Winter Milestone’s with Babies ‘R’ Us & Great New Deals! {Plus Babies ‘R’ Us Prize Pack Giveaway!}

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We have had such a fun winter! We celebrated Christmas, and my kids were able to play in the snow for the first time. We also had a few more “first” milestones this winter. We took the whole family to ride the Polar Express and a few weeks ago we had just a Mommy, Daddy date with Hayden to the Ice Castles.

Hayden and Halli loved riding the Polar Express to the North Pole and meeting Santa. They rode the train in their pj’s, and met real elves that rode with us the whole way. We had hot cocoa and cookies, we saw reindeer, and then met the big guy himself!

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

Santa met with each child on the bus and gave them a special bell just like the one from the book. It was so magical. Hayden absolutely loved it and quickly told Santa exactly what he wanted, but Halli was a little unsure. She only liked him from far away and when he wasn’t looking in her direction.

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

The Ice Castles with Hayden was also so much fun…and freeeeezing! Ice Castles are amazing structures that are made of ice and lights. They tower above you and are so fun to squeeze, crawl, and even slide through.

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

They light up and play along with the music that is going on in the castle. Hayden had a blast! There was even an ice throne for him to sit on and he loved sliding down the ice slides over and over again.

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

There were tunnels and secret passages to squeeze through. Visiting the Ice Castle will definitely be a family tradition we do year after year. It was such a fun date to have with my little man.

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

Babies ‘R’ Us wants you to share your picture-worthy milestones that your baby has been achieving this winter! Shared some photos of your baby’s first birthday, first snow, etc. on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag ‪#‎BRUMilestones‬.

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It feels like Winter is already winding down here, and Spring time will be here before you know it. Milestone’s seem to pass so quickly and my babies are growing up way too fast. I’m so glad I have so many fun pictures of them at their milestones so I can remember those moments forever.

Babies 'R' Us Winter Milestones Prize Pack

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  1. harolde says

    Ours is when they started school

  2. Mariann Jess says

    My favorite winter milestone was when my little boy started to make his very own snowman 🙂

  3. Starla B says

    What a great package. I would have to say when they get independent and stop needing you as much, that is such a milestone and such a heart breaker, lol!

  4. Eileen Richter says

    I am NOT a winter person so not a ton of outdoor stuff with my kids. But we had gone sledding at our nearby school and I had a BLAST with the kids one snowy night. We have a great picture of us, which is rare. (i usually take all the photos). The winter pics I therefore do treasure a lot!

  5. Adrienne gordon says

    First sled ride down a big hill.

  6. Margaret Smith says

    Playing in the snow.

  7. April says

    Taking my twins sledding!

  8. Mel says

    Our first milestone was our first family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells! My oldest son, Anthony (5yo) tried skiing for the first time, and my youngest, Wyatt (2yo), went tubing for the first time. We had so much fun, even though we were freeeeeezing!!! 🙂

  9. HS says

    My favorite winter milestone of my children is the first ski trip they enjoyed.

  10. nickie says

    My son seeing snow for the first time..priceless

  11. vickie couturier says

    my grandaughter was potty trained,,they live in the south so dont get much snow for outdoor activities

  12. McKim says

    I liked the first time I took my grandson sledding.

  13. Janet W. says

    My favorite winter milestone with my grandsons was taking them to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park in GA for the first time!

  14. Kristen says

    Putting on boots and jumping in rain puddles!

  15. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My favorite is the first smile

  16. Rachel Travis says

    Ice skating!!! What a huge milestone 🙂

  17. Cynthia C says

    I loved seeing my babies’ first smiles.

  18. Heather in VA says

    Loved our first winter in Germany. The snow was gorgeous, the Christmas markets were incredible, and it just really felt like Christmas. I have lovely photos of my daughter in this winter wonderland.

  19. courtney b says

    I love when my son took his first steps!!

    So special! thank you!

  20. Jessica Beard says

    I love making the first snow angel with my little loves.

  21. Tricia Galbraith says

    Building their own snowman!

  22. Kim H says

    I loved when they spoke their first words

  23. michelle k. says

    Going Ice Skating is my favorite

  24. Thomas Murphy says

    My favorite is the first time my son make a snowman.

  25. Richard Hicks says

    Fav winter milestone was when he went sledding for the first time

  26. Natalie says

    My favorite winter milestone was when my daughter first learned to downhill ski.

  27. Jackie says

    Building the first snowman!

  28. Nancy says

    I liked the first sentences as a milestone.

  29. shelly peterson says

    This winter was the first time my grandson help build a snow man, it was a small one since we haven’t had much snow but he had fun.

  30. Linda Madden says

    Taking my son on his first sled ride.

