water balloons, and fun to be had!

  41. Elle P. says

    Plan fun activities for during the day and always make sure they have sun screen, snacks and drinks.

  42. Nicole Dziedzic says

    By keeping them in the shade, fully hydrated, in the right clothes, and always having snacks.

  43. HS says

    My best tip is always apply and re-apply sunscreen. Also, pack snacks and water while out and about with little one.

  44. Elisabeth says

    Lots of trips to the library so that there is some quiet time during the summer!

  45. Shannon says

    Plan on lots of ways to keep cool like a kiddy pool and water table

  46. Jessica Beard says

    Always keep sunscreen and a hat on baby. Keep kids away from water and neighborhood dogs.

  47. Heather R says

    I have a bag packed for the summer, that I take everywhere. It has all the essentials; sunscreen, bug spray, wipes, extra shoes, sunglasses, etc. We just grab it and go whether it’s hanging out in the backyard or going to the park.

  48. Jackie says

    My best tip is to get outside early, before it gets too hot. Use plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated.

  49. Denise S says

    My tip is to have lots of fun activities planned.

  50. mycraftingworld says

    We have activities to do in the shade. It usually ends with a frozen fruit bar.

  51. Kimberly M. says

    I think you need to try to plan by the week and the weather. If you see the weather is going to be hot and sticky it’s a good thing to plan on a day at the pool, beach or somewhere where you and the kids can cool off. Seems that kids and mom are more fussy and out of sorts if you are overheated. Rainy days are a good day for crafts or board games in the house or a trip to the library or some other fun indoor place that kids enjoy.

  52. Fari says

    Making sure I have a bag packed with wipes, extra clothes, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, etc.

  53. I make sure to have plenty of wipes and sunscreen on hand. Plus snacks and water, of course!

  54. donna u says

    keep them dehydrated and in the shade.

  55. Amy Orvin says

    My best tip is getting out by myself as much as possible.

  56. JLin says

    sunscreen, hats and drink a lots water

  57. Sunscreen, snacks and don’t forget about nap/down times.

  58. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Always pack a ton of wipes for wherever you go!

  59. Brittney House says

    I would save have a lot of activities planned to keep them busy.

  60. megan Tilley says

    We have a nap routine for the most part so I try to avoid going out around her nap. We like to go out when it is cooler and always make sure we have a few toys, wipes and extra diapers!

  61. Bridgett Wilbur says

    Just go outside and enjoy the smiles and laughter..they grow up so fast enjoy.

  62. shelly peterson says

    When out in the sun be sure to keep them hydrated and use lots of sunscreen.

  63. have a lot of activities planned out and lots of sunscreen and water. thankyou, ken

  64. sandra says

    lots of popsicles and other hydrating snacks

  65. amy pugmire says

    bring lots of snacks and liquids. An extra outfit doesn’t hurt either.

  66. Tara L says

    Always have something to keep you hydrated and some on the go snacks.

  67. Rachel C says

    Get plenty of rest!

  68. Nancy says

    Go on a weekly field trip to the local farmer’s market. It’s an educational outing, you can save money on your produce, and you’ll have meals and snacks made from healthy summer fruits and veggies.

  69. Erin says

    We do lots of water play during the summer to keep cool. It never seems to get old!

  70. Thomas Murphy says

    Use lots of sunscreen.

  71. Linda G. says

    Get outside and enjoy the nice weather, bring your sun screen and hats. Have fun an be safe.

  72. Amanda Alvarado says

    Bubbles…lots and lots of bubbles! They cure boredom in a flash!

  73. Melanie Montgomery says

    I don’t have any tips, I am expecting my first little one this summer.

  74. Betty B. says

    Make a summer bucket list filled with activities you want to take part in during the summer!

  75. We have a list of things we would like to do, but do not schedule a lot at one time. This allows us to do things around the weather and ever-changing moods of my children. A scheduled trip to an amusement park will be greatly anticipated by the younger ones, but if it storms that day, they do not often deal with the disappointment well. So while we plan that trip, we do not actually schedule it until it is fairly certain the weather will be good.

  76. Colleen Maurina says

    Do a lot of fun outdoor activities such as visiting the zoo. Be sure to use sunscreen and hats on sunny days!

  77. Soha MOlina says

    Don;t forget hats and snacks.

  78. courtney b says

    lots of sunscreen, self tanner and lots of amazing Summer makeup!



  79. jose benavides says

    Find activities you all can do to tire them out and make them have fun .