  31. Melissa M says

    I like the 1st giggle and smiles.

  32. Rochel S says

    Love when they can appreciate the snow and play in it!

  33. Brittney House says

    My niece went sledding for the first time this winter.

  34. Trisha Burgess says

    Mine is the first time seeing Christmas lights!!

  35. Colleen Maurina says

    This winter, my little grandson sat up by himself for the first time!

  36. Melissa says

    I love watching them try to walk in the snow for the first time.

  37. shirley says

    My favorite winter milestone of the kids was their first snowball fights.

  38. Monique Rizzo says

    Teaching them how to Ski.

  39. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    The first snowman is pretty memorable.

  40. Vicki Wurgler says

    I remember their first steps

  41. Gloria Walshver says

    When they got out of wearing diapers that was a big milestone for me .

  42. Laura says

    I am currently pregnant with my first child, due May 1st. So we haven’t experienced any milestones yet, but I am so excited to!

  43. jennifer says

    My kids saw snow for the first time this winter and we had a BLAST!

  44. Ellie Wright says

    It doesn’t snow often in North Texas so I always remember the first time my kids got to play in it and build a little snowman.

  45. Sharon Kaminski says

    Our kids winter milestone this winter is their first time on snowshoes.

  46. LH says

    When she first smiled!

  47. james doyle says

    pictures with santa 😉

  48. Jessica Farley says

    Mine is going to see the zoo lights.

  49. Cheryll Shubert says

    This winter was the first time my little guy saw snow! His face was priceless!! He was in awe!! It was just adorable!!!

  50. My 6 month old has just started doing her version of crawling. Love it!

  51. Julie Matek says

    My favorite winter milestone with my daughter was building her first snowman; )

  52. Sara M says

    3 of my kids were born in February & every single one of them started walking at 10 months old, right around Christmas time. it is an amazing coincidence that we cant get over!

  53. Tiffany S says

    When they first started walking.

  54. sandra says

    when they first play in snow

  55. TallulahJane says

    The biggest milestones for both of my kids were walking at 9 months old…that’s when the trouble started…

  56. Devon F says

    My favorite winter milestone was my daughter eating table food instead of purees

  57. Carol says

    My favorite winter milestone was when my grandson lost his first tooth.

  58. Cynthia R says

    My favorite winter milestone was that first picture with St Claus!

  59. Mary Rutter says

    I like the Festival of Lights In Niagara Falls

  60. David Balkin says

    She was just an infant at her first Christmas, so this last year was the first Christmas we really got to see her enjoy herself. Awesome!

  61. Mary Calabrese says

    Celebrating Christmas is my favorite winter milestone.

  62. Christina Foley says

    We don’t have much of a winter to have a favorite milestone… so I guess I will say two years ago we went away for Christmas, we went to the mountains and my kids got to see snow for the first time ever (my oldest was 10) – made snowmen, had a snowball fight, went tubing, made snow angels – those have always been my favorite.

  63. Melissa Shirley says

    We have learned to roll over this winter!!! So exciting and fun to watch.

  64. clarissa says

    when they first enjoy being in the snow and playing

  65. Linda G. says

    My favorite winter milestone is building that first fort and snowman!!

  66. Marilyn Nawara says

    They learned how to ice skate this winter.

  67. K. Finn says

    I don’t know yet, but this would be great for our family’s arrival.

  68. FRANK says

    Playing in the snow.

  69. Melissa Thomson says

    Being able to play in the snow

  70. BeckyM says

    Going sledding for the first time!

  71. darby says

    I will know next winter once my little guy is older!

  72. stephanie macdonald says

    walking!!! they grow too fast

  73. Lauren says

    My daughter’s first laugh, which occurred in winter!

  74. nannypanpan says

    I like their first steps

  75. Tara Liebing says

    My favorite winter milestone is when we went sledding for the first time.

  76. Stacey b says

    Seeing them play in the snow for the first time!

  77. Leela says

    Baby smiles.

  78. Amy Orvin says

    First snowman

  79. Jessica says

    My daughter got to play in snow for the first time this year (she was too little last year). She loves it so much and it is sooo adorable!

  80. Kelly D says

    My favorite winter milestone was their first sled ride.

  81. JLin says

    making sonw angel

  82. My favorite winter milestone of my kids is the first time they played in snow. We live in East Texas where snow is rare so it was definitely a treat! :O

  83. Lupita m says

    My favorite is the first smile 🙂

  84. Karen F says

    Taking a weekend getaway to a place where there can play in the snow (where we live, it rarely ever snows).

  85. Amanda Alvarado says

    My favorite milestone was watching dd learn to walk – she did it over winter!

  86. Sara Mudgett says

    My favorite winter milestone was my baby’s first Christmas! I even had a cute little outfit for her.

  87. Aaron says

    Sledding down the hill.

  88. pam says

    making snow angels.

  89. Michelle S says

    When my little one started to walk, it was amazing.

  90. April says

    Seeing real grass! We’re in the desert and it’s dead most of the year until the winter rains come.

  91. Vero M says

    We finally were able to introduce our baby with her first snow!

  92. My fave was when my daughter saw snow for the first time.

  93. Sara says

    My favorite milestone was when my son first learned to give a kiss.

  94. M Clarkson says

    First time visiting santa

  95. Melanie Montgomery says

    HIs first Christmas was this year!

  96. Daisy says

    Playing in the snow

  97. We don’t get much snow, but when we do we love playing outside for hours. It’s a mliestone for them since it rarely happens!

  98. Mariaelena says

    My little girl loved playing in the snow for the first time.

  99. Winter milestone? I just loved the first time we did Christmas stuff with the baby … seeing her in her beautiful black, white and red Christmas dress 🙂

  100. steve weber says

    When they form the first sentence.

  101. claire says

    My son’s first experience of snow was actually pretty hilarious. He wasn’t impressed, but he didn’t get upset. He just sort of… judged the snow 😀

  102. amy stonger says

    My favorite winter milestone is their first snow storm and being able to play in the snow. it doesn’t happen every year here in the south so i am still waiting on this for my daughter.

  103. breanna pollard says

    when my niece said her first words!

  104. Katherine says

    making their first snow angel

  105. Jennifer Tilson says

    I loved the first snowstorm that my son experienced.

  106. Vickie Schlicher says

    seeing the snow

  107. The kids building their first snow fort and my son ice skating on his own! 🙂

  108. Tiffany Schmidt says

    The first snow angels were always fun!

  109. Jennifer Rote says

    My favorite winter milestone was building the first snowman,

  110. AD46241 says

    The first walk of my daughter was the first milestone and trust me it was such a cute moment.

  111. Rebecca Parsons says

    My favorite milestone is the first smile when they are babies but love the first words they speak also.

  112. Joellen says

    My favorite winter milestone was seeing my baby stand for the first time.

  113. Birdiebee says

    My favorite winter milestone is taking the kids for the first time for a ride on a sled.

  114. The first time we got to build snow men together. We had such a blast

  115. Cheryl golden says

    First time playing in the snow with my LO 🙂

  116. thalia h says

    our favorite winter milestone has to be the first time our daughter saw and felt snow. she looked the same way i mustve looked the first time i got to be around snow the look on her face was priceless and once she realised that it was REALLY cold

  117. Kat H says

    Our favorite milestone was when my daughter really saw snow. She is an Alaska babya nd didn’t remember from last winter, but this winter the snow has confused her, but also made her giggle.

  118. Laura J says

    Oh I would have to say building that first snowman!!!

  119. Tami b says

    that first snowman we build together

  120. Angela Saver says

    My favorite is building a snowman with my little ones for the first time! They were so, so excited!

  121. Loretta says

    First sled ride down a big hill.

  122. Dawn Monroe says

    My oldest granddaughter stayed up until midnight to celebrate New Years this year. She had a ball.

  123. amy rouse says

    when they learned to ski for the first time

  124. Natalie Brown says

    My favorite milestone for my grandson this Winter was when he turned two in December. So much fun!!

  125. Julie L says

    The first fun winter milestone was sledding together! So excited!

  126. Rosanne says

    My favorite milestone was seeing them try to walk in their snowsuits

  127. kyl neusch says

    first steps

  128. Angie says

    My favorite was winter milestone was the first time we went sledding. so fun!

  129. Lisa Walker says

    My favorite winter milestone is when my daughter played in the snow for the first time.

  130. Ann B. says

    I remember how excited they were to make their first snow angels…and it was snow angels from there on in!

  131. Stephanie Grant says

    My favorite winter milestone from my son is going out making snowmen for the first time and the first time he was out when it was snowing. He had that look in his eyes like it was something magical..he laughed and had a blast!

  132. Joann F says

    When they built their first snowman!

  133. karyn k says

    Our winter has been pretty bad this year and we finally went tubing what fun 🙂

  134. Sara Wood says

    The first time my son saw snow…snow man!!!

  135. Stephanie Phelps says

    My favorite winter milestone is learning to put on his own coat!

  136. The first snow each winter is always the best milestone!

  137. Heather Johnson says

    The first pictures with Santa

  138. Diana B says

    My favorite winter milestone is when they start trying to put their hats and mittens on by themselves.