  80. Cynthia C says

    Plan lots of outdoor activities and have good supplies of sunscreen and water handy.

  81. Dawn Monroe says

    My tip is relax and take your time. Take the time to enjoy your kids and the places you go..

  82. Stephanie says

    SPF is a must

  83. Tiffany Schmidt says

    Wear sunscreen and be flexible with normal schedules!

  84. BeckyM says

    Plan your day and always have snacks!

  85. Terry Maigi says

    We always keep extra bottles of sunscreen in the diaper bag and car. During the summer we always end up having spontaneous stops at the park or pool and its nice to be prepared!

  86. Sarah Hall says

    Make sure that you keep the baby hydrated. Always carry some extra water with you.

  87. Lauren says

    My best tip is to make outings short and to not overschedule.

  88. Try to be flexible and stay hydrated, little ones can dehydrate very quickly.

  89. nickie says

    Lots of time outside!

  90. Laura says

    Be mindful of water intake, wear sunscreen always, and take time to rest in the shade frequently!

  91. Dandi D says

    Lots of snacks and plenty of hydration!

  92. Sarah Hayes says

    i make sure we have lots to do and stay outside as much as we can

  93. Francine Anchondo says

    Lots of sunscreen and activities planned.

  94. Thalia H says

    havent had a summer with a baby in a while(4yrs) this will be my first summer with a newborn instead of a 7 month old like last time and with my first my go to was placing an inflatable pool inside a wading pool and let her enjoy the time and splashing, with this one due in mid june, i am not completely positive what to do or expect other than the high temps here in cali and try to stay as cool as possible.

  95. Sarah L says

    Spend lots of time in the water. (with plenty of sunscreen applied frequently)
    Thanks for the contest.

  96. greentopiaries says

    Always use a mosquito net outdoors. Thanks for the chance!

  97. Katy says

    My tip is about sun safety- the one time my baby had a slight sunburn is forever in my memory! It’s an experience you don’t want. Use more sunscreen then you think they need, use a shade or sun hat, and don’t forget to cover the entire foot with socks or shoes (where my daughter was burned)!

  98. Terri S. says

    My best tip to survive a successful summer is be prepared. That means use sunscreen, sun hats, pack snacks & plenty of water. It is best to venture out in the morning to avoid the harmful afternoon rays of sun.

  99. Shayna says


  100. Petra Huffmire says

    stay hydrated and use sunscreen

  101. shirley says

    We plan things outside in mornng and evening, and insde during hottest tme of day.

  102. Stacy says

    Just because it is summer doesn’t mean you cannot have a routine (like naps) so that no one has melt downs.

  103. Spending quality time with my little one keeps him satisfied and have a well rounded day daily.

  104. rachel cartucci says

    My best tip for surviving the summer with wee ones would be to make a plan to do something alone once a week even if just for an hour…gives ya something to look forward to when little ones are cranky.

  105. Jenn H says

    snacks. shade. and something to sip on! water ideally!

  106. Laura J says

    We love to spend as much time as we can outside, and plan our outings lightly! We dont try to cram too much in, and keep our times open. Just try to go with the flow and have fun! With little ones….things always change! 🙂

  107. I liked to go on lots of walks with my little ones.

  108. Katy P says

    Spend time outside on the evenings when it is cooler. Keep them hydrated.

  109. C. M. says

    Tire them out to nap!

  110. Natalie Brown says

    While my son was growing up, the best things for him involved water. Whether it was the beach, the pool, or water toys, he found them to be fun and refreshing. Of course, we used lots of sunscreen too. 🙂

  111. CR Williams says

    I would say to make sure to use baby sunscreen.

  112. Sara says

    Look for shady areas to play and have lots of ice water

  113. Paol Trenny says

    Make sure that your little ones always have sunscreen on & reapply every 4 hours. Always wear a hat or use an umbrella when out in the sun. Always make sure that everyone especially your little one is hydrated.

  114. kyl neusch says

    Lots of outdoor activities

  115. beth shepherd says

    Always keep sunscreen on hand and extra clothes and have fun!

  116. Devon F says

    lots of park & splash pad fun days!

  117. Tara L says

    I always sign my kids for activities to help keep them busy through the summer. We do activities through park & rec, the library and the children’s museum.

  118. Ashley C says

    Always have lots of fun stuff and new adventures planned. I try to enjoy every minute of the nice weather because I know my kids will be cooped up all winter inside


  119. Robin says

    My best tip is to have plenty of activities planned.