  139. polly says

    My grandson loved his first experience in snow. We live in Northern California so we have to drive about 3 hours to the snow…well worth it!

  140. Building a snowman while singing “do you want to build a snowman?:”

  141. James Robert says

    I think their first snowfall they saw and was able to go out and check it out was my favorite

  142. brittany says

    ours was seeing the snow fall for first time 🙂

  143. Sarah L says

    No kids, but my favorite was when my niece took her first step.
    Thanks for the contest.

  144. joe gersch says

    my favorite is sledding the first time with my daughter

  145. Lori Walker says

    Our first snowman last year!

  146. kaylin Bruce says

    Building a huge snow fort with my boys! Then drinking Hot Cocoa together afterwards.

  147. Heather Dawn says

    I love when they touch snow for the first time!

  148. Anita k says

    We get to spend more time together,since we are inside more.thanks

  149. Dawn Keenan says

    Oh, for sure, going out in the snow to play is so much fun with the little one!

  150. Julie says

    My favorite winter first is going sledding with the kiddos. It so much fun and so exciting to watch their faces light up with delight! Julie

  151. Francine Anchondo says

    their first snowman.

  152. Christie says

    When my baby first saw the snow! she was in awe.

  153. Sarah Hayes says

    my favorite is the first snow ball fight we just had

  154. christine j says

    we love to go see the lights and have hot chocolate.

  155. Robin says

    Our first ride on a sled down a hill.

  156. Carol Godfrey says

    I loved it when they saw snow for the first time!

  157. Tanya White says

    The first time my daughter walked in snow she acted like it was quick sand, she keep walking very slow.

  158. tina reynolds says

    I love those first steps so cute

  159. Terry Cross says

    First steps are my favorite

  160. jodi Armstrong says

    This winter my 2yo started skiing and did her first outdoor rock climbing day

  161. Rebecca Orr says

    Seeing those first real, non-gassy smiles! They are just so precious.

  162. Sonya says

    The first time they saw snow!

  163. Lesley F says

    It was the first time she was pushed on a sled

  164. Vicki says

    Playing with my son in the snow ! he loved it !

  165. Vanessa Richard says

    i loved watching my son learning to throw a snow ball he looked at me like can i

  166. Lisa V. says

    Probably it would be us making snow angels together.

  167. Erica B. says

    First snowman.

  168. Samantha says

    The expression on their faces when they first see snow! It’s amazing how they want to taste it and catch it on their tongues right away!

  169. Jean D. says

    My dolly pie just got her first tooth. Yippeeeee!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  170. Stephanie Larison says

    Well, since it was so recent…my fave so far is my 6 month old saying “mama” the exact day she turned 6 months. My oldest daughter said “dada” first, 😛 So I get this one!

  171. Mary Happymommy says

    Seeing snow or the first time.

  172. Susan Smith says

    Going sledding for the first time

  173. Michelle H. says

    I think my favorite milestone is how excited they got to see their first snowfall.

  174. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite winter milestone was my son walking in the snow. We went up to Northern MS where they had snow. It was the first time he had ever seen it and I loved how he would walk one step and then just sit and laugh as he played in the snow.

  175. Breanne says

    My favorite milestone is first snowman.

  176. Christina says

    The first time my kids saw snow was magical. They weren’t quite sure what to think of it. It didn’t take long for them to be playing in it though!

  177. Melissa says

    i loved to see them play in the snow making snow angels. so cute!

  178. Joy Q says

    I would say it has to be the first time I took them sledding.

  179. Karen Drake says

    My son’s biggest milestone was learning how to walk.

  180. Shawn says

    It would have to be ice skating.

  181. Danielle Wood says

    Sledding with my nephew for the first time this winter

  182. Candace says

    My son seeing snow for the first time. So exciting!!!

  183. Taylor Barrow says

    I have not been able to experience those moments yet cause I am a first time expecting mom. But can’t wait till I can.

  184. amy deeter says

    them building their very first snowman in the winter !

  185. amanda whitley says

    my favorite milestone is the first laugh. it is just so cute!

  186. Trisha McKee says

    Definitely making snowmen!

  187. Vikki Billings says

    It would have to be the first time sledding….its so much fun to watch their expressions.

  188. Jennifer Spears says

    Playing outside as an entire family .

  189. Sand says

    Right now, he is learning how to walk and talk so it’s a very exciting time!

  190. Carolyn Daley says

    My favorite milestone was watching him walk for the first time. There have been no “winter” related milestones because we live in South Florida and we do not have snow. We cannot build snowmen, make snow angels, go sledding, or ice skating over a pond. We can build a sandman at the beach! =)

  191. Rosey says

    The little one in our family learned how to say full sentences this winter. One of my most favorite milestones yet!

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