  120. Mary Jacobowitz says

    I make sure I have snacks and baby wipes.

  121. Tara says

    Wear plenty of sunscreen!

  122. Mary Calabrese says

    Keep them hydrated at all times.

  123. jill rivera says

    Playdates, the park, and whatever to keep them busy.

  124. Emily Endrizzi says

    My best tip for surviving summertime with a small child would be to plan a lot of outdoor activities and stock up on sunscreen.

  125. L8dy P says

    Pack a snack & extra water!

  126. Rebecca Parsons says

    Plan plenty of outdoor activities for the day and I try to make some of them educational at the same time.

  127. nannypanpan says

    keep bug spray and sun lotion handy so it doesn’t ruin an outting

  128. Deborah Page says

    Incorporate lots of fun activities, but never forget nap time!

  129. Birdiebee says

    Make sure your child is well-rested before doing a summer outing to have the best experience possible.

  130. Ty says

    Always stay hydrated and when you can find some shade to rest in.

  131. Amanda Whitley says

    my tip for surviving summer with lil one is plan lots of fun outdoor activities and always bring sunscreen.

  132. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Pack it all.

  133. Deana Honeycutt says

    My little ones like to paint the porch. I give them paint brushes and a bucket of water. They think they are painting. Of course, playing in the water is the most fun !!

  134. Michelle C says

    My best tip is to not over schedule. It’s fun to have some down time, too!

  135. Karla R. says

    Signing them up for local activities!

  136. Erica B. says

    Don’t forget the sunscreen.

  137. Leela says

    Always have some kind of activity on hand.

  138. Vera says

    My tip is to have lots of cool treats for the kids, popsicles, jello, chilled fruit etc. Turn on the sprinklers, sit back and relax while they entertain one another.

  139. Debbie Hinson says

    My best tip is to spend time and enjoy your little one.. The house work will wait..little ones won’t

  140. My tip is always be prepared with snacks and activities but allow for down times as well to avoid burn out.

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  141. LAURIE MURLEY says

    I always keep my child covered with sunscreen, and plenty of wipes

  142. Lesley F says

    I try to keep them busy with activities inside and outside in case the weather is bad

  143. amy rouse says

    stay hydrated and get lots of sleep and slather on the sunscreen

  144. Lisa L says

    My tip is to include some indoor activities in the summer. It’s temping to be outside all the time with nice weather but try to stay inside when the sun’s rays are the strongest

  145. Stephanie Larison says

    Plan out lots of different activities to do so they’re learning and having fun at the same time.

  146. Susan Smith says

    My tip is to have a lot of activities planned out both inside and outside and use lots of sunscreen.

  147. tina reynolds says

    We play outside a lot always have sunscreen and plenty of water on hand

  148. Jennifer Marie says

    Try to keep things simple. Think of easy fun stuff to do at home.

  149. Karen Drake says

    My tip is to take a long plenty of snacks and juice boxes.

  150. Angie says

    Fill up the diaper bag with an assortment of snacks, toys, and extra clothes as well as tons of diapers!

  151. michelle r says

    Have as much fun as possible

  152. jules m. says

    kids love to get messy and wet in summer, so i love to have a slip and slide and a small pool for the little ones and a mud pie station!

  153. Breanne says

    Plan lots of outdoor activities.

  154. Miranda says

    Routine, routine, ROUTINE! Though it’s summer, kids need a good, reliable routine! That doesn’t mean everything needs to be scheduled down to the minute but a loose schedule is better than no schedule at all!

  155. Samantha says

    Use lots of sunscreen and keep them hydrated with water!

  156. Heather Dawn says

    Always be prepared. Bring plenty of snacks, water , and sunscreen where ever you go!

  157. Rochel S says

    Always keep sunscreen with you and lots of water! So important to stay hydrated!

  158. Jennifer Tilson says

    I think it’s important not to overschedule your summer and make sure you always have sunscreen and snacks on hand.

  159. AEKZ2 says

    My tip is to get together with friends and brainstorm ideas on what to do. A lot of time we have a picnic and kickball games (parents play, too!),

  160. Trisha Burgess says

    My best tip is to get a baby pool! It gets you outside and you baby will love it!

  161. Sand says

    Look for,free activities in your area. There are a lot of fun,free things to do.

  162. Bryan E. says

    Thank You for the giveaway… we always have a supply of wet wipes within arms reach for quick clean-ups i.e. traveling in the car / plane, at the beach, visiting relatives, etc.

